Best Quality Soho Network Solution

Soho Network Solution

There are so many kinds and types of networks that exist today. One of them that is popular is soho network (small office small office). Soho itself is a fairly simple network that certainly uses switch hardware to access broadband services for small offices such as homes. Of course this SOHO requires a proxy router, the internet and even a PC that is used as a client or server.

Actually itself is a term that refers to a business or work that can be done at home. Nowadays it is clear that mobility is getting higher and also limited in time and distance. This is what makes many people now do work at home. There are many advantages to using the Soho, such as being able to save travel time and avoid road congestion as is common in big cities.

Using Soho Network Solution is indeed the right solution to use. With a network system like SOHO, work will be easier to do at home. Even the atmosphere in the office that is usually stiff now will no longer be felt, because working at home will certainly be nice and warm because you are with your family.

Soho Network Solution services

The concept of Soho Network Solution itself is very simple, which is like the LAN type. The network will not be able to connect to networks outside the internet. Not only that, the topology of the Soho itself also applies a star topology via an ethernet or wifi connection. The devices that are important to support the Soho include a PC server. The PC server itself is a cpu-shaped device that has a function for data storage areas or application files.

In addition, the PC client and switch and wifi as well as the Mikrotik router are the main keys of the network itself. It is very important to use this Soho network, especially for those of you who are currently doing work at home. Now, not only at the office, you can do various types of work and connect with other people, but you can do it at home. Soho itself is now a very idolized and used network.

Soho Network Solution Quality

To use network services, of course, it is very important to use trusted and experienced services. This is very important and mandatory because network settings cannot be done carelessly. A good and maximum network setting is certain to be able to improve and increase your performance to the maximum and best.

It is certainly beneficial to use the network at home, work can be done without having to go to the office. Especially like now, you will also get a warm atmosphere because you are always close to family members.

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