How Does CCTV Work?


CCTV – Surveillance camera systems are now something that we often find in various places such as in companies, schools, to private homes.

Maybe some people are still curious about how it works and what are the tips for choosing CCTV according to their needs. Let’s look at the following reviews.

What is CCTV

Before discussing how it works we need to discuss what CCTV is first. CCTV is a network of one or more surveillance cameras that transmit video and audio data to a specific location.

The image will be sent to a specific recording and storage location. Cameras capturing images are called recording devices, while monitoring is a basic component of a video camera surveillance system.

CCTV itself is an abbreviation of the word closed circuit television, meaning that it uses signals that are closed or secret, unlike ordinary television which captures broadcast signals. Usually installed in several places such as airports, military, offices, factories, and shops.


CCTV is divided into several types and types, what are the types? Let’s look at the following:

Indoor Static IP Camera

An IP camera is a smart camera that can be seen from the recording via an internet connection to a smartphone and vice versa and voice from a smartphone.

IP Camera Static Outdoor

Smart outdoor static IP camera is a smart camera that has the same features as indoor IP cameras that are equipped with night vision which makes monitoring at night.

Indoor PTZ IP Camera

PTZ camera is a camera that is equipped with a night vision mode with full HD recording resolution and sends images directly to a smartphone which is equipped with a rotating feature of up to 360 degrees and tilt of up to 60 degrees, which is wider and freer in monitoring.

How CCTV Works

Talking about how CCTV works, it is divided into 3 types, including:

  • How IP CCTV Works

This IP CCTV utilizes IP or internet protocol. So that it can directly send signals into the network with category 5/6 to the network video recorder, which is commonly called an NVR.

The NVR is similar to the DVR except that it is located on the HDD for the video recording system and output in the form of VGA or HDMI which is centralized remotely but is more sophisticated and produces high-quality recordings.

  • How Analog CCTV Works

The working principle of analog CCTV cameras is to send signals into digital video devices using BNC cables.

Video recording results can be stored in more than 1 HDD or storage area. That way the system also supports VGA or HDMI output. Both of these outputs allow the monitoring process to be done centrally through the monitor screen.

  • How Wireless IP CCTV Works

The way this wireless IP CCTV system works is the same as the previous CCTV system but without using cables that are easy to configure. For video recording results are usually directly stored in the micro SD memory.

Tips for Choosing CCTV as Needed

That’s the way it works that we already know, so if you want to buy it then you need to know a few things that suit your needs, including:

  • Prepare the place for installation

To install it, you need to know your needs in advance, for example for a business or home area to monitor the safety of the surrounding environment.

Determine strategic places to install it, for example in the front area of ​​the entrance and exit of people into your home or business.

If you are confused, you can ask a seller who is more experienced in knowing which area is right for you.

For indoor places you can choose a special one for indoors with a wide range, while for outdoor you can usually record images with minimal lighting thanks to the night vision and infrared features.

  • Camera Installation

In camera installation, it is necessary to test preparation to ensure this device is working properly or not, such as cables, cameras, and DVRs that really work properly.

After choosing a strategic place, you can install it in a high place such as a wall ceiling or for outdoor CCTV you place it in a high place at least 3 meters to avoid human reach. For more details, pay attention to the following:

  • Place the support in the place you have chosen.
  • Make a mark on the spot with a marker or nail.
  • Make holes with a drill as a place for screws.
  • Hammer to place the molding pin in the drilled place.
  • Position the screws where you want them and attach the assembly to the wall.
  • Mount the camera by adjusting the predetermined angle and direction.
  • If the CCTV camera is installed properly, then it’s time to connect other supporting devices such as DVR to BNC cable to be able to connect properly.
  • Camera Resolution

CCTV cameras have different types of resolution qualities, such as HD or TVL quality.

This selection is also adjusted to the needs and available budget so that the camera runs effectively.

If you want to install good quality then at least you choose a full HD resolution aka 1080p. there are also types of TVL that are not inferior in resolution to HD resolutions such as 600 TVL.

  • DVR Placement

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, which is an important device whose function is to record CCTV camera images.

For home use, the DVR is usually placed in the owner’s bedroom or in other places that may be far from public reach.

CCTV price

The price is usually determined by how well-known the manufacturer’s brand that produces the product is and what equipment is provided in one purchase package, such as a camera, DVR, cabling, and data storage.

For prices ranging from Rp. 180 thousand to tens of millions of rupiah depending on the number of cameras and the quality of the CCTV device itself.

CCTV Buy Recommendation

From an explanation of how it works to tips on how to choose, it might make you even more determined to install CCTV for your home or place of business.

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