Cloud-managed Networking Is the Future of IT

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With the shifting of the distributed workforce for cost savings, utilization of bandwidth-hungry applications, and users assessing enterprises based on their network experience, IT faces a number of new challenges. Deploying intelligent wired and wireless infrastructure and management that supports the ever-present users, applications, and people occasionally taking network access for granted is a must.

In fact, if you are dealing with this issue, ignoring cloud-managed infrastructure is like turning a blind eye to new technology. Often the challenge with moving to something new like a connected home or a cloud managed network lies in perception. Yes, solutions need to provide value, but ease of use, security and durability are clearly a concern, as NetData as an Indonesian ruijie partner provides cloud-managed convenience.

Let’s see how the cloud can help cope with today’s increasing demand for always-on networks.

Simple Setup and Support

Today, if after you have selected the wireless and wired hardware to use, you have the option of managing your network from a cloud-based solution available as a service. NetData as an Indonesian ruijie partner can help you.

Ease of use

Installing network infrastructure and maintaining it should become easier for IT. As we move to a more distributed environment, it’s no longer possible to send someone from the team a week to run the site.

Complete Security

With any cloud solution, access to the management platform is always a concern. Of course, the inherent value of the cloud is that more than one person can log in from anywhere.

Connection Resistance

When multiple IT people can log in from anywhere, it ensures that someone is always available to help when needed, regardless of location and time of day.

In Approach

The great thing about cloud managed networks is that IT and organizations have new models for building networks and delivering new services. Infrastructure deployments are faster, and IT gets better visibility and control. Don’t hesitate to get cloud-managed service from NetData as a partner of ruijie indonesia.

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