Remote Work? TSPlus Remote Worker is the Solution!

Remote Work? TSPlus Remote Worker is the Solution

Remote Worker TSPlusIn recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced various business actors to require their employees to work remotely at home or the term Work from Home aka WFH.

There are many innovations and technologies that make it easier for us to do remote or remote work, one of which is by using a remote worker TSPlus.

Remote workers or remote workers need technology for reliable communication between computers.

So what’s the difference between working from home and remote working? Here is the full explanation.

What is Remote Working?

To be able to distinguish between remote working and work from home, we will focus more on remote working first. Here is the explanation.

Remote Working is?

Remote working is a term for doing remote work. So that those of you who work for the company do not need to come to the office to work like workers in general.

But you can do work from out of town, abroad, even in the mountains.

Communication and all work in general will definitely require qualified technology, therefore TSPlus provides reliable remote working facilities.

Advantages of Running Remote Working

Remote working can be said as a concept of work in the future. How not, with advances in technology, the results of this remote working can provide effective and efficient results. What are the advantages of running remote working? here’s the explanation:

The opportunity to work is getting bigger, you can recruit people with the best talent and place is no longer a problem.

Can reduce distance and congestion problems. Yes, it is true that going to work conventionally is usually hampered by traffic jams in the middle of the city which can waste 2-5 hours on the road.

Can set your best time, for example there are people who want to work at night where usually there are people who have better inspiration if they work at night. This work pattern will not be available if you go to the office as usual.

Can spend time with family more balanced. For example, if you work at the beach with your family while relaxing, who knows, inspiration will come easier if you work relaxed while playing with your children.

Can adjust the work style you want. For example, you can work in a cafe, at a friend’s house, or anywhere that you can adjust to your work style to lift the mood and provoke brilliant inspiration.

From the company’s point of view, employees who do remote work are quite effective and efficient. Where you can reduce the use of electricity, space, work equipment, and more. This remote working can help companies with the application of more sophisticated technology but do not have to bother using complex systems.

Remote Working Tips

Working using the full-time remote concept has many advantages. But that does not mean there are no challenges at all. For example, you cannot meet directly with office friends so that you as a leader cannot directly supervise your subordinates.

Therefore, you need to know the tips for doing remote work so that it can run smoothly and minimize obstacles.

Make Sure Communication Runs Smoothly

Even if you work remotely, communication with the company and work team should be smooth.

Sometimes if done online, messages in the form of text are often not understood by other teams, so don’t hesitate to ask questions for the sake of smooth work.

Therefore, make sure we must continue to communicate not only through electronic mail and instant messaging applications.

Frequent virtual communication or video conferences with the team by involving face, body language, and voice are more helpful for the company’s business continuity.

Even though it’s flexible, don’t forget about responsibilities

Working remotely does give us more flexible time, but we must still be responsible for the work we have to complete.

Therefore you can look for the quality of your working hours at what time. For example, you could work at night which is where people find it easier to get inspired during the evening hours.

But don’t forget that you also have to be absent during working hours and must be ready to be contacted by the company during these working hours.

Make sure we have access to a comfortable room to work

Working remotely especially at home, of course you can make it a very comfortable workplace.

But you also have to be able to distinguish where you work and where you play.

And also you have to distinguish where you work in your room does not mean you work on a bed where you can sleep so that it can interfere with your work time.

Discipline During Working Hours

There’s no denying that one of the most challenging things if you work remotely is the discipline of working hours and mandatory tasks to complete.

This challenge usually lies in your complete entertainment media such as streaming movies, playing games, to playing with social media.

This can interfere with your discipline at work. Make sure you strictly enforce working hours and turn off various entertainment media that can interfere with your focus at work.

Responsible And Transparent

As Indonesians, we are known as human beings who are social and responsible. This will certainly be very helpful for companies to continue implementing remote workers because we have to be responsible for our duties and keep the team communicating well.

If at a time when your job is too difficult and impossible to do alone, immediately convey it to the company or your team to keep working well so as not to disappoint the client.

Keep in mind that remote working is not necessarily suitable for all types of work, make sure you know which jobs require you to be physically present in the office.

Don’t forget to rest

Remote working is indeed very flexible but you also should not forget to take time to rest.

Yes, the most real challenge when working remotely is not being able to tell the difference between time off and time to work.

Make sure you schedule breaks so that your mind can be ready to be productive again.

Remote Worker TSPlus

One of the most appropriate software for working from home or Work From Home is to use TSPlus. TSplus Remote Work is the best solution to enable Home Working in SMB or large companies. With TSplus Gateway Broker, users will easily initiate a secure Remote Desktop session to their own office PC.

Using Remote Work Server, organizations can create a single secure login page portal and remote desktop gateway, allowing users to access console sessions on their office PCs – even when they’re not in the office!

Why use remote worker from TSPlus?

It begins with the need to connect. It ends with easy remote login to console sessions from your office desktop PC.

At every between point, TSPlus Remote Work offers users and administrators a simple and secure set of tools that enable users to stay productive and administrators to keep company data safe.

How do remote workers work?

One server in a corporate office running Remote Work server software is key to getting started with Remote Work. It acts as a gateway, intermediary connection between remote users and their office desktops.

Gateway is also a web server, offering a secure web portal that is easy to use.

So, you can make office work can still be done easily, in a safe way, and also with real time guarantees.

Advantages of Remote Worker TSPlus for administrators

Remote Work Admin Tool is very easy and fast to install and easy to configure. There is no Windows Server role to install. Admins will be able to get a simplified interface with all the major tools upfront and easy on the eyes – From License management to page portal customization, Remote Work keeps management simple.

Advantages of Remote Worker TSPlus for users

Remote Work gives users the ability to access their office PC remotely via any device and any web browser. More than that, it hooks them up with the same sessions they normally see when they’re in the office. A link to the company’s web portal and their login news is all they need to get started.

Advantages of Remote Worker TSPlus for company business

TSPlus Remote Work provides organizations with an all-in-one solution to keep users consistently connected to their office PCs.

And all done with competitive licensing fees, low training requirements, and often without the need for IT infrastructure changes!

Need Remote Worker TSPlus? Netdata is the solution

Are you interested in making TSPlus the perfect solution for remote work for your company?

NETDATA is the perfect solution for that! You are guaranteed to get TSPlus Remote Work with a guarantee if the license is genuine and also you can get it at a much more affordable price if you compare to others.

NETDATA is an official partner of TSPlus. So, the reason why the license price from TSPlus can be affordable and the guarantee is genuine, you can’t doubt it, right?


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