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Partner Juniper Indonesia

Juniper, as one of the companies in the IT field, has launched a new global cloud data center, the new data center is said to offer increased international accessibility and enhanced connectivity to customers. The Global Cloud Data Center, like all data centers from Juniper, Juniper states that it is the host of many telecommunications operators where customers can independently manage their relationships, so it will be more secure to communicate because it is encrypted.

However, why should choose Juniper? The principle of Juniper is “Engineering is our legacy. Simplicity is our bold vision for the future. Together, they are our guiding principles. ” Juniper will be very proud to solve a difficult problem. The biggest challenge now is complexity. So today, Juniper has a new obsession: controlling the wheel towards simplicity. NetData is a Juniper Indonesia partner you can count on if you want professional service from Juniper.

Juniper Intelligent Data Center Solution

Juniper, which relies on long-standing and trusted experience in the IT field, covers the entire data center process from construction to operation and maintenance. Juniper cloud data center with flexible architecture, original technology, creative media, can reach smart, efficient, and green data centers for customers, helping the digital transformation of the industry. It is not wrong if NetData becomes Juniper Indonesia partner because it is already trusted.

However, why should you choose NetData which is Juniper Indonesia’s partner to solve your problems related to cloud data center?

  • Flexibility
    • Architecture in a single data center: Combining Distributed Data Storage (DDS) and Distributed Computing to support very large and diverse data, enabling rapid response to mission critical services.
    • Architecture in multiple data centers: Three data centers in two locations, ensuring business continuity.
    • Data center network architecture: 3 to 1 iLossless convergent network (3 networks: independence of ETH, FC, IB Network).
  • Leading Technology
    • Technology: Learn and identify Input / Output (I / O) running automatically, increase the hit ratio of prefetching cache and improve overall data center performance by 20%.
    • Algorithm: Real-time verification with AI network simulation algorithm, achieving network configuration with zero errors.
    • Scenarios: AI solutions of all scenarios to meet the requirements of a smart, fast-changing era.

Very profitable is not using Juniper? Therefore, remember NetData as Juniper Indonesia partner if you want secure and stable connectivity!

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