Network Data System (NETDATA) Part of AMKI Supports SME Digitization Through Collaboration with Ralali

Network Data Sistem: Ralali Gandeng Amki Dalam Aplikasi Konekto Untuk UMKM

The current COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been affected, both small and large businesses are trying to survive during the pandemic who do not know when it will end. Especially for MSMEs, the impact of this pandemic will be very clear.

However, there are businesses that have experienced a significant increase, which is a digital-based business that has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because people have to carry out physical distancing and also pay for various goods or services they need by using a cashless system to minimize physical contact with sellers.

Therefore, many businesses do have challenges on how to use technology to survive in this pandemic, including cooperatives. Therefore, cooperatives should equip themselves with e-commerce capital, as a necessity for the demands of the times to maintain cooperative business continuity.

Therefore, Ralali and the Indonesian Cooperative Youth Force (AMKI) agreed to embrace micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) to be more able to exist in the digital world. As one of the biggest B2B marketplace platforms in Indonesia, Ralali is committed to not only encouraging MSME players to join in the online marketplace.

What is it? AMKI

AMKI is a youth organization that builds business entity cooperatives that are different from other cooperatives. Yes, AMKI is indeed a very millennial cooperative. Because AMKI thinks that the most suitable form of business with the Millennial Generation is a Cooperative, because it matches the traits and preferences of the following young people:

  • Community Based (gathering / guyub / community): By holding the Annual Member Meeting (RAT)
  • Sharing Economy (sharing; digital platform / eCommerce): There is a division of Business Revenue (SHU)
  • Egalitarian (equality): a collection of PEOPLE, not a collection of CAPITAL like PT.
  • In cooperatives adhering to the principle of One Man One Voter not One Share One Vote,

Deputy Chairperson of AMKI Tommy Priyanto stated that this is clear evidence that cooperatives are business institutions that can keep up with the changing times. The use of digital technology will of course increase efficiency and effectiveness in managing cooperative businesses and also increase the quality of member services.

Tommy provides that the principles and identity of a cooperative where part of the social capital must be developed into an effective, productive, and for common prosperity, including being empowered through digitalization. This step is also believed to be able to answer the challenge of capital adequacy due to the pandemic which not only affects the cooperative as the forum that houses members, but also affects the members’ businesses.

“Many parts of the cooperative find it difficult to pay loan installments, or pay membership deposits which are the basic capital of the cooperative, resulting in a lack of capital, which certainly affects the existence of the cooperative business,” said Tommy, who is one of the Heads of the Kodanua Savings and Loan Cooperative.

Digital Transformation of Communities with AMKI

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ralali together with AMKI created Konekto to accommodate cooperative actors to move forward along with the times.

On February 2, 2021, AMKI entered into a Cooperation agreement with to collaborate and encourage more MSME players to connect to Konekto.

Frans Meroga Panggabean, the General Chairperson of AMKI at the Outlook Seminar, also revealed that AMKI emphasized its vision and mission to be able to contribute to the national economic recovery by optimizing cooperatives as the mainstream.

Frans also said that AMKI wanted to be able to encourage cooperatives to be liked by the younger generation so that their role as a business entity could be significant for the population and equal to other business entities.

Ease of Interaction during the Pandemic Period for the Recovery of the National Economy

Indonesia is currently trying hard to improve the people’s economy. What is really affected is that MSMEs often make loans to cooperatives. Therefore, with the existence of Konekto which is the idea of ​​AMKI in collaboration with Ralali to make it easier for the small community to be able to continue to carry out the economic turnover of their small and micro medium enterprises.

Konekto will not only be a facility for connecting UMKM players together with the community, it will also be able to support systemized bookkeeping and facilitate the management of MSME business operations.

This application-based service will be a relationship facility for MSME actors to share ideas together by sharing information after gathering in groups of interest.

Advantages of Choosing Netdata in Partner

Netdata is one of the companies engaged in technology and information of the highest quality and does so with a reliable, experienced, friendly, and detailed manner. Netdata’s IT service solutions are indeed very reliable for those of you who experience various IT-related problems for your company or for you personally.

Choosing Netdata for various IT matters is indeed very profitable, because Netdata has a variety of superior, trusted products.

The superior products offered in Netdata category: CLOUD

It is undeniable that cloud technology is getting more advanced. No wonder that various organizations, agencies, even for personal matters cannot be separated from the name cloud.

For example, you save the data that you have on your PC to OneDrive, you are indirectly using cloud technology. However, is that the only thing called cloud computing technology? Of course not! Because the cloud has various different types that can be used according to your needs.

Netdata has a variety of excellent products with cloud categories that you can choose according to your needs. From small businesses to corporate needs, Netdata is guaranteed to have excellent quality.

Netdata’s flagship products in the cloud category include:

Vault Enterprise

Netdata provides services in the form of an enterprise vault. Vault is a tool for securely accessing secrets. A secret is anything that you want to strictly control access to, such as API keys, passwords, or certificates. Vault provides a unified interface for any secret, while providing strict access control and recording detailed audit logs.

For those of you who want to secure the data in your company, it is clear that the enterprise vault from Netdata is the right choice.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of private cloud and public cloud. For this type of cloud, this one is very suitable for those of you who have companies that already have various branches. Netdata is a very reliable service for the hybrid cloud platform.

Hybrid cloud is a solution that combines a private cloud with one or more public cloud services, with proprietary software enabling communication between different services. A hybrid cloud strategy gives businesses greater flexibility by shifting workloads between cloud solutions as needs and costs fluctuate.

Private cloud

Private cloud is a cloud that you manage yourself. Private cloud provides cloud computing services to authorized users via the internet or an internal network. Because it can only be used by a clearly defined group of users, a private cloud is also known as an enterprise cloud or internal cloud.

Therefore, for those of you who have companies or organizations such as schools or offices, private cloud is the right type of cloud. Especially if you rely on Netdata, it is much better than you choosing other private cloud services.

Public Cloud

Public cloud is a cloud platform that uses a standard cloud computing model to create resources. For example, using virtual machines (VMs), applications or data storage, which are available remotely.

Public cloud is a service that is provided by NetData by providing the best choice of brands such as AWS, Google, and Azure. 

Cooling Cloud

Cooling cloud is one of the most expensive components of your data center and also the most difficult to manage. 

In ancient times most data center cooling units were operated at the floor or level of the building. 

NetData assists you in the selection of IT standard cooling products that will also promote the maximum cooling efficiency of your data center environment.

RF Shielded Rack Cloud

RF Shielded Rack is a server rack that has the advantage of 100% protection against radio frequency or RF interference, so it is ideal for testing devices that require wireless attenuation.

These racks use special materials and components that provide power and network connectivity without affecting the performance of this RF shield.

The RF Shielded Rack can also be installed quickly and easily in various implementations. NetData also offers enclosures as the best service.

NetData provides a cost-effective solution for a variety of temporary deployments and small-scale projects. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in modern times is very widely applied by various companies as more sophisticated data centers.

There are several types of cloud that are often used, one of which is the hybrid cloud, which allows companies to combine public and private cloud services more optimally.

The hybrid cloud provides a single service management interface that makes it easy to move applications and services between the two environments. Resources can be automatically provided according to business needs.

NetData provides design services as well as private and hybrid cloud implementations using new or existing infrastructure.

NetData can also help you in choosing the right cloud type according to company needs.

We also ensure that your cloud is more flexible and developed for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

IGEL UD3 Cloud

IGEL is a series of desktop computers designed to meet the needs of multimedia workers.

The IGEL UD3 / IZ3 series is optimized for Skype for Business requirements and meets all the upcoming demands for unified communications. Equipped with a display port that supports 4K resolution.

UD3 is designed with a sturdy material with a security system for the future. UD3 also supports expansions that make your digital experience even more advanced.


IGEL UD Pocket is a slim, portable desktop computer for growing workspace environments.

The size of this computer is no bigger than a paperclip, the UD pocket also provides the flexibility to boot from the IGEL Universal Desktop or local operating system on a supported PC, laptop or access point.

Virtualization Cloud

Virtual cloud is a server virtualization that disconnects one to one between servers and applications.

Which virtual server allows companies to be able to take advantage of computing resources. 

This server virtualization can also speed up IT service delivery and also create a more scalable, more flexible environment.

Hyper-Converged Cloud Hyper-Converged

infrastructure is hardware-centric hardware, with separate components and combined into a centralized solution.

Hyper-converged infrastructure is an integrated software. In addition, hyper-converged is also a popular solution that can make companies more cost-effective and simplify management complexity.

Hyper-Converged also provides “one-throat-to-choke” support and can scale easily by adding modules.

NetData has also built partnerships with various converged and highly converged infrastructure vendors. 

NetData can also assist you in evaluating various alternatives that are best for your company’s needs. Our team can also help you integrate the solution into your existing data center.

Servers Cloud

Platform servers are carefully designed and configured to meet today’s requirements and scale performance as application demands increase.

NetData technicians can analyze your company’s workload and recommend server hardware that fits your needs while guaranteeing the future.

NetData provides installation services and provision of expert technicians who are ready to help you solve server problems and needs quickly and optimally.

That is our discussion of Network Data Systems: Ralali Collaborates with Amki in the Konekto Application for MSMEs which is also your reference about the NetData cloud.

Interested in Netdata’s services? You can contact us if you want to support the digitization of SMEs


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