Already Know the Difference between Tethering and Hotspot? Here’s the explanation!

Tethering dan Hotspot

Tethering and Hotspot – We live in a world full of modern technology, the simplest example is the existence of internet technology which is of course a necessity that is as important as primary needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

With the internet we can access information and socialize with relatives and relatives.

Almost everyone, especially children, use the internet in public places by looking for a hotspot connection or asking other people for tethering.

Talking about hotspot and tethering, do you know what the difference between tethering and hotspot is? For those of you who are still confused about the two, we can listen to some of the differences between the two in this article:

Getting to Know About Internet Connection

Before getting to know what tethering and hotspot are we need to know about the internet connection first. Almost everyone uses the internet using their devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones that have WiFi features.

How To Connect To The Internet

How do we connect to the internet, this question may be asked for people who are still new to internet technology.

The internet has many benefits, such as accessing news information, streaming videos, music, playing online games, and much more.

Currently, there are many cellular and fiber optic internet providers that provide internet services with fast WiFi connections. So you can enjoy internet content with wireless technology or WiFi on multiple devices at once.

Various Internet Services

There are various types of internet that you can choose depending on your needs and the availability of internet providers in your area. The following are some of the most commonly used types of internet services:


A satellite connection can also use broadband internet but does not require cables or telephone lines, but via satellites orbiting the earth.

Thus this service can be used almost anywhere but can be affected by unstable weather conditions. This satellite connection is usually slower than using a DSL or cable connection.


This service is a speed internet service with the slowest connection among other internet connections. You may not use this service unless it is the only service available in your area. This dial-up uses telephone and internet cable lines at the same time so that it can be interrupted if a call comes in.


This connection the service connects to the internet via a TV cable, although you don’t need to have a TV to use it. This service does use cable with a broadband connection and is faster than dial-up and DSL, which can be used if you have a cable TV network installed in your area.

3G and 4G

This 3G and 4G service is a type of wireless cellular service that goes through your cellular network.

Indeed, this network is not as fast as DSL or cable networks. This service provider also has limitations in data or quota usage.


What is Tethering? tethering itself means accessing the internet on a device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, and so on. A device borrows internet connection from another device.

Tethering itself can be done in several ways by connecting it with WiFi, bluetooth, or connecting physically with a USB cable.

The term tethering is used for networks with narrow coverage and a small number of devices.


This service uses a broadband connection which is much faster than internet services using dial-up. DSL is connected to the internet which uses a telephone line, but does not require you to use a landline.

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

We can use internet connection services from internet service providers or called ISPs or internet service providers. Several types of ISPs offer packages and also types of internet services, whether using fiber optic or cellular signals.

Most ISPs offer internet service in Mbps or megabits per second. If you want to use the internet only to use email or social networks, then a 2-5 Mbps connection will suffice.

If you want to download music or stream videos, it’s better if you choose a connection of at least 5 Mbps or more.

In addition to speed, you also need to pay attention to other factors such as monthly fees and installation costs.

Hardware Required

As for some of the hardware needed to be able to use internet services, among others:


You can have your computer without needing a lot of extra hardware to be able to enjoy an internet connection.

Once you have a computer, you don’t need a lot of extra hardware to connect to the Internet. The main device you need is a modem.

The main device needed is a modem. Type of internet service You can use the type of modem used.

For example, using a dial-up connection using a telephone modem, a DSL connection using a DSL modem, a cable connection using a cable modem, and a satellite connection using a satellite adapter.


Router is hardware that serves to connect several computers and other devices to an internet connection. Currently routers are wireless, which can be used to create a wireless network using a WiFi network.

No need to use a router to connect to the internet, you can directly connect your computer to the modem using an ethernet cable. Most modems also have a built-in router feature which creates a WiFi network without the need for additional devices.

Getting Started Using the Internet

As for some of the processes for you to get started using the internet, what are the processes? Let’s look at the following explanation:

Connect to the internet

a device that is connected to the internet before it can be accessed, you need to subscribe to the services of internet providers such as telephone companies, TV companies, and governments.

Other devices such as routers, modems, WiFi or mobile internet connections. Usually needed in crowded places such as libraries, cafes, schools that offer free WiFi for customers, students, and visitors.

Website navigation

On the internet you can see many links to other websites called hyperlinks.

This link is an information section on a website. These links are usually blue, sometimes underlined and in bold.

This hyperlink is one of the most unique features on the internet known as the World Wide Web.

Web Browsing (Browse the Web)

Most of the information on the internet is posted on websites. When you are connected to the internet, you will be able to access the website using an application called a browser.

Browsers that access websites will display text, images, and other media.

Some Benefits of the Internet

In knowing what the benefits of the internet may be if they are mentioned one by one, especially with regard to the discussion this time about what tethering and hotspots are. Well, here are some of the most common benefits of the internet.

Expanding Friendship Space

The use of social media through the internet has now become a very common thing used by almost all groups, especially young people. The benefits of the internet in general are very many, one of which is adding a friendship space through social media.

With social media, even if you are hundreds of kilometers away, you can still get acquainted with other people.

Examples of some of the popular social media used are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

Address and Mapping

Internet technology can help us in mapping and finding locations using GPS based on the internet network.

Make money

The internet can also be used as a money-making field. If you see that today many people are taking advantage of blogs or video upload media that make money by placing ads.

Sources of Diverse Insights and Knowledge

It’s not like the old days where if you want to see the latest news, you have to buy a newspaper or watch television or listen to the radio first. However, with the internet, you will quickly access scientific knowledge media very easily and quickly.

For example, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, school-age children are required to study at home using online media.

And also a lot of sites that provide learning materials that are very accessible and free.

For Connectivity and Communication Means

The internet cannot be separated from its use as a liaison between other people from different countries around the world.

For example, you can send electronic mail abroad or make video calls in seconds.

Keeping Citizens Safe

Benefits are not only beneficial to individuals, but also to a wider community such as a country.

The public can use various internet facilities under several regulations that exist under the auspices of the government.

Even though you have to obey government regulations, you will still get each other’s privacy.

The government also needs to be responsible for the welfare of the people in a country. So that the benefits of the internet can still be enjoyed by all people who are easily accessible to the public.

Simplify the Academic System Implementation Process

The internet is also currently being used in the field of education, for example, in educational institutions such as schools and universities, it is used as a means of searching for information and academic material.

Entertainment Media All People

The internet is indeed the most in demand is as a medium of entertainment for all circles. The internet provides a variety of entertainment content for all ages from children, teenagers, to adults.

Because of the freedom of entertainment media, the government restricts adult internet use from being accessible to children, which is one of the government’s policies.

Very Effective in Succeeding Business or Business

In addition to entertainment media, the internet can also be used as a means of Internet of Things that provides new concepts in creating a more modern line of business or business.

For example, sellers no longer need to meet face to face in buying goods through e-commerce or online stores so that all transactions are carried out online until the delivery of goods is carried out online.

Save Cost and Time

By using the internet you can save a lot of time and money in many ways, such as sending various data and documents electronically.

You don’t have to pay expensive fees to communicate and get in touch via phone or video that connects in just a few seconds.

What is Tethering and Hotspot?

Now, we will discuss what tethering and hotspot are, which have identical meanings, so it’s not surprising that people are still confused about the difference.

Let’s discuss what is the difference between tethering and hotspot below:

Tethering Explanation

Surely you who are students are already familiar with tethering. Especially if you often ask for tethering to your friends who have more quota.

Tethering Function

The function of tethering itself is to access the internet on a device, be it a smartphone, computer, laptop, and others through other devices. In other words the device requesting tethering borrows the other device’s internet connection.

Tethering Using Smartphone

Tethering using a smartphone itself is the most popular method because smartphones have a tethering feature that is already embedded in the Android and iOS operating systems.

There are three options for tethering, namely using Bluetooth, using WiFi, and also using USB.

Tethering Using USB

Tethering using USB has been adopted by mobile phones for a long time which allows you to connect your device to your computer via USB.

It can also allow you to use your mobile internet connection via a USB cable connection.

The trick is that you can use a USB cable and connect it between your phone and computer.

Then open the settings option on Android > network and internet > hotspot and tethering then select the USB tethering option. If it is, a notification will appear

Tethering Using Bluetooth

Another way to share an internet connection via cellular to a computer or other device is using Bluetooth technology. Short-range WiFi technology has sufficient bandwidth to route data to from your mobile and devices.

The trick is to open the bluetooth menu icon on the Android operating system. We will assume you are using Windows 10 OS on your computer, so directly select the bluetooth menu > device settings > bluetooth & other devices. Turn on bluetooth on your computer and wait for it to detect bluetooth from your android device.

Once installed or in pairing mode, go back to your android phone and go to settings > network & internet > hotspot & tethering and select Bluetooth tethering.

After that on your computer select the bluetooth icon, and right click, select join private network, find your phone icon, right click. Then in the resulting menu, select Connect Using > Access Point. done

Wifi Hotspot

The next way to do tethering is to use a WiFi hotspot. This method is the most often used today because it has the easiest method and also has the fastest speed.

You just need to open the settings menu > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering and select the Portable hotspot menu.

Then on the next screen then use the hotspot configuration menu to set a name to connect or use the default, usually AndroidAP.

On your computer or other device, just open the WiFi menu and select the available network according to the hotspot name you changed earlier.

Hotspot Function

The hotspot function is to make internet connections such as browsing, streaming videos, music, online shopping transactions, downloading, or doing your business transactions.

WiFi is an abbreviation of wireless fidelity which is the designation of a network standard or wireless by utilizing radio frequencies which are often known as RF or radio frequency.

Initially, WiFi was only intended for the use of wireless or LAN devices to access the internet network.

So that in practice WiFi is used to connect between devices and gadgets that contain a wireless card or PDA feature that can connect to the internet using an access point or commonly known as a hotspot.

The advantage of using WiFi is that it is very practical, which allows computers to connect to the network without using cables.

Tips for Using Hotspot to be Safe

The tips for using a hotspot to be safe include:

  • Do not enable file sharing folders from either a PC or laptop connected to a public network because it allows other
  • people to access the folder you share.
  • Turn off printer sharing on a PC or laptop.
  • Always activate anti-virus on your computer.
  • Never share your username or password with other people.


That’s our discussion of what tethering is and what is the difference between hotspot and tethering, perhaps until now there are still people who don’t understand the difference. However, with this review, it is hoped that you will understand a little what the difference between the two wireless technologies is.

For other interesting information about technology, you can visit the NetData website at which provides various other information.


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