Get to Know Manage Server & Cloud at NetData

Get to Know Manage Server & Cloud at NetData

Manage Server & CloudIn the current era of business digitization, many companies are implementing various IT technologies in order to compete in the business world.

Not infrequently companies have also started using managed services that can help and support the company in carrying out more sophisticated IT technology operations.

Of the many types of managed services that exist, of course you have to choose the one that suits your company’s needs.

This time we will focus more on discussing managed servers and clouds in NETDATA. NETDATA is one of the most trusted and best managed server and cloud service providers in Indonesia.

Understanding Manage Server & Cloud

Server and cloud are two entities that may be interconnected today. Where the server itself can be used as the main operational system in cloud services.

In the business world, large companies definitely need a reliable computing system to be used as a communication and operational center.

Therefore, if the company still or has not used an integrated server, it is better to use managed server and cloud services to improve the company’s operational performance and there are many more benefits.

What is Managed Server?

Managed server itself is the provision of server services outside the company by renting it from a third party.

Managed servers themselves usually provide servers that are supported by professional IT experts in order to manage and maintain a server network for you.

Even though using a server from a third party does not mean that your company data is not safe. In fact, your company data will be very safe because third parties will continue to maintain and protect the security system of your server.

What is Managed Cloud?

As for the managed cloud itself, it is a service where cloud features are added to the server you have, be it a private company server or a managed server that you rent.

Managed cloud provides you with support ranging from daily IT management, technical support to automation and improving your business operations.

Benefits of Manage Server & Cloud

Of the many benefits of managed servers and clouds, among others:

More cost-effective

The use of managed servers and clouds will certainly be able to directly cut various types of costs that are usually incurred by companies.

For example, you can control and reduce expensive network maintenance costs, especially if you hire professional IT experts with very expensive salaries.

Therefore, by utilizing managed server and cloud services, you will get full support from IT professionals.

Increase Efficiency

Managed server and cloud services can maximize your company to focus more on improving your business, whether it’s improving services to clients or minimizing obstacles that often arise when using your own server.

At least your company can have a strong structure and also improve competitiveness in the midst of business competition in Indonesia.

Guaranteed Data Security

Corporate data security is an absolute must for the development of your company. Therefore, the company’s confidential data must be stored in a storage area with sophisticated security facilities and accompanied by professional IT experts.

Not only that, the storage area must also be equipped with additional security such as a sophisticated firewall, antivirus, and detection of unauthorized access.

Why Should You Use Manage Server & Cloud on NetData?

After knowing what a managed server and cloud are and their benefits, are you interested in doing it for your company or server? Of course you can entrust it to NETDATA.

Why should you use the services of NETDATA? Of course, there are various advantages over other server & cloud management services.


NETDATA is the right choice if you are looking for server & cloud management services because it has a very good track record with guaranteed servers and cloud that you have can be organized neatly and can also run smoothly and efficiently.

This is because the workers from NETDATA who handle server & cloud management problems are experienced and already have official certificates to solve server and cloud problems.

With professional workers, you will definitely not doubt NETDATA as the choice for server & cloud manager.

Transparent and Flexible

The employees of NETDATA are also guaranteed to have a transparent and flexible attitude towards you. With this transparency, any problems that occur on your server or cloud will be reported directly in real time and guaranteed not to be covered up. Any problem is guaranteed to be handled professionally.

This is in line with the mission of NETDATA: “To provide technology-based services of the highest quality and do so while being friendly, reliable and detailed”.

Affordable Cost

The obvious reason why NETDATA is such a great choice for server & cloud management is because of the cost it offers you. Of course you can get a very affordable cost.

At an affordable price and definitely cheaper than others, you can get a very good service. Of course you won’t feel a loss after renting a server & cloud management service from NETDATA, right?

Things are okay, cheap prices. Of course very profitable!

When to Use Manage Server & Cloud Services on NetData?

If you are confused about when to use the manage server & cloud service from NETDATA, the answer is now when you feel that something is wrong with the server you have.

Of course the sooner the better. With the accuracy where you choose this server & cloud management service, you can get your server & cloud to be able to run smoothly again and can last a long time with more optimal performance.

Speaking of more optimal performance, maybe now is the right time to use NETDATA’s manage server & cloud services so that your servers and cloud can run optimally.

Bagaimana Cara Memesan Layanan Manage Server & Cloud di NetData?

Are you interested in managing server & cloud services from NETDATA? How do I order it? It’s very easy!

You simply go to the NETDATA website at and click on the Contact Us column.

Later, you can send an email to NETDATA to order a managed server service by filling in the available fields.

You can also come directly to the NETDATA office which is already available in various regions.

It’s easy isn’t it?


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