What’s the Difference Between an Intranet and Internet? Here’s the Information!

Intranet and Internet

Difference between Intranet and Internet – Internet is one of the most popular technologies in society. But have you ever heard of intranet technology? If not then you are not alone. Because we will discuss about Between an Intranet and Internet.

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Simply put, an intranet is a LAN concept that was introduced in 1995 by using the internet, in other words, this intranet is internet technology in a local network. What is the difference between internet and intranet? For more details, we refer to the following explanation.

Internet and intranet terms

There are 2 network terms that we will discuss this time, namely the internet and also the intranet. Here’s the full explanation.

Definition of Intranets

What is an intranet? Intranet is a network that uses a narrow scope. More precisely that the intranet is more private than the internet. This system was created to create a digital scope for companies to focus more on carrying out the tasks of documents, projects, tools, conversations, and all the performance of their employees.

Intranet is a portal in providing access to data needed by employees. Of course this network will be protected by a firewall and a password that can only be accessed by the company’s employees.

An example of the use of an intranet in the real world is on government internet networks, internal production which is used for internal coordination and within an organization.

The Beginning of the Intranet

Intranet originated from the invention of the WWW or World Wide Web in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee and his colleagues who started to make the trend of using personal computers as well as the internet which is increasingly popular as information technology in companies.

Intranet networks were introduced in 1995 by several service providers in the form of corporate web for the needs of customer management, productivity, communication, and sending confidential documents. The development of this technology goes hand in hand with the increasing use of the internet in the world.

Benefits of Intranets

The benefits of using an intranet network in a company include:

Easily communicating

Intranet is an effective means of communication so that coordination between company divisions can communicate with each other both horizontally and vertically.

Cost Efficiency

Ease of coordination and productivity management through a network will reduce wasted costs.

Increasing Work Productivity

As a means of sharing data, information, and work instructors to all employees. And this access can increase the work productivity of workers.

Definition of the Internet

The definition of the internet is a global network with millions of connected devices.

The concept of the internet is anyone who can access the internet using a device connected to the internet network.

Such as using laptops, computers, cellphones and including tablets.

The Internet does not have a central server that controls it.

Web devices on the network such as routers and firewalls, servers, computers will continuously communicate with each other using wireless signals and data paths.

This allows users around the world to be able to communicate.

The internet is also a network that can connect all computers around the world.

The Internet uses IP addresses to be able to distinguish between two computers.

The internet can also be used in more than one way in sharing data from one computer to another, because it uses many protocols.

This protocol will be related to the type of information and the mode that is passed by the data.

The terms internet and also the World Wide Web are often used side by side in the meaning of the internet even though the two are different.

The Beginning of the Internet

The creation of the internet was started from the desire to send and access various kinds of information using standard internet protocols. Known for the world’s largest technology network and internet protocol standards were born which were made easier by the presence of world wide web (www) services.

Initially the internet was created by researchers from the United States ARPA in 1969 who created the first computer network called the ARPANET. The ARPANET was developed continuously until in the 1980s this network was used on a campus in the United States which could only be used by certain circles.

After the launch of the standard TCP / IP protocol, the United States formed a research body that replaced the ARPANET with the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) in 1986.

Then in 1992 there was a software called Viola which was released by Pei Wei. This software can access the www service. In 1993 a computer system connected to the internet network must have a domain name and IP address in the form of a numeric symbol and a certain format as an identifier.

With this, InterNIC was established, which was established to run domain name registration services. Since then, the internet has continued to progress, making it accessible via a web browser by anyone today.

Benefits of Internet Network

The benefits of the internet network are directly proportional to the way the internet works which has many uses for the life of modern society.


The internet can provide a variety of information that everyone can need. Someone can get information by surfing the internet through a web browser, just by entering keywords.


The internet is a computer network that can be used as a means of entertainment. The internet can be used to access various forms of files ranging from text, images, videos, to sounds that can be shared and downloaded.

Economic Support Facility

The internet can open jobs and significant economic movement. For example, with the existence of e-commerce that can make it easier for users to find and buy the desired item.

Education and Culture

The internet can be a means to obtain information that has educational value. That a lot of research, books, and the like can be shared on the internet. So that everyone can download and use it as a reference.

Difference between Internet and Intranet

The differences between the internet and intranet based on their use, function and how they work include:


In terms of security, the intranet is much safer than the internet because the intranet can only be used by certain people.


If viewed from the accessibility of the internet can be accessed by anyone, while the intranet can only be accessed by members of the organization who have authority only.

Number of Users

The internet has an unlimited number of users and the intranet itself is limited.

Network Type

For this type of network, this internet does not only have one or a group of general alias organizations. And for this intranet, it includes private, namely the ownership of the intranet lies in one or more organizational groups.

Visitor Traffic

The internet has more visitor traffic while the intranet has less.

Network Used

The network used by the internet consists of many WAN, LAN, and MAN networks. As for the intranet network used, namely LAN or MAN and or WAN only.


For this type of internet connection it is slower while the connection on the intranet is faster.

Information Provided

The difference between the internet and the last intranet is that the information provided, for the internet itself is not limited and can also be seen by everyone. While the intranet is limited and circulates among the members of the company.

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