Ruijie RG-RSR20-X Router Review

RG-RSR20-X Router

Hello netters, back again about our discussion this time around the routers products of the Ruijie RG-RSR20-X Router. Ruijie is known for its network equipment products that have the best quality for small to large scale corporations.

Now we will discuss Ruijie products, especially the RG-RSR20-X Router. Where this router has a myriad of features that can support corporate and industrial needs.

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Ruijie RG-RSR20-X Router

RG-RSR20-X Router is an integrated router, switch, and complete security in one router.

The RG-RSR20-X Router is Ruijie’s next-generation access product as an upgrade of the RSR Series (Reliable Multi-Service Router). 

Apart from having the latest technology, the RG-RSR20-X Router also has improved performance, more ports, better speed and reliability.

The RG-RSR20-X Router provides an integrated solution that enables the adoption of new applications for the financial sector, government and enterprises while minimizing investment costs.

Brief Product Description RG-RSR20-X Router

RG-RSR20-X Router operates using RGOS which is Ruijie’s own OS. 

This multiservice router can run multiple services at once without sacrificing performance continuously. Because this router makes use of Ruijie VCPU technology, REF, X-Flow, and other patented technologies. 

The RG-RSR20-X Router is also equipped with a built-in Firewall feature that can protect the system from external attacks.

The router suite provides a wide range of software features and also supports various router technologies such as MPLS, VPN, multicast, IPv6, NAT and MVRF.

It also features enriched backup as well as QoS / HQoS to significantly save user investment without the need to purchase further software licenses or services. 

RG-RSR20-X Router, supports the next generation HSIC expansion module, which can provide bandwidth up to 10G and can be extended to provide enriched and comprehensive features. 

The hot swapping feature of the HSIC module, which is exclusive to high-end routers, allows the addition or replacement of line cards without interrupting the operation of other services. 

In addition, the RSR20-X Series supports AC power redundancy thereby greatly enhancing device reliability.


Model RSR20-X-28
Module Slots 4 HSIC slots
Fixed Ports Fixed Switch Ports:

24 1000BASE-T ports

Fixed WAN Ports:

2 1000BASE-T ports, 2 GE combo ports

1 USB port

1 SD card slot

1 console / AUX port

Available Modules HSIC-2E1 / CE1


Flash 256MB
Memory 1GB
Packet Forwarding Rate 1.6Mpps
LAN Protocol 802.1x authentication, STP / RSTP / MSTP, RLDP, LLDP
Routing Protocol Static routing, RIPv1 / v2 , OSPFv2 / v3, BGP4 / BGP4 +, RIPng, IS-ISv4 / v6, IGMPv1 / v2 / v3, IGMP proxy, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM
MPLS MPLS forwarding, LDP FRR, MPLS ping, MPLS traceroute, MPLS L3 VPN, MPLS L2 VPN, MPLS QoS, MPLS over GRE
IP Application DHCP, DNS Client, NTP / SNTP, uRPF, TFTP + FTP (LM), Telnet, UDP helper, HTTP server, IPFIX
IPv6 Manual tunnel, Auto tunnel, GRE tunnel, 6to4 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel, 6RD, NAT-PT, NAT64
Network Security AAA Local user, Radius, TACACS +
SSH SSH v1.5, SSH v2.0
Firewall Packet filtering, state detection on, URL filtering
NAT Static NAT, dynamic NAT, Static NAPT, dynamic NAT, cross VPN NAT
GRE Support
IPIP Support
IPsec Support
ACL Standard ACL, extended ACL, time-based ACL, IPv6 ACL
IPsec IPsec Tunnel 150
IPsec one-way forwarding capacity () AES256Up to 193Kpps
High Availability VRRP, DLDP, BFD, GR
Management SNMP v1 / v2c / v3, syslog, RMON, USB, SD
Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm) 340 × 440 × 44
Rack Height 1U
Weight (Maximum) 7kg (with packaging)
MTBF > 437,864 hours
Power Consumption <48W
Input Voltage 100VAC ~ 240VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Power Redundancy Support
Temperature Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 45 ° C
Storage temperature: – 40 ° C to 70 ° C
Humidity Operating humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Storage humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Why Should You Choose This Product?

After we have reviewed the RG-RSR20-X Router, we can conclude a number of things that might be a reference for you.

As this router supports a switch function where you don’t need to add an additional switch as a divider for your local network.

And also the switch function on the RG-RSR20-X This router also has multiple security features. Which is the network protection mechanism, services, and STA access are more guaranteed and suitable for corporate and industrial class users.

Apart from security RG-RSR20-X Router as a router that supports a complete set of IPv4 / Ipv6 routing protocols such as OSPFv2 / v3, RIPv1 / v2 / ng, ISISv4 / v6, and BGP4 / 4 +.

In other words, if you need a router capable of handling multiple networks in one device you can choose RG-RSR20-X Router as a reliable router.

NetData as a trusted distributor of Ruijie products. You can order this RG-RSR20-X Router product directly from the NetData website or if you need further information you can contact us



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