Fortinet Support and Benefits for the company

Fortinet Support and Benefits for the company

Fortinet Support  – The internet network and local network in the company is very important for companies to continue to grow in today’s digital era.

In addition to the challenges of building a perfect network, it is not easy because there are many things that must be considered, one of which is the use of a network security system or firewall.

Firewall security systems are provided by various well-known brands such as Fortinet. For a firewall security system, of course, it must have a strong and sophisticated system to be able to act as a guard or the term gatekeeper.

This firewall can be in the form of hardware or software that has an important role in managing network traffic such as authenticating access, filtering, and monitoring data packets on the network.

For business class users or business people, of course, they will need full support from fortinet which is called fortinet support.

What is Fortinet Support

Fortinet support is one of fortinet’s efforts that will give you the best solution for your company’s network security system.

Fortinet support itself is incorporated in a large container as well as providing the best Firewall devices. Comes from California and focuses on developing and servicing security systems in a package that includes a variety of flexibility and convenience as well as other Firewall support functions.

The main focus offered by Fortinet support is full support for providing security system solutions as well as the application of Firewalls to corporate networks in order to fend off various external threats such as DDoS attacks in real-time.

Because this Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) attack targets server systems, systems or networks.

Thus creating high traffic on the system that the system cannot handle so that any requests or commands cannot make the server down or shut down.

Fungsi Fortinet Support

As a full firewall support, fortinet support will provide various services such as providing protection for the company’s internet and other computer networks from threats from outside intruders.

Fortinet support in general can see what the company needs for network access that can enter the network privately from outside parties.

In network security systems Firewalls can be implemented in the form of software that allows network traffic that is considered safe to pass through and prevents all network traffic that is considered unsafe.

In addition to being in the form of software, Firewalls can also be applied to a dedicated machine that runs on the gateway between the local network and the internet network.

Usually the provision of this Firewall hardware provides features that function for access authentication, filtering, monitoring of data packets to the network as well as for controlling data traffic to access the local network protected by the Firewall.

Benefits of Fortinet Support

The benefit of using support is that you can be free from confusion and at the same time inefficiency in implementing a new Firewall in your company.

Due to innovative cybersecurity with a wide scope so that it can protect the entire attack surface against organizations.

So that the need for high-specification devices that work to handle large amounts of data across corporate networks as well as the automation needed to deal with threats with a fast response.

For those of you who don’t know, Fortinet has changed the way companies view network security with Fabric Security’s vision of delivering a holistic and adaptive architecture that maintains the entire infrastructure. This is in order to be able to compete better

in the rapidly growing digital world.

Fortinet Support Product Type

Fortinet support provides high-performance network security services that protect networks, users and corporate data from ever-evolving threats.
Here are some types of Fortinet Support products that might be your choice.

Next-Generation Firewall

FortiGate: Industry Best Threat Protection and Performance with Reduced Complexity

  • High Performance, Consolidated Advanced Security
  • Deep Visibility to Protect from Known and Unknown Att

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Strong and Innovative

  • World-class IPS detection
  • Independently verified performance over 130 Gbps

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

SWG: Enterprise-grade protection against internet-borne threats

  • Safe web browsing
  • Visibility to encrypted internet traffic

Secure Wi-Fi

Protection Where Your Network Is Most Vulnerable– The Edge

  • Security Fabric integration for enhanced security
  • Location capabilities for Wi-Fi and/or BLE include


FortiDDoS: Advanced DDoS Protection for Enterprise Data Centers

  • Layers 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attack protection in one solution
  • Fast throughput up to 36 Gbps

Where can you get fortinet support?

From the various general explanations about Fortinet support above, we know that the importance of a network security system in your company.
Therefore, it is important for you to know where to get official Fortinet support, namely at NETDATA.
NETDATA will provide you with services so that you get the best solution for your network security system needs that are right for you.

Fortinet Support Indonesia Distributor

Fortinet support as a support service for companies that need it, of course, has developed various sophisticated network security technologies to detect and eliminate various complex and diverse threats in real time without sacrificing network performance.
NETDATA is also ready to help you as a distributor of Fortinet Support Indonesia with extensive management, professional analysis, database and endpoint protection solutions that increase the flexibility of using the right Fortinet product.
In addition to providing network security solutions from the start, NETDATA also provides Fortinet products with a complete and original range of products.
Armed with long-standing experience, NETDATA in using and implementing Fortinet-based solutions.
NETDATA will be ready to assist you in improving the availability, security and management of your network traffic infrastructure.


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