Know What is a CEMS Analyzer and its Functions

CEMS Analyzer

Knowing the CEMS analyzer is our effort to understand the meaning and function of the CEMS analyzer.

In today’s digital business era, many offline industries are turning to online industries. In this way, factory-based industries usually start their business by using various sophisticated and digital-based equipment, such as CEMS.

What is CEMS? Therefore, in this article, we will focus more on discussing the CEMS analyzer, the price of this tool, and where to sell quality tools in Indonesia.

What is a CEMS Analyzer?

CEMS or Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems is a device for monitoring the flow of exhaust gases, pollution, or particles produced by combustion from industrial processes.

It is capable of measuring exhaust gases such as oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to provide information for combustion control in industrial configurations.

In addition to industrial configurations based on logistics production, there are also industries based on coal-fired power plants and also steam power which produce the most air pollution from the combustion of industrial processes.

By using this product, you can monitor and supervise your own emission sources that can be installed in emission drains such as chimneys, sewage treatment and industrial processes.

Here are some industries that are required to use this product:

  1. Iron and steel smelting
  2. Pulp and/or Paper
  3. Rayon
  4. Carbon Black
  5. Oil and gas
  6. Mining
  7. Thermal Waste Treatment
  8. Cement
  9. Thermal Power Plant
  10. Fertilizer and Ammonium Nitrate.

CEMS analyzer has the ability to monitor the amount of air pollutants from fixed sources such as chimneys, power plants, SO2, NO, NO2, O2, HCL, HF, H2O and so on.

Reporting results from gas emission measurements can also be sent online via networks such as PSTN, GPRS, CDMA or others to the company through remote monitoring.

CEMS Analyzer Functions

The following are the functions of the CEMS analyzer:

  • Monitoring exhaust gases, pollutants, combustion processes and emission processes.
  • As a security system, real sampling, resulting in precise analysis, configuration and selection of the best.
  • Reporting total pollutants in real time and online.
  • Memiliki tingkat fungsi yang tinggi dalam melakukan analisis perawatan sistem.

CEMS Analyzer Price

In the sale of this CEMS analyzer tool, it can be done in a set or retail, the important thing is that it is in the same brand.

Each brand has its own features and quality depending on its function and role.

For those of you who need a product with a certain brand or just want to see what the market price is, you can see it at

Why Use CEMS Analyzer?

So what is the use of this CEMS analyzer for industry other than as a measure of exhaust emissions? Let’s look at some of the following explanations:

With CEMS, it is automatically able to remove dust, calibrate, diagnose faults and there is also an alarm that can notify everyone in the industrial environment.

The shape of this product is also included in the modular category which can simplify the cabinet system and simple operation so that it saves maintenance costs.

There is a filter or emission filter that is large and easy to replace.

This product is also effective waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, and anti-clogging.

Have PLC with higher system stability and reliability.

Equipped with sensors with micro NDIR technology and UV technology that are able to carry out measurements with a higher level of resolution accuracy and precision.

CEMS also has an accurate laser gas analysis system capable of measuring HCL, HF, H20.COMPONENTS zat substances

Where to Buy a CEMS Analyzer?

Previously, we discussed that this product can be purchased at one of the IT companies, namely

NetData itself, in addition to providing a variety of quality IT equipment, also collaborates with world-renowned product development partners who have the best quality and service.

NetData offers a variety of pollutant emission monitoring solutions that utilize information technology and a combination of the latest reliable analyzer technologies.

The Ministry of Environment and Environment has also noticed the importance of CEMS analyzers for industry, which requires the establishment of a Continuous Industrial Emissions Monitoring Information System or SISPEK.

To support the SISPEK government program, NetData provides a variety of product solutions that meet KLHK standards and provide support during use.


That’s our discussion about the CEMS analyzer which we can conclude that it is important to monitor the pollutant emissions of exhaust gases from industrial processes to control pollutant levels in order to protect the environment.

If you are interested in installing a CEMS analyzer, you can contact as a solution provider for monitoring gas emissions while meeting KLHK standards with an integrated SISPEK system.


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