Sebenarnya Apa Sih Penyebab Request Time Out (RTO) Dalam Jaringan?

Request Time Out

Have you ever felt the lag when using the internet or even lost connection? If yes then there is a problem with your internet connection. There are several factors that cause problems on the internet, one of the most popular terms is RTO or Request Time Out.

Here are a few things you need to know before we get to know what an RTO is with the internet network and device review below.

Internet Network System

Communication using internet technology is to connect networks between computers based on IP or internet protocol as a rule or protocol in regulating the exchange of data packets between computers.

The development of this internet network has expanded throughout the world with a much larger network.

Satellite Network

Satellite is one of the communication transmission media. This satellite has a task in forwarding signals to be sent from one point to another on the earth.

The type of satellite that is generally used is geostationary, which orbits at the same point above the earth following the rotation of the earth.

Data that is transmitted using this satellite network is called VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal).

The main function of the VSAT is to receive and transmit data to the satellite. Therefore this VSAT dish is facing a Geostationary satellite.

The advantage of VSAT is that it covers long distances up to half the earth’s surface using a satellite relay. However, it has drawbacks, including the connection is vulnerable to being disturbed due to bad weather and has a higher latency or resistance than using a cable.


WiFi in IT terms is WLAN (wireless local area network). Then WiFi is famous for how to connect it using an access point or hotspot to the internet. This access point is usually connected using BTS which is a cellular signal booster tower.

Wired Network (Optical Fiber)

Fiber optic cable is a cable made of glass fiber which is the most sophisticated today. Fiber cable is divided into 2, namely terrestrial coaxial which is planted in the ground and marine coaxial for optical fiber in the sea.

Google Balloons

Google Balloon or Project loon is a project developed starting from 2011 by scientists from Google X.

This project is intended to expand signal coverage areas that can be used for the internet, especially in remote areas that do not yet have infrastructure that is difficult to build facilities that can use the internet as their main priority.

The term Request Time Out in the Internet Network

An RTO on the internet is an event where the server does not respond to a request from a client computer after some time.

Requet time out can also indicate that there is no connection between one computer to the destination computer.

Understanding Request Time Out (RTO) on Computer Networks

In understanding whether the network is in an RTO or Request Time Out condition, we can enter the command prompt menu and then ping the destination IP address or to a specific domain address.

For example, type the command ping then at a certain time the server will respond whether there is a connection or not, if there is no connection between the client computer and also on the server computer then there will be an RTO warning message.

Cause of Request Time Out

In overcoming RTO, we need to know what causes Request Time Out first. The following are some of the causes of RTOs that resolve time-out requests on computer networks.

Firewall Role on Router

The cause of the first Request Time Out is caused by the firewall. It is possible that this firewall contains a router that is not given permission to ping packets that pass through the router. This is not surprising if it can happen on multiple computers.

Usually this problem can be solved by first disabling the firewall feature on your router.

The Small Bandwidth Capacity Used

RTO can also be caused by your small bandwidth. So that when pinging occurs RTO. This can also be overcome by making sure your bandwidth has enough space so that the command process can be received and executed.

Computer Port Closed

Ports on computers that allow internet connections may be closed causing an RTO event to occur.

Even Request Time Out can also occur due to the process of crimping the LAN cable is not perfect. This problem can disrupt the computer network.

IP Address is Inactive

IP address is one component on a computer network that is most important, especially in connecting computers to the internet. If the IP address is not active then the computer cannot connect to the internet.

How to check IP You can go to Network settings where there are various settings options, one of which is setting the IP address.

Problem With LAN Card

The next cause of RTO is a problem with the LAN card. Please note that the main entrance to the computer network is through the LAN card.

You can confirm the problem with the lan card by looking at the red flashing LED indicator which indicates that an RTO has occurred. Usually this problem can be solved by updating the LAN card driver or disabling and re-enabling the service on the LAN card.

Ping Packet Not Reaching Destination

The reason for the RTO is that the ping packet does not reach the sending computer. There are several factors why packets are not replied to which is caused by a lost network connection.

An internet connection that is not strong can reduce the delay in sending orders to the destination server. So make sure you check the internet connection you are using.

Number of Hops Skip

The next RTO is due to the number of hops that are passed. If the ping packet goes through many hops, the reply does not reach the computer you are using at that time.

Network Cable Not Connected Well

The cause of the last Request Time Out is that the network cable used is not connected properly. Before using the internet, you can check on the network cable connected to the lan card and on the switch.


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