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IT Maintenance Services – IT technology is currently widely applied by various companies and industries for various needs. One of the most important needs is to provide network installations to build communication and share data. To be able to use a stable network installation, special care is needed from expert staff. Eitsss, if you need services for maintenance of IT devices and networks, you can click the button below right away! Free consultation!

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However, some companies prefer to hire IT services for network installation to reduce higher costs.

Now specifically in this article we will discuss in more detail about IT maintenance services for companies, let’s look at the following explanation.

Let’s Discuss IT Infrastructure

In building information technology in a company, it certainly requires the development of the IT infrastructure itself and is included in IT maintenance services. There are several components that need to be considered in building the information system along with the explanation.

Definition of IT Infrastructure

In understanding what IT maintenance services are needed, knowledge of IT infrastructure is needed. IT infrastructure is a technology service where the technology provides a platform to support the work of a system or organization. This infrastructure has a number of services that can be used by users such as:

  • Services for software or applications.
  • Communication services between users with voice, images, data and video.
  • Services for analyzing corporate data and managing it.
  • IT management services that work in planning and developing the internet.
  • Information technology infrastructure development services.
  • The service implements standard information technology policies.
  • Computing services related to employees and customers.

In an information technology infrastructure there are several main components that need to be known in understanding IT maintenance services, including:

  • Computer software platform
  • Computer hardware platforms
  • Data management and storage.
  • Information system platforms
  • System integration consulting
  • Internet platforms
  • Platform jaringan telekomunikasi

Types of IT Infrastructure Based on Work Area

The various types of IT infrastructure based on their work area are divided into three parts, namely:

Local Area Network(LAN)

Lan or local area network is a network that connects several computers that are commonly used within a company or organization. This IT maintenance service serves maintenance in a LAN network.

Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)

This information technology connects networks between offices but in the same city area. Usually this MAN requires IT maintenance services to run smoothly without worrying about errors.

Wide Area Network(WAN)

WAN is a network that has a computing system that spans networks between countries and continents.

Types of IT Infrastructure Based on the System

For the type of IT infrastructure in IT maintenance services, based on the system, it is also divided into three, including:


This software or software is a component that has no form or is invisible. This device consists of applications or programs that have the task of processing data that is in the hardware.

Software or software is a component that has no form, alias is invisible. This type of device consists of a program whose job is to process data that has been entered into the hardware.


Hardware is physical hardware. This hardware can be operated directly and functions as a liaison between the user and the computer system. There are several hardware components such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, RAM, and many more.

There are several types of hardware that are divided into four, namely input devices, output devices, processing devices, and storage devices.


Brainware is the user of the computer itself. Which user has the authority to run and operate the computer. If there are no users, the computer cannot operate optimally. These brainware are programmers, system analysts, operators and administrators.

Benefits of Using IT Infrastructure

The benefits of using IT infrastructure in IT maintenance services are as follows:

  • Makes it easy to find information, especially in the fields of education, health, business, and so on.
  • Can open up new business opportunities.
  • Facilitate marketing of merchandise to be sold online.
  • Reduce marketing costs by updating online.
  • Facilitate the public who need the required hospital information.
  • Facilitate the learning process between teachers and students.

IT Infrastructure Components

In an IT maintenance service usually also offers various components of a complete IT infrastructure. Yes, of course, in IT infrastructure, there will be several components needed to run properly, such as a data center. The following are some of the IT infrastructure components that are distinguished between components inside the data center and outside the data center:

Data Center

The data center or data center within the company has a very important role as an infrastructure that can support data operational business processes. In addition, the data center can also function as a data protection center from various threats, either natural disasters or other unwanted disasters that occur on local servers. So that’s why most companies now use IT maintenance services to save costs.


This server is part of the data center itself which is used as a storage place for stored data and information.

Storage System

This storage system acts as a storage medium for various kinds of data available on a computer device which at a certain time will be opened and managed again on the device.

Network Device

In IT maintenance services, usually the main priority is the internet connection and the company’s internal network. Internet network connection for the data center is required to be stable and fast.

This is because the data center is the center of all information and data, so this internet network connection must work stably and well.

Special Network Equipment

As a data center, it must have special network equipment so that data centers may not be combined with other networks in order to maintain the privacy and security of the servers in it.

Outside the Data Center

IT infrastructure outside the data center includes equipment that can support IT infrastructure in the data center itself such as optical cables, satellites, space antennas, and so on.

Optical Cable

Optical cable is a type of cable that functions to convert electricity into light and flow it from one point to another. The function of this optical cable is usually to transmit data at high speed over long distances.


Satellite is used as a medium for communication transmission. This satellite can also forward signals sent from the earth and sent from one point to another.

Space Antenna

This space antenna or also called a full motion antenna has the ability to receive two frequencies, namely the S and X band frequencies and can transmit on the S-band frequency.


Router is a physical internet network device designed to receive, analyze, and forward data packets to computer networks between servers and clients.


The aggregator here can take the form of a router or switch that functions to monitor data outside the data center.


A repeater is a network device needed to amplify the signal sent so that it can be forwarded to other computers on the internal network.

Load Balancing

The load balancer serves as the single point of contact for clients. This load balancer distributes incoming data traffic from multiple targets to the data center.

IT Infrastructure Functions

With IT maintenance services, it has an IT infrastructure function that has the function of manipulating and processing the words needed to create documents or to summarize something. For example: Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, and Lotus Word pro

The following are six functions of IT maintenance services in IT infrastructure, including:


Capturing is intended as an input for data to be entered, for example, receiving input from a mouse, keyboard, mic, and so on.


Process the entered data and then turn it into information. Processing can be in the form of conversion, analyzing, and calculating calculations.


What is meant by producing is organizing information into a useful form or report that can be understood by others. Examples are tables, graphs, images, and reports.


Recording and storing data in a medium that can be used for other uses. For example, saving to a hard disk, tape, flash drive, and so on.


Retrieving information that has been stored, for example looking for sales data that is already in the previous data storage.


Sending data and information from one location to another via a computer network. For example by sending sales data from user A to other users.

How to Maintain an IT Security System

IT system security must be carried out thoroughly and really understand 100% without exception. Having a thorough understanding of the security system will make the network infrastructure more secure and not easily penetrated by irresponsible parties.

Therefore, there are several ways to maintain an IT security system. Here are the ways:

Using Strong Passwords

Make sure you, your staff, volunteers and anyone else involved in your operations use strong passwords – including smartphones, laptops, tablets, email accounts and computers.

Designing a Secure System

To consider the security and reliability of the system, we must look at the various risk factors. When designing system reliability, we must keep in mind that one day the system will fail. When designing system security, we must keep in mind that one day the system may be attacked and hacked.

While both are extremely important, there is still a tradeoff between security and reliability.

Have Basic Knowledge of IT

To be able to understand and form a secure IT network, of course, one way is to have a very strong basic knowledge of IT. This basic knowledge is very important because by understanding the basic understanding, it will easily understand other cases which are the development of this basic knowledge.

Avoiding Dangerous Links While Browsing

Usually a site displays a link which, if clicked, will take the user to a page on another site. To prevent this, you can place the cursor right on the link without clicking on it.

Usually you will find a preview link on the bottom right of the screen or the bottom left of the screen. The preview link shows you which site you will be redirected to if you click on the link. thus, you can already consider the link is safe or not.

Don’t open random incoming e-mails

Educate yourself and the people who work for you about how to recognize suspicious emails. Checking for obvious signs such as bad grammar, requests for immediate action, and requests for payment will help you avoid being caught. If it looks suspicious, don’t believe it – and warn your staff not to believe it either.

Not Providing Easily About Personal Information

You should limit who has access to your IT systems and premises – you cannot let just anyone in unaccompanied as this will make your system vulnerable. The fewer people who have access, the better. Visitors must be clearly identifiable.

Make sure you limit IT access to people who work for you, if possible. If someone leaves your company, or if they are not available for an extended period, you may want to consider suspending their access to your system.

Using Antivirus

Antivirus always on is the most appropriate way to keep IT security systems. This antivirus will always scan for various kinds of threats that can come to your computer, be it when you are browsing or downloading something. Here, users rarely use antivirus, so IT maintenance services will install the best antivirus for your network security.

Using SSL

SSL is a security protocol. All browsers have the ability to interact with server sites safely, for example using the SSL protocol. However, the browser and server need a certificate for the security of the connection.

Using Official Software

To avoid data theft or malware, you can use officially purchased software. Sometimes, software obtained by cracking is not safe at all. There are loopholes where hackers or nosy people can hack your PC due to the use of unofficial software. And software that is used unofficially does not get regular updates and of course reduces data security on the network.

Using Cloud Computing

Basically, cloud security has the goal of providing a maximum sense of security to its users. So they won’t worry about losing knowledge because it’s damaged, stolen or deleted by hackers.

As an online entrepreneur, it’s probably time for you to implement a similar system today.

IT Maintenance Services from Netdata

The need for IT maintenance for various companies and agencies is of particular concern. Good system security will certainly make devices running on the network safer and protected from various kinds of viruses and other unwanted threats.

IT is the main support for the company’s business wheel, for that we need a quality and reliable professional management.

Are you looking for IT maintenance services? You can entrust it to NetData which provides IT Service, IT Support, IT Consultants in the field of information technology at low cost and quality.

What is the process for IT maintenance services from Netdata

For convenience, data security, and effectiveness in work related to a PC, a PC that is stable and easy to mobilize an application is needed. Not only that, the PC and network maintenance services that NetData provides include maintaining data security in disk drives from damage and PC viruses and trojans.

For the process, NetData has specific and professional procedures to do it, namely by:

IT Infrastructure Management Process Analysis

IT infrastructure management represents itself in many ways, one of which comes from monitoring viruses to surveying equipment to indicate when an upgrade is imminent. The goal of IT infrastructure management is to achieve the effectiveness of total IT systems, policies, data, human resources, equipment and more.

NetData will first carry out an infrastructure management analysis process that is carried out by a professional workforce.

Designing or Modifying IT Infrastructure

Info technology infrastructure as the foundation of Info technology capabilities that cover all companies in the form of services that can be trusted and often budgeted-for and provided by the Info processing division or outsourced and one of the best is NetData.

NetData will assist in designing and modifying the IT infrastructure if there are errors or the infrastructure cannot run optimally.

Maintain IT Infrastructure

In order to maintain the continuity of the company’s business operations, planned and periodic IT infrastructure maintenance needs to be carried out forever. However, nowadays it turns out that there are still many companies that don’t pay enough attention to this matter. As a result of not knowing the importance of maintaining the reliability of IT infrastructure, companies often experience many problems ranging from simple to complex matters.

Therefore, if you want to get IT infrastructure maintenance that is always monitored carefully, NetData will provide the best IT maintenance services to keep IT infrastructure running well and also protected from various external threats.

Choosing the Right IT Treatment Process

Of course, every IT infrastructure has different treatments. After maintenance, NetData will choose which process is right for your IT infrastructure.

This maintenance option is guaranteed to be the most appropriate and best suited to the IT infrastructure you have.

Increase Efficiency, Manage Costs and Minimize Security Risks

Risk management is an absolute war to stay away from risks that occur within a company. Risk is concluded as an unfavorable result of an action. Risk is a familiar word and has a negative connotation. For example, if we have a business, but employees are dishonest and like to steal, then there is a risk that the business will suffer losses (unpleasant events).

Minimizing the risk of leaked data security is the task of NetData and the process of IT maintenance services. Increasing efficiency for each device, managing costs so that your company does not waste a lot of money on IT infrastructure is a reliable task from NetData which can be trusted.

Identify Operational Issues and Data Protection Risks

Info assets (hardware, software, systems, information and people) are important assets for an organization that need to be protected from security risks both from outsiders and within the organization. Information security cannot only rely on information security tools or technology, but rather an understanding from the organization about what needs to be protected and choosing the right solution that can address the problem of information security needs).

For this reason, a systemic and comprehensive information security management from NetData is needed, which will carry out careful identification.

What are the advantages of IT maintenance services from NetData?

Choosing NetData as the party you rely on in terms of IT network security at your company or agency brings a lot of advantages that you won’t get anywhere else.

IT maintenance services from NetData provide advantages including:

Maximum maintenance or maintenance of IT

NetData will carry out IT maintenance and maintenance optimally. So, whatever problems you encounter with your IT infrastructure, NetData will do and fix them quickly and optimally. So, NetData will eliminate all existing problems easily and maximally so that there will be no further risk factors that harm your IT infrastructure.

IT Maintenance Services With Appropriate Service Fees

Of course you will think about the cost issue if you use an external party such as NetData for the maintenance of the IT infrastructure system that you have. Many there offer their services at high prices, even though the quality is not necessarily good.

Make sure you just trust NetData. NetData will provide IT maintenance services at an appropriate fee with maximum service, that’s for sure!

IT Maintenance Services With The Best Solution Of IT Problems Encountered

All IT problems that you face will be solved by NetData in a variety of optimal ways. NetData’s IT maintenance services are known for their best solutions and guarantee that there will be no more problems in the future because they are done optimally with the best solutions.


IT infrastructure maintenance is indeed very important. For the company or agency that you manage, of course, this is something that you really have to do if you are really concerned about your IT infrastructure.

Therefore, if you want to get the best, professional IT infrastructure services, and also at a very affordable cost, you can entrust it to NetData. There are several IT infrastructure maintenance options provided by NetData, you can choose them now.

If you are interested in our service offerings, please contact us via this link or you can also use our contact form here.

Make sure NetData is the best, trusted, and professional IT infrastructure service!


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