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Today’s modern era demands that all business people, both individuals and corporate networks, have to update their IT technology for Network Performance Problem. IT technology will certainly provide an ease in doing business and also simplify the operational process.

One of the IT technology that must be applied, especially for companies, is the network within the company. Networking in the IT world itself is connecting all computers within a certain scope.

For example, a company with overseas branches would be better off having a WAN network that could connect the central company with branch companies. The advantage is of course that sending company data is safer from irresponsible people.

Then are there no drawbacks? Of course all technologies have shortcomings and obstacles to their application. Now in this article, we will focus more on discussing what problems often arise in implementing networks in companies.

Problems That Often Appear

Computer networks can provide enormous benefits in supporting human activities both for socializing and for business purposes.

Every technology, including computer networks, certainly has advantages and disadvantages in its application.

The following are shortcomings or problems that often arise in the application of computer networks, especially for business purposes.

Devices that do not work

Network devices are objects that cannot be used to build a network. If the network device is working properly, the network will be smooth to use. 

But what happens if the network device doesn’t work properly or doesn’t function at all or is damaged, of course the network that is built cannot be used.

Then how can we solve the malfunctioning device IT technology? The answer is to use a monitoring tool.

What is a monitoring tool? This device functions as a monitor and detects any malfunctioning devices.

So that network technicians can immediately know which tools need to be repaired or need to be replaced with new ones.

Poorly Configured Network Devices

Apart from problematic devices, the configuration of these devices also affects the performance in the network that you create.

Every network device that is installed, of course, we must first test whether the device is working properly.

If you already know which configuration is not working properly, we can reconfigure it. Want to know about an aruba access point product for a better corporate network? you can check the details here yes.

Bandwidth Usage that Exceeds the Limit

Bandwidth that exceeds the limit is a common constraint due to the large number of users.

Then there are also devices or users that eat up very large bandwidth so that other devices don’t get it.

The trick is we can monitor which devices are using up bandwidth and optimize usage so as not to disturb other networks too much.

NetworkFailure The

Device Failure of this IT technology network device can be due to various things, such as failure of the computer LAN card, failure of the switch device, to failure of the main switch or hub.

The solution is to replace the LAN card with a new LAN card.

Cannot Share Data

The function of the network is to share data with fellow computers connected to the network.

There are problems that arise such as not being able to share data with fellow computers. This can be caused by several things, such as the sharing option is still in disabled mode so that we cannot share.

You do this by opening Network> Internet Access in the desktop menu. Then right click Network> Open Network and Sharing Center. Select turn on file and printer sharing mode> Save Changes.

Network Cable Failure

The most common problem is the disconnection of the network cable, which is definitely unable to transmit data to other computers.

This broken cable can be located anywhere, for example in the part between switches so that one network is completely paralyzed. Want to know the global network today? you can check the details here yes.

Damage to NetworkConnectors

Cables andCables and connectors are the connecting media between computers in a network. There are three types of cables used in LAN networks: 

  • UTP cable with RJ45 connector.

UTP cable with RJ45 connector must be installed properly and not loose, as for installation errors until the cable breaks.

We can see if the indicator light is not on on the network or on the Hub / Switch. But this network rarely goes wrong because it uses parallel circuits.

  • Coaxial Cable with BNC Connectors Coaxial

cables are actually being abandoned because they have speeds that are not as fast as fiber optic cables.

These cables also often experience interference such as loose connectors, open cables, resistors on terminating connectors, and short cables.

  • Fiber Optic Cables with SC and ST Connectors

Interference with fiber optic cables is actually very rare, but if it does occur it will still require special handling for network maintenance.

If there is damage to the cables or connectors, we must replace all cables and connectors with new ones.

Interference at Hub / Switch

Hub or switch is a data signal sharing terminal in the form of a network card. If the hub or switch is disrupted, the network can be completely paralyzed.

Damage to the switch can be seen in the lamp indicator, usually if there is damage the indicator will turn off. 

The solution with this dead switch or hub is to use a new switch or can be serviced in a place that is skilled in handling switches or hubs.


Viruses have become commonplace to make our heads dizzy because they can damage existing computer systems. Viruses can also disrupt the network by consuming the existing bandwidth so that it becomes slow.

The solution to warding off this virus is by thickening antivirus security defenses on the server computer to the client computer.

System Failures System

failures usually occur due to problems with the DHCP server unable to provide IP addresses to clients.

In addition, it could also be caused by your Directory Services system so that the client cannot connect to the network. Another cause is a problem with registering names in your DNS system.


Network problems that you may experience are intermittent connections. This is usually the result of a decreased telephone network.

The solution is to have all your house wiring checked or call an authorized telephone company.

Problems with Network Connection

Problems with Network Connection exist with empty IP numbers, gateways, and others. 

This can include a standing network connected to it and still being able to open network information via IPX / SPX / NetBIOS, but no IP number has the effect of dead internet access.

Computer Not Detected By Other Computer

This problem often occurs due to the address in use and an empty IP. The solution is to change the IP address so that it can be detected by other computers. 

Or by checking whether your computer can connect with other people’s computers. The trick is to click Start> type “ping IP address”. 

When you see Reply From…. (Another computer’s IP address), it means that your computers are well connected. But unless you see Request Time Out, then your computer cannot connect with other computers.

Slow Connection

Problems that occur on a slow connection computer network are usually caused by the number of computers connected to one network.

Or it could also be caused by client activity that is busy downloading or uploading malware which can eat up bandwidth.

The solution is to update the antivirus, use bandwidth management, or anti spyware.

If you still can’t, you can add bandwidth speeds to use a lightweight browser.

Managed Service Enterprise Network Solutions

For companies that want to use a network within the company, it is certainly not an easy thing.

Nowadays, there is a very modern era where many IT companies offer managed services to help IT problems in all lines of business.

What is managed service? Manage service is a service provided by other companies that can support your company in terms of management, supervision, and maintenance of company performance using managed services. 

This managed service applies in various business fields, especially in the IT sector, which is the demand of every company to continue to exist in today’s digital competitive era.

Netdata Service for Companies

NetData as the best management service provider in Indonesia provides comprehensive services for every IT need in your company. By preparing professional IT staff who are ready to help manage, supervise and maintain your network.

The benefits of NetData service for companies are:

  • More Affordable Maintenance Costs The

the cost of maintaining devices will be much more economical if you use a managed service that provides IT expert staff who are ready to help you.

  • Improve Efficiency

Manage service will handle all your IT needs including in terms of adding services to customers in order to increase efficiency.

  • Guaranteed Data Security

Although all IT needs are handled by other companies. Company data will remain confidential and stored in a special storage area so that companies can access it easily and quickly.

  • Always Get Updates

Yes, every existing IT device will always be updated to get better performance.

  • Can Increase Business Focus

As a user of managed services, you no longer need to worry about technology, especially in the IT field. And also you can focus more on developing your business to be more advanced.

That is the discussion of network performance problems in a company and also solutions to using service management services that can help your company progress. Interested in the company’s network services from NetData? you can call we are here yes.


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