What is the Main Function of KWH Meter

Function of KWH Meter – The need for electricity use in everyday life from year to year will definitely increase along with the development of residential areas in the country. The use of KWH meter to flow electricity from PLN to residents’ homes.

PLN (State Electricity Company) is the sole electricity provider in Indonesia that will distribute electricity to residents’ homes with a Kwh size system.

This tool itself is a tool used to measure electrical power for the use of family needs. For more details, we will discuss what this tool is, what does it do? let’s look at the following.

KWH Meter is

Kwh meter or Kilo Watt per Hour meter is a measure to measure how much you use electrical energy in watts per hour.

If we look at the electricity meter it will list how many watts of electricity you use daily so that at the end of the month it will be checked for how many KWH bills you use.

This tool is used to measure and monitor monthly usage, while on a prepaid electricity meter, you can replace it first and then use the token system.

KWH Meter Function

The function of this tool is to measure daily to monthly usage so that when you pay the electricity bill according to your usage. The following are some of the functions of this tool in general:

  • Can calculate the amount of electrical energy a certain period has been used.
  • The electrical power limiter used by the customer is based on the installation contract.
  • Serves as a switch to turn off electricity to customers who are detected using improper or short circuits or when repairing power lines.

Pictures of KWH Meters, look for some reference images

kwh meter

The picture above is a prepaid image that already uses the token system. You can top up tokens via the button on the device and receive tokens according to the nominal kwh you bought.


The picture above is an analog meter that is usually the most widely used by old housing. The system above is postpaid or paying the electricity bill at the end of the month.

Types of KWH Meters

Currently there are various kinds of KWH meters, including:

Digital KWH Meter

This type of tool is an electricity meter that already uses digital technology as its meter counter by displaying it on an LCD screen.

kwh meter

Where this tool is more accurate and more efficient in taking measurements compared to the analog one.

Analog KWH Meter

This product is the most widely used type in Indonesia from the past. Usually, those who still use analogues are houses in rural areas.

kwh meter

KWH Meter 1 Phase

Kwh meter 1 phase is a type of meter that measures the electrical network that uses 2 conducting wires as a phase wire and the second is a neutral wire. Usually this single phase electricity is most widely used in Indonesia with a voltage between 220 to 240 volts.

KWH Meter 3 Phase

Unlike the 1-phase kWh meter, this 3-phase is an electrical network that uses three phase wires R, S, T and one neutral wire or often referred to as ground.

Usually this 3 phase electricity has a voltage of up to 380 volts used by industry or factories.

Prepaid KWH Meter

Previously, we discussed a little about payment using a token or pulse system. This prepaid electricity is also known as smart electricity, where customers can control electricity consumption independently.

The prepaid electricity meter is digital and there are buttons to enter the electricity pulse code that you buy at shops that sell tokens.

Price of KWH Meter

If you possibly have a meter at home that is damaged or you need a new meter, you can buy it online, namely at NetData.id, with product prices that vary and are certainly affordable.

KWH Meter Installation

In installation at home, you should already have this tool and have also registered for electricity installation to the nearest PLN so that you can connect electricity from an existing power source.

The first way to install this tool is to install two black twist cables, namely a positive or phase cable with a negative or neutral cable from a low-voltage network power pole to your home, which is carried out by PLN officers.

If the cable from the PLN electricity pole is already connected to the house, then you can install the meter by connecting the positive phase cable to the TR input electric current of this tool.

Then, the connection is continued to the TR input of the MCB, from the MCS the positive cable into the house in the form of a NYM cable which will later become a light cable, electrical switch in the house.

The negative or neutral wire from the input will be connected to kwh of electricity and output in the form of output that your home uses.

Then the last cable, namely the grounding cable, will be installed on the ground, will be forwarded into the house using the yellow NYM cable.

This grounding or grounding cable will be connected to an electrical outlet in the house, the function of the grounding cable itself is to eliminate the shock that usually occurs in electronic equipment such as computers, TVs, or refrigerators.

Buy KWH Meter

It has been discussed previously that we can buy this product at NetData.id at a price that can compete with other stores.

NetData is an IT company that provides various IT solutions as well as your electricity needs including providing products from various brands with the latest technology, namely digital and postpaid.

NetData also provides services to manage your various IT problems by providing professional staff and providing satisfactory after service.


At the end of this article, we can draw conclusions from our discussion above, apart from being a measure of our electricity consumption, we can also use it as a full controller for disconnection of electricity if there is a power line in the house to be repaired.

And maybe from some of the things that we can discuss above, you also need to know where the place that sells quality and reliable tools like NetData.id is. Enough of our discussion this time about the kwh meter, hopefully it will be useful.


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