What Happens When We Use Pirated Windows?

pirated Windows

The fact says that the analysis of the use of the most operating systems used in Indonesia is the Windows operating system. Not a few people are still using pirated Windows alias not the original. So, what are the risks for us to use this pirated Windows? Therefore, we will discuss it in this article.

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Often Suddenly Problems When Being Used

The operating system is like the soul of a computer, so if the OS is damaged, your laptop may not turn on. If the operating system does not run properly because it is pirated, of course this device will also be disturbed.

Not a few of these are caused by laptops that are locked and cannot be used. So it is recommended that we use an original Windows license.

Is a Criminal Act

Yes, by using a pirated Windows operating system, consciously or not, you are breaking the law. Of course this will relate to the law then you can be sued.

However, due to the large number of pirated Windows users, this is difficult to eradicate, so like it or not, you need to do it first on your own computer by buying an original license.

Cannot Use Other Microsoft Products

By using pirated Windows, you cannot access certain applications or software so that if you use Windows 10 you cannot use new features or other Microsoft products.

Not only that, Microsoft can also detect genuine or pirated Windows so that existing accounts will be frozen immediately.

Easily Hacked By Hackers

An illegal operating system is usually infiltrated by hackers with malware that can interfere with your computer’s security system.

Usually what is embedded in it is a program that is a type of malware which can steal your sensitive data so that it can be used for the personal interests of the hacker.

Then there are many big risks that will await in the future. With the existence of malware or viruses that can steal data or damage computer devices directly.

Risk of Infected Computer Virus

Most attacks via the internet usually occur as a result of using pirated operating systems. The reason is that pirated Windows security systems cannot protect devices from viruses and malware attacks. In addition, pirated operating systems cannot be updated so that hackers can easily enter your system.

As a result, pirated Windows computers are vulnerable to losing important data due to malware or viruses.

Of course this would be very risky for business users, because data backup would be very expensive.

In addition, pirated Windows can make your computer an easy target for hackers.

Not Getting Windows Update

Pirated or genuine Windows may not be different in appearance. However, when using pirated Windows, there will be many risks that will be faced, such as the system cannot be updated. Don’t take it lightly because an unupdated system is very dangerous.

Because every system will experience changes or repairs that are often made to close the gaps in the Windows system. And also updates will provide a more stable operating system and offer a better user experience.

Not Getting Windows Service Fully

Unlike original Windows, where pirated Windows can lose features or services that are locked or removed. However, it is fully available, of course there is one feature that cannot be run optimally.

Every user experiences different situations, but most of what often happens is the difficulty in changing the background or maybe the sync feature that can’t be used.

In addition, you also cannot use the Microsoft Store to its full potential, so instead of installing applications or doing some other configurations. Microsoft will detect the process you are using automatically, if there is activity that is considered suspicious; then the risk is that your Microsoft account will be blocked and can no longer be used.

Computer Performance Is Not Optimal

Have you experienced why the performance of your computer or laptop is not optimal because of pirated Windows. This is what often makes your computer an error. In addition to pirated Windows, it also creates bad effects that you don’t realize, for example, the laptop often experiences blue screens, restarts itself, so that there are several applications that are not compatible.

And there are other dangers that can be experienced in using pirated Windows, which lies in the Windows update feature.

If you use pirated Windows, of course you can’t update the system regularly. Even though this Windows update is included in one of the features that must be run because using this feature you can be given various things, for example antivirus updates, bug fixes, to offer the latest features.

Data Not Guaranteed Security

In addition to providing the best and newest features for users. Microsoft will also always provide the latest updates for original Windows users, one of which is to increase security and also fix existing security holes.

But for pirated OS users, this update doesn’t exist and it’s easy to break because of weak security.

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