TSPlus License Solutions in Indonesia

TSPlus Licensing Solutions in Indonesia

TSPlus License – In today’s digital world, the term remote desktop is increasingly popular among workers and businessmen in Indonesia. Where the term remote desktop is a software feature or operating system that is able to perform remote recognition of a personal computer.

This remote personal computer can be a PC, or a server that temporarily displays a screen as if we are controlling a computer in the office.
Remote desktop application that has complete features, one of which is the TSPlus remote desktop application.
In using Tsplus this allows users to do remote control which is controlling the computer with a remote control session or blanking the screen.
Remote desktop control is a form of remote taking. If you want to use the full features of tsplus you have to buy a tsplus license.
In this discussion, we must first know what a license is, the types of licenses, and the benefits of a complete license below.

Definition of License

Licensing is the granting of permits or rights to a particular product or service, in which the product or service was previously patented by the creator of the product.
Licensing can also be interpreted as giving permission to users who use intellectual property rights which are given by the licensor to the license user with the intention that the licensee can carry out business activities or in producing certain products by utilizing the rights of the licensed intellectual property.
The use of the license there is a term license agreement, where this license agreement is carried out by two or more parties who act in granting a license as the owner or licensee to the party acting as the licensee.
This allows licensees to legally produce or market their products.
The party who gives the license is called the licensor while the party who receives the license is called the licensor.
This applies if Tsplus users who become licenses can use all Tsplus features and programs in full and receive full support from Tsplus itself.

License Types

What are the general types of licenses? Are as follows :

Intellectual Property Rights License

This type of intellectual property rights license is a license to software or computer programs such as Tsplus.
The granting of a Tsplus license will entitle users or users to use the Tsplus remote desktop.

Bulk License

Bulk license itself is a license that is given to buyers to be used for more than one product, especially computer software.
The license will be explained in detail which is usually written in the UELA or End User License Agreement in the software.

Goods or Service Mark License

A goods or service brand license is a license granted to individuals or companies which will sell products or services under the license owner of the trademark.
With this license, users of trademarks or services do not have to worry about being prosecuted legally because previously there was an agreement from the license owner.

Artwork and Character License

Artwork and character licenses are licenses granted to individuals or companies who have the right to copy and sell copyrights containing art and character materials.

Educational License

For this type of license in the field of education in the form of an academic degree. Usually at a college or university as a license holder can give a degree to an individual who uses his academic degree to gain knowledge within a certain period of time.

Definition of License According to Experts

The definition of license according to experts also varies, as follows:

Wilbur Cross

According to Wilbur Cross, a license is a contract or agreement between one party to another to ensure one, two, or more operations of the other party. These operations can take the form of manufacturing, services, or sales.

PH Collin

PH Collin defines a license as an agreement between the licensee and the licensee granting ownership rights or privileges to someone to produce and use something.

Betsyann Toffler and Jane Imber

Meanwhile, according to Betsyann Toffler and Jane Imber, a license is a contract agreement between two business entities that is granted to a licensee for a trademark, patent, and other property in exchange for fees or royalties.