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Network Solution

In the world of computers, you definitely understand what is called a Network Solutions. On a computer network it may not be as easy as it seems, the network itself must understand very well so that a network can work properly and needs maintenance.

Maybe you already understand that a computer network cannot be separated from an office, or other organization. And if no one really understands network problems, then there is a solution where to hire services for network maintenance. One of them is Network Solutions, LCC.

Network Solution

Network Solutions, LLC is an American based technology company and a subsidiary of, the 4th largest .com domain name registrar with more than 6.7 million registrations as of August 2018.

In addition to being a domain name registrar, Network Solutions provides web services such as web hosting, website design, and online marketing, including search engine optimization and pay per click management.

Network Solution Services

What can Network Solution do? Of course there are various matters relating to networking, besides that there is much more that Network Solutions can do.

However, in general, Network Solutions is better known as a company that focuses on maintenance, installation, and as an internet network consultant and its various. As for Soho Network Solution, you can get more details read here.


As a company engaged in network services, Network Solution provides consulting services.

The benefits that can be obtained if you hire a consultant from Network Solutions are:

  1. Professional and experienced personnel in the field of networking and consulting
  2. . Consultation time is flexible and can also adjust to client time
  3. . Easy understanding from Network Solution consultants to make it easier for clients
  4. Guidance about network detailed and helpful until the client project is complete without problems.


Network Solutions can also provide various things related to network installation.

Network Solution provides network installations such as:

  • Wired

UTP Cable Installation (Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5)

UTP Cable Maintenance (Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5)

  • Wireless

Installation and Configuration of Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Routers (Access Point, Bridge, Station, WDS, Repeater)

Configuration Outdoor Wireless Radio (Point to Point, Point to Multipoint)

  • Router

Installation & Configuration of routers (Interfaces, Bandwidth Management, VPN Tunnel, firewall, DHCP, Routing, Hotspot, Bridging, Vlan, Proxy, Failover, Load Balance)

  • Switch

Installation & Configuration Switch (Interfaces, VLANs, Trunking)

  • Computer / PCPC

Installoperating system (Windows / Linux)

PC hardware & software (Windows / Linux)


Maintenance performed by Network Solution is also very reliable. With the various benefits that you can get, you can also get low prices with very good quality.

Maintenance is very necessary if you have a network. With a computer network that is always well maintained, it will be able to minimize a damage to the network and also the network can always run optimally.

What Can I Do?

Maybe there are many who ask what Network Solution does? There are actually many, such as Routing and Switching, various things related to wireless, and also VOIP.

Routing Switching

Network Solution can handle various configurations related to various types of Routing, such as:

  1. Minimal Routing is a simple routing process and is usually only used locally.
  2. Static Routing, built against a network that has many gateways. this type is only possible for small and stable networks.
  3. Dynamic Routing, usually used on networks that have more than one route. Dynamic routing requires a routing protocol to produce routing tables that can eat up computer resources.

For Switching, the network solution can be switch configuration. Unlike small networks such as home or small offices, large networks of business and enterprise scale, the urgency in the management of all the switches available on the local network is extremely important.

The need for switch configuration carried out by Network Solution is for reasons of ease of network management and for tuning needs for a better performance is a very profitable thing.


There are 2 methods used by Network Solution which can be used in distributing wireless to clients. The first is with a point to point topology and the second is point to multipoint.

Various wireless products can be configured by network solutions, so guaranteed to be very professional and guaranteed to be very satisfying results.


VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a network technology for the delivery of voice data, utilizing VOIP standards that are exactly the same as the communication process because it utilizes call routing, voice mail and contact center features.

VOIP configuration carried out by Network Solutions is indeed very profitable. With a variety of services that you can choose according to your needs, you can also get low service fees and with satisfying results from Network Solution.

Interested in Network Solution service from NetData? You can contact us here.


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