Protect and Secure Your IoT Cable with Dynamic Segmentation

Lindungi dan Amankan Kabel IoT Anda dengan Segmentasi Dinamis

From smart lighting to security cameras and badge readers, IoT devices are quickly used across networks of all sizes. This newly discovered network connectivity produces many interesting operational benefits, but also exposes the network to security risks because this device uses the same path as sensitive financial, medical and business critical data. This device rarely has very strong security.

As more and more devices are connected to this network online, the complex task of identifying them quickly and authenticating their role is vital for a secure network. Rujie’s unique dynamic segmentation feature helps solve this security problem in a way that simplifies management for IT and provides a more consistent user / device experience regardless of device type or where it is connected.

What Makes Dynamic Segmentation Simple and Safe?

Dynamic segmentation is a very useful way to segment traffic of cable users and IoT devices safely using NetData as a Ruijie Jakarta partner. As the campus role shifts from traditional wired connectivity to wireless aggregators and IoT connectivity, the IT team is struggling with consistently and dynamically implementing sophisticated policies and services on cable users and IoT devices

Dynamic Segmentation Ensures Consistency

The use of the Ruijie controller from NetData as a Ruijie Jakarta partner as an integrated policy enforcement point for traffic from wired and wireless devices adds to the policy consistency. Using a centrally managed and enforced integrated model simplifies deployment and ensures consistent cable access and permission when devices are connected and disconnected.

This is very important when dealing with security cameras, payment card readers, and medical devices that often depend on Power over Ethernet (PoE) and lack of built-in security software.

Very profitable right? Therefore, become part of Ruijie Jakarta partners such as NetData so that your various data assets are protected and also guaranteed at affordable costs.

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