Why You Should Consult an IT Consultant Before Building a Computer System

IT consultant

Is it important for a company to consult an IT consultant before building a computer system? This question is often asked by most companies that just want to adapt a computer system in their office environment. The answer is clearly necessary and unnecessary, necessary if the company does not have an IT team that can handle existing IT problems. So, what made him need to consult with this IT consultant? Let’s look at the following article.

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What is an IT Consultant

An IT consultant is someone who is responsible for evaluating IT systems in a company so that they can achieve the business goals that have been set.

IT stands for Information Technology, which means everything related to computing technology such as hardware, software, network, internet, to the users who use this technology.

IT consultants have various tasks such as analyzing, diagnosing IT infrastructure, understanding client needs, implementing effective technology solutions, and many more.

Simply put, this IT Consultant broadly has duties that include assessing the performance of existing business systems, strategic planning, and implementing new systems.

In addition, this profession usually has strong analytical skills so that they are able to provide the best solution if a problem arises unexpectedly. They also have good communication skills that can understand the needs of their clients.

An IT consultant can work independently or join an IT consulting company.

IT Consultant Duties

IT consultants work for clients by providing advice related to the use of information technology to meet business goals or to solve existing problems.

IT consultants work according to their responsibilities, namely to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems within the company.

There are several types of IT consultant duties, including:

  • Have the ability to understand client needs.
  • Understand what technologies must be implemented on the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Implement IT solutions to meet business goals.
  • Planning a budget, timeline, allocating the resources needed for an IT project.
  • Solve and identify IT project problems.
  • Analyze and determine security threats that may occur.
  • Analyze the required software, hardware, and network requirements.
  • Supervise and coordinate the implementation of new technology.
  • Design, install, test and monitor new systems.
  • Train users in the use of the new system.

Get to know the 3 Components of a Computer System

A computer system is a collection of technologies that are interconnected and interact to perform computational activities, such as processing data and conveying information to users.

In fact, this computer system consists of 3 components, namely hardware, software, and brainware.

Each of these three computer components has a different role but can create a unified computer system.


Hardware is hardware in physical form. The function of the hardware is as between the user and the computer system.

There are several examples of hardware components that are often used, such as mice, keyboards, monitors, CPUs, and so on.

Hardware consists of four main parts, namely input devices, output devices, processing devices, and storage devices, along with a complete explanation:

Input devices

Input device or input device is hardware that functions as a giver of orders into the computer system.

This input device can be said to be the entry gate for data to be processed in the computer. Examples of these input devices are mice, keyboards, webcams, and scanners.

Processing devices

Processing device is a device that can process data that has been entered from the input device and will then be processed into information.

Output devices

An output device is a device that can display the resulting data from a processing device in the form of images, video and sound. These output devices include monitors, printers, speakers, headphones.

Storage devices

This internal storage is the storage part that is in a CPU which consists of a hard disk and RAM. There is also a type of external storage that can be removed and does not have to be directly in the computer hardware to be able to use it.

This external storage can be carried anywhere so that it is practical to use, examples of external storage are external hard drives, DVD discs, memory cards, and flash drives.


Software is a computer component that is invisible to the naked eye. This device consists of programs that are tasked with processing data that is in the hardware.

This software is divided into three different parts, namely:

  • software sistem
  • software aplikasi
  • software tambahan

Software Sistem

Software sistem adalah perangkat lunak yang memiliki tugas dalam mengatur komponen kompuiter secara keseluruhan.

Komponen sistem ini termasuk dalam sistem operasi atau OS contohnya adalah OS Windows 10, MAC OS, Android, dan lain sebagainya.

Software Aplikasi

Software aplikasi adalah program aplikasi yang dapat digunakan pengguna dalam menyelesaikan tugas tertentu.

Software aplikasi ini adalah program pelengkap pada komputer yang digunakan sebagai pengolahan data. 

Adapun beberapa contoh dari software aplikasi yakni web browser, aplikasi office, game, antivirus, dan masih banyak lagi.

Software Tambahan

Software tambahan disini memiliki tugas untuk menjalankan tugas-tugas khusus dalam melindungi perangkat hardware atau lain sebagainya. Misalnya data recovery, backup, screensaver, dan disk defragmenter.


Berbeda dari hardware dan software yang menjadi salah satu sistem komputer itu sendiri, dimana brainware ini adalah pengguna komputer itu sendiri.

Ya sejatinya pengguna inilah yang berwenang dalam menjalankan dan mengoperasikan sistem komputer itu sendiri. tanpa adanya pengguna maka komputer tidak dapat beroperasi secara maksimal. Contoh brainware adalah programmer, operator, sistem analis, gamer, dan lain sebagainya.

Mengapa Konsultan IT Dibutuhkan?

Berlanjut kepada jawaban dari pertanyaan pentingkan atau mengapa konsultan IT ini dibutuhkan sebelum membangun sistem komputer. Konsultan IT memang memiliki kemampuan dasar dalam melakukan tugasnya yakni memberikan masukkan, kemampuan teknis, kemampuan bisnis, berkomunikasi dengan profesional, manajemen yang baik, kemampuan analisis sistem komputer, dan hal-hal yang berkaitan seputar IT.

Kemampuan ini diperoleh IT konsultan dengan mengembang pendidikan formal serta diperkuat dengan sertifikasi yang tidak semua orang bisa mendapatkannya. Karena konsultan IT dipastikan harus dapat menguasai ilmu bisnis dan teknologi informasi secara mendalam.

Manajemen  atau urusan ilmu komputer, sistem manajemen informasi, dan ilmu informasi. Maka dari itu dengan meminta bantuan kepada konsultan IT adalah hal yang sangat bijak bagi perusahaan yang awalnya tidak memiliki kemampuan dalam mengolah teknologi informasi.

Perusahaan akan dapat meminta bantuan konsultan IT dalam hal penyegaran infrastruktur, implementasi teknologi terbaru, implementasi desain jaringan, hingga perencanaan kapasitas infrastruktur.

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