Get to know the Fortinet Fortigate Firewall in Network Security

Get to know the Fortinet Fortigate Firewall in Network Security

FortigateEverything about security is very important. With good security, you can protect the assets you have, including for the network or network. And what is very important for companies is to maintain various important company assets that are very suitable for cyber crimes that are accessed using the network.

So, what can be relied on for network security? Of course you can rely on Fortinet Fortigate Firewall which is very good for network security.

What are the products of Fortinet Fortigate Firewall? And why should you choose it? Let’s discuss!

Fortinet and Fortigate Firewall Explanation

Before you choose which products from Fortinet and also Fortigate Firewall, it’s a good idea to understand the explanations of each of these brands.

What is Fortinet?

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest corporations, service providers, and government organizations worldwide. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across a growing attack surface and the power to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements of seamless networks—today and into the future.

Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can provide uncompromised security to address the most critical security challenges, whether in network, application, cloud or mobile environments.

Fortinet is ranked number one in the most shipped security equipment worldwide and more than 500,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their business.

What is Fortigate?

Fortigate, the next generation firewall from IT leader Cyber Security Fortinet, provides ultimate threat protection for businesses of all sizes. Leveraging a purpose-built security processor and threat intelligence from FortiGuard, the Fortigate firewall provides unmatched performance and protection while simplifying your network.

What are Firewalls?

Firewalls represent the first line of defense in the security of your computer network, including on a home scale or on a large enterprise scale.

Your home network is only as secure as the most unprotected devices. That’s where network security systems come in.

A firewall should not be your only consideration for securing your home network. It is important to ensure that all of your internet-enabled devices, including mobile devices, have the latest operating systems, web browsers, and security software.

Other considerations? Secure your wireless router. This may include changing your router name from the manufacturer’s included default ID and password, reviewing your security options, and setting up a guest network for your home or company visitors.

Are Fortinet and Fortigate the same?

The company changed its name to ApSecure in December 2000 and later renamed again to Fortinet, based on the phrase “Fortified Networks”. Fortinet introduced its first product, FortiGate, in 2002, followed by anti-spam and anti-virus software.

So, if you have a question what is the difference between Fortinet and Fortigate, then Fortigate is the first product from Fortinet. And Fortigate itself is a very famous product from Fortinet. And Fortigate itself is a branding product from Fortinet.

Fortinet Products

Okay, now you know what Fortinet is and what the difference between the two is which turns out to be just branding. Fortinet certainly has a variety of superior products for network security issues.

These products include:

Fortinet Fortigate 30E

The application-focused, scalable and secure Fortinet Fortigate 30E can deliver a solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for enterprise branch offices and midsize businesses.

Protect against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simple, relatively inexpensive, and easy-to-use solution. Fortinet’s Security-Based Network Approach provides tight network integration into a new generation of security.

Fortinet offers an offer in the form of selling Fortinet Fortigate 30E at a very affordable price. With this, it is definitely highly recommended for medium-sized businesses.

Fortinet Fortigate 30F

The Fortinet Fortigate 30F is the latest upgrade to the Fortinet Fortigate 30E. With a better Wifi system, this one network security is really intended for medium and high-scale businesses.

You can get the Fortinet Fortigate 30F from Fortinet at an affordable price. This is why it is a network security solution for mid-sized businesses.

Fortinet Fortigate 2500E

The FortiGate 2500E series delivers next-generation high-performance firewall (NGFW) capabilities for large enterprises and service providers. With multiple interfaces with high speed, high port density, and high throughput, ideal deployments are at the enterprise edge, data center core hybrids, and across internal segments.

Leverage industry-leading IPS, SSL inspection, and advanced threat protection to optimize your network performance. Fortinet’s Security Driven Networking provides tight network integration into the latest generation of security.

You can indeed get the Fortinet Fortigate 2500E at a cost that is not too expensive. Even with a complete range of features, you can still get it at an affordable cost.

Fortinet Fortigate 6000F Series

The Fortinet Fortigate 6000F is an upgrade from the Fortinet Fortigate 6000F. Indeed, when viewed at a glance in terms of features are still the same. But for selling the Fortinet Fortigate 6000F is indeed intended for large companies and is very suitable for central companies.

Fortinet’s breakthrough SPU NP6 network processor works in tandem with FortiOS functionality providing:

  • Superior firewall performance for IPv4/IPv6, SCTP and
  • ultra-low latency multicast traffic
  • VPN and IP tunnel acceleration
  • Anomaly based intrusion prevention, checksum offload,
  • and package defragmentation
  • Traffic formation and priority queue

Fortinet Fortigate 7000E Series

The FortiGate 7000E series delivers high-performance next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities for large enterprises and service providers. NGFW for Fortigate 7000E from 50Gbps to 120 Gbps.

Selling Fortinet Fortigate 7000E can be said to be more affordable than other brands. With a more friendly interface and also with guaranteed quality you will not be disappointed.

Where to Buy Fortinet Products?

Now you understand what Fortinet products are to support your network security. So, are you interested in buying it and applying it to your home or for your large or start-up company? Don’t worry, you can get it with various attractive offers.

Fortinet Indonesia Partners

If you want to buy various products from Fortinet, including Fortigate, you can just entrust it to Fortinet partners in Indonesia. By buying it there, you can definitely get a cheap price and it is also guaranteed that the Fortinet brand is the original.

You will not regret if you buy Fortinet products including Fortigate at Fortinet Indonesia partners. Guarantee the authenticity of goods is the main thing. You don’t want to get an item with a brand that is not original or even in an unfit condition that has been disassembled? Of course that is a very detrimental thing.

Therefore, make sure that if you want to buy Fortinet Fortigate products, buy them at a Fortinet Indonesia partner!

Fortinet Indonesia Distributor

Who is Fortinet Indonesia’s partner? of course you can entrust it to NETDATA. NETDATA is one of the official distributors of Fortinet Indonesia. You can get a wide range of Fortinet Fortigate products at affordable prices and with very complete guarantees.

NETDATA will guarantee 100% if the Fortinet product you buy is the original product, fast delivery, and also a personal guarantee. Very profitable isn’t it?

NetData The Best Network Security Solution in Indonesia

NETDATA is the best solution if you want to get protection for your computer network, be it the company you own or the agency you manage.

NETDATA will always help you understand your threat environment and recommend the best way to improve your security architecture. With skilled and experienced workers, of course your network security is guaranteed.

NETDATA provides solutions for security consulting with the following facilities:

  • Vulnerability Assessment: NETDATA will look at current exposure areas and past security incidents to identify potential vulnerabilities. NETDATA conducts an assessment to identify information security issues.
  • Penetration Test: This is a network security service used to prevent unauthorized or undetected network intrusion.
  • Security Assessment: NETDATA will conduct an assessment to ensure that the parameters contained in the system have been adjusted to the existing security parameters.



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