Mikrotik VS Cisco Router, Which is Superior?

Mikrotik VS Cisco Router

Mikrotik VS Cisco Router – The need for digital business is inseparable from the use of a fast and stable internet network. Currently, business actors in implementing a network in their company must be confused about which network product to choose between Mikrotik or Cisco.

Both of these network products are well known for their quality and credibility in the world. So what’s the difference between Mikrotik VS Cisco Router? let’s look at the following review:


The first comparison between Mikrotik vs Cisco routers, we will discuss Mikrotik first.

Mikrotik is short for mikrotikls. It means “small network”. Is a small company based in Latvia, founded by John Trully and Arnis Riekstins.

What is Mikrotik?

What is Mikrotik? First we need to know that Mikrotik RouterOS is an operating system and software capable of acting as a Router, Bridge, Firewall, Bandwidth Management, Wireless AP & Client and many other functions.

RouterOS can perform almost all networking functions as well as some server functions. Mikrotik consists of two types, namely the operating system and routerboard.

Why Mikrotik

After knowing the meaning of Mikrotik, then what makes this Mikrotik your best choice?.

  1. With Mikrotik you can block various sites that contain prohibited content using the proxy provided in Mikrotik so that you directly support government programs, namely positive internet.
  2. Mikrotik can be configured into a LAN using a PC Mikrotik router OS along with very low hardware.

Mikrotik Type

Type Mikrotik Cloud Core Router 1072-IG-8S+

Cloud core routers are one of the most powerful router types. This type of use is longer and heavier than other types. Here are the specifications for the Cloud Core Router 1072-IG-8S+.

  • Equipped with Tilera Tile-Gx 72/72 core @1 Ghz prosesor processor
  • Equipped with traffic up to 80 Gbps throughput capability
  • 8 SFP+10G ports available
  • Equipped with 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and connected to the CPU
  • Supported by Redundant PSU which strengthens the network for 24 hours non-stop
  • Equipped with USB, microSD, microSD, smart card and M.2 Slot
  • There are 3 variants of CCR 36 core, 16 core and 9 coreTipe Mikrotik RB 900 Series

The type of the RB 900 series is included in the ranks of Mikrotik which is widely used in Indonesia. This type has a large signal beam. This type is also equipped with fairly complete specifications, including access points. Here are the specifications:

  • Available in 4 routerboard variants
  • Comes with 1GB ethernet
  • Onboard 802.11 n wireless supported
  • Very large transmit power
  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz versions available as well as Access Point and CPE
  • Routerboard equipped with USB port, sim card slot, mini express slotJenis Mikrotik RB 450/ RB 850

One type of routerboard that is quite well known is the RB 450/ RB 850. This type is suitable for SOHO networks. In addition, the advantage of using this type is that it can be activated on ports 2-5 which are equipped with a switch feature. Here are the specifications:

  • Already equipped with 5 ethernet ports
  • Equipped with a switch chip on the RB 450
  • Suitable for SOHO network
  • There is a G variant with a large processor and RAM
  • Supported 5 GB ethernet and microSD slot
  • Enter into router OS at level 5Harga Mikrotik  

Routerboard prices in the market may be said to be not too expensive, for example the RouterBoard RB750 ranges from Rp. 600 thousand to Rp. 700 thousand only.

Advantages of Mikrotik

  • Turn a cheap PC into a sophisticated router.Periodic updates.
  • Rich in features.
  • A light and consistent interface.
  • There are many ways to unlock and control.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Can upgrade hardware.
  • Many alternative interfaces that can be used.Cisco Router

Next is the Cisco router, Cisco itself is a router designed with the latest technology that is able to send data with high speed and credibility.. 

What is Cisco Router?

Cisco routers use fast CPUs or processors so they can process data traffic quickly.

Like a Cisco router computer, it also has a number of types of ROM, RAM, NVRAM and FLASH memory that are useful for helping the processor work.

Why Cisco Router

Cisco routers have software called packet trace which is useful as teaching material for people who want to learn about the world of networking.

Talking about the Cisco router network is also one of the network devices in it. So, technologically, Cisco designed its routers to be more sophisticated, flexible, and able to adapt to large networks.

Types of Cisco Routers


  • Cisco router 700 series
  • Cisco router 801-804
  • Cisco router 805
  • Cisco routers 811 and 813
  • Cisco router 827
  • Cisco routers 1000 series
  • Cisco router 2000 series
  • Cisco routers 2500 series
  • Cisco routers 3000 series


  • Cisco routers 1600 series
  • Cisco routers 1720 and 1750
  • Cisco routers 2500 series Cisco routers 3000 series
  • Cisco routers 2600 series
  • Cisco routers 3600 series
  • Cisco routers 4000 series


  • Cisco router 7000 series, for enterprise
  • Cisco routers 10000 and 12000 series, for enterpriseHarga Cisco Router?

Talking about the price of the Cisco router itself, it ranges from Rp. 170,000 – Rp. 1,100,000. The price of this Cisco router is based on the price in Indonesian e-commerce that sells various Cisco router products from Cisco authorized distributors or partners.

Cisco Router Advantages

  1. First High performance, The advantages of the first Cisco router are high performance accompanied by versatile processing of the processor or VIP interface and distribution of Cisco express forwarding or dCEF and the system capacity can exceed two million packets per second.
  2. Both have dense and flexible ports, Routers with many ports are suitable for building LANs and WANs so as to reduce the usual per port and flexible configuration.
  3. Continuous Cisco IOS support
  4. Has high availability
  5. Lastly Reduce customer downtime and increase customer loyalty

Mikrotik VS Cisco Router Mana yang Lebih Unggul?

The question arises which router is superior to Mikrotik vs Cisco router. From the Cisco side, the router has a complete and sophisticated series, but the more sophisticated it is, the more expensive it will be.

Judging from its function, Cisco functions as a liaison between two or more networks to forward data from one network to another.

Routers have similar parts to PCs. While the function of Cisco is a large-scale and small-scale network. Judging from the price, the proxy router may be cheaper than the Cisco router.

Meanwhile, from its use, Mikrotik is suitable for lower-middle businesses. Meanwhile, companies with medium to high scalability are suitable for using Cisco.


Which one is better? Maybe it can be determined by what you need. If you have a medium to lower company then you should use Mikrotik.

But if you have a large company let alone have branches then Cisco is the right answer for you.


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