Managed Service Firewall is Important in a Company

Managed Service Firewall

Managed Service Firewall – The exchange of information through digital technology quickly and accurately is a very essential thing for companies and individuals.

Company information requires a good security to protect it from irresponsible people, unauthorized access in and out, to the destruction of server facilities that store important information.

Information security is used to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information resources within a company.

Talking about network security, it is certainly not far from the firewall that is currently being implemented by many companies with the help of managed service firewall.

What are firewalls? What is the importance of managed service firewall for companies? Let’s look at the following explanation.

The Importance Of Security In The System

The importance of security in the system is certainly related to the information in the system itself. Important information in a system that falls into the hands of other parties will certainly harm the owner of the information, both companies and individuals.

Information security consists of 3 main things, namely:

Protecting Company Data and Information

Protecting company data and information from unauthorized parties is vital.

The confidentiality aspect is an effort to protect information from people who are not entitled to access company data and information.

Privacy is more focused on data that is confidential and important. Efforts that can be made to increase privacy is to use cryptography. Cryptography is a science that studies mathematical techniques related to information security aspects such as data authentication, data integrity, and data validity.


The availability aspect relates to the method where the system checks whether the information is truly genuine or can also check that the party accessing the information is a person who has the right or not.

Watermarking or digital signature is the first method that can prove the authenticity of documents.

Watermarking can also function as intellectual property as well as signing a legal document resulting from the author’s work.

The second is related to access control, which relates to restrictions on people who can access information.

People who want to access information must be able to show that they are authorized users to access information in the system.

Absolute Information

Information must not be changed or accessed by someone who does not have permission for the information to be accessed.

In the presence of threats such as viruses, trojan horses, other users who change information without permission.

Information systems require an accurate representation of the physical system they represent.

Firewall Functions Within the Company

With regard to the privacy of information and company data, of course, it requires a network security system, namely a firewall.

Firewall Usage

Firewall is a method or mechanism that is applied to hardware, software or the system itself which aims to protect, either by filtering, limiting activities related to access to private networks from outside networks.

This system can be a server, workstation, local area network or LAN. The use of firewalls in general is intended to serve:

Machine / Computer

Each individual computer machine that is connected directly to an external network or the internet so that it can protect the information and data on the computer.

Computer network

A computer network consisting of one computer and various types of network topologies used so that it can be owned by a company or organization.

Firewall Function

As mentioned earlier that a firewall is a security system that is able to provide protection in a computer system or computer network.

As for the managed service firewall, it is a firewall application service provided by IT companies for other companies that need it.

The following is an illustration of how a firewall works.

Regulating And Controlling Traffic.

In addition to limiting access, a firewall is also able to regulate and control data traffic in a system.

In the next gen firewall or next generation firewall that has the ability to control data traffic.

Perform Authentication Against Access.

The main function of a firewall is to authenticate access by people whether it is legal or not.

Protecting Resources In Private Networks.

Protecting resources in a private or dedicated network is a required capability of a firewall.

A private network is a network that can only be accessed by network owners, either organizations or individuals with access restriction methods.    

Record All Events, And Report To Administrator

System logging or event logging is the job of the firewall so that administrators can monitor and take appropriate action if something happens.

Firewall Type

Firewalls have 4 types, including:

Personal Firewall

Personal firewall is a firewall created to protect computers connected to the network so that unwanted access will be restricted by the firewall.

This type of firewall evolved into a collection of programs that aim to secure the computer as a whole, such as: Microsoft Windows Firewall


Network firewalls are specially designed to protect the network as a whole from various attacks. Usually has two forms, namely a dedicated device or as a software installed on a server such as: Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server), Cisco PIX

IP Filtering Firewall

Is a firewall that works at the packet level.

Proxy Server

Proxy server: how the proxy server works, it is seen when the user connects to the proxy server with client software, which the proxy server will duplicate the communication.

Benefits of Managed Service Firewall

Back again to the managed service firewall which is increasingly in demand by business people who want to implement a network security system for the progress of their business.

Then is the managed service firewall profitable for companies or business people? Here are 5 advantages of managed service firewalls:

Scalability and Stay Up-to-date

Scalability is one of the advantages of managed service firewalls for your company which can improve systems without compromising performance.

In supporting business growth, of course you need to make service adjustments, either adding or subtracting services. In addition you can update the system to be done by the provider.

Guaranteed Compliance and Security

When allocating all data into the managed service firewall provider’s storage, the service provider will be responsible for minimizing the occurrence of damage or loss of important and confidential client data.

The effort is to install a firewall with the latest security system. Data backup and disaster recovery are also things that a managed service firewall considers.

More Affordable Cost

In a business, spending is a natural thing to do, especially spending on firewall implementation needs in the company.

Therefore, by using a managed service firewall, the company will be much more efficient because most of the hardware needs to the cost of employee salaries, maintenance costs can be reduced.

Improving Efficiency and Competitiveness

With proper analysis and development, the services provided are in accordance with the client’s needs. In addition, new technology will increase company efficiency.

Providers sometimes collect existing systems so that there is no need to rebuild the system from scratch in other words the efficiency of existing resources.

With managed services you will not experience downtime anymore which will not interfere with company activities.

Stay Focused on Achieving Business Goals

Limited resources in a business certainly determine the success of your business. Although the company has staff with good performance but not supported by adequate infrastructure, the resulting performance is not optimal.

Therefore, a managed service firewall can solve your complex network security problems. Then your staff will be more focused on carrying out work and development on the business side.


The conclusion from the managed service firewall review above, we know that startup companies, middle to lower classes will need network security that is able to protect company data and information.

Therefore, the existence of a managed service firewall will greatly assist companies in having a network security system that is stronger and according to needs.

Instead of creating a network infrastructure from scratch, it will be more efficient to use a managed service firewall.

In Indonesia, there are probably many companies that provide managed service firewall services. However, one of the IT companies that provides a trusted managed service firewall is NetData.

To get more information about managed service firewall from NetData, you can visit the website.


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