What is the Importance of Cloud Security for a Company

Cloud Security

Cloud computing security in today’s modern era is indeed very important for a company which incidentally has become a mandatory requirement.

With many companies still using traditional methods starting to implement digital business with the help of technology including cloud computing.

With the rapid development of cloud computing at this time of course there are many cyber threats that can threaten the company’s business development. Therefore, we need to know the importance of cloud security for the development of the company’s business in today’s digital era.

Get to Know Cloud Computing in the Modern Era

Cloud security starts from the cloud computing technology itself. Yes, without cloud computing, companies usually build their networks internally, which may still exist in large companies that incidentally have large capital anyway.

This cloud computing can cut spending on purchasing servers independently. Usually the price of servers in companies is very expensive so it will be a burden for medium to lower companies.

Cloud computing is an innovative and trendy solution that is very suitable for large and small companies to implement. Now many companies are starting to build their business by relying on cloud computing as data center management.

Cloud computing, or commonly in language as cloud computing, is a computing technology that allows data and programs to be stored and accessed via the internet from any device, anywhere.

Currently, many cloud computing service companies offer cloud computing-based IT services for companies that do not have a lot of capital to create independent servers in their companies.

Many cloud computing service providers also have cloud computing security systems that are reliable and have guaranteed data security to be lost so that they are safe from natural disasters.

Types of Cloud Computing Based on Services

There are actually three types of cloud computing based on the service. Here’s a full explanation.

Software-As-A-Service (Saas)

To understand the security of cloud computing we need to know one of these types of cloud computing itself. Software-As-A-Service (Saas) is software that is used as an online service. This SaaS is also provided via the pay-as-you-go or on-demand method, which means paying as needed.

Infrastructure-As-A-Service (Iaas)

The definition of IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service is a type of cloud service that has physical servers and virtual servers.

Companies that use IaaS services no longer need to physically buy computers or network equipment because IaaS service providers provide cloud resources such as servers, storage, network, and data center rooms.

Platform-As-A-Service (Paas)

PaaS or Platform as a Service is a type of cloud service that provides a framework that developers can build on and use to create customized applications.

Using the PaaS model service, all servers, storage and networks will be managed by the service provider, but developers can manage the management of the applications they make.

Advantages of Cloud Computing Technology

From the explanation about cloud computing above, it can be concluded that there are several advantages of cloud computing technology itself, including:

Cost Savings

Yes, it is absolutely true that cost is a major factor for companies using cloud services. Direct use of cloud computing really saves companies spending on hardware allocation, and companies no longer need to think about maintenance costs and electricity consumption.

High Efficiency And Scalability

Cloud computing has benefits in its ability to scale up and down according to needs. For example, if a company needs fast processing, a CPU can be added to support the required speed. Likewise on the storage side, if you need more storage, just use a more premium package.

Flexible Use

Data stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere and anytime. As well as additional storage capacity can be added automatically by doing self-provisioning.

Centralized Data On Server

As long as this cloud can be accessed anywhere as long as there is internet access. For example, if a user who has data on a cloud server has synchronized between computers in the company and other gadgets.

Much Higher Security Level

Talking about cloud security, of course this cloud is very high. Many people may still think that storing data in the cloud means that company data is not safe. When in fact this cloud has a higher level of security compared to on-premise solutions.

High Accessibility

Since the existence of cloud computing, users can access it from anywhere without the need to come to the office. This really makes users free and flexible to do business anywhere and anytime.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

We have already discussed the advantages of cloud computing, here are some of the unthinkable disadvantages of cloud computing.

Depends On Internet Connection

It is true that cloud computing is dependent on an internet connection. So that there is no internet connection, cloud computing will automatically be disconnected. Of course this is an obstacle in Indonesia where there are still many areas without internet access.

Must Look For Vendors Who Have Standardized To Ensure Security

Those who use a cloud computing system, the company will fully entrust confidential data and security to cloud service providers. Therefore it is necessary to choose a cloud service provider that has ISO certification or standardization that is guaranteed security

Cloud Computing Security Solutions for Business

Cloud computing is an innovation for the field of technology that can be used to develop businesses for large and small companies. Therefore it is very important for companies to immediately migrate to using this cloud computing security solution for business.


Cloud computing security is often also used as a data center or centralized storage of user data and information in an internet-based storage medium.

With guaranteed cloud security, data stored in the cloud will be more secure.

The Importance Of Security And Privacy In The Cloud

Many companies that use cloud computing are closely related to privacy and data security. Cloud service providers will guarantee data security from various threats, both the risk of hacking and data theft.

Data Privacy

Data protection is the main thing to pay attention to from cloud security in data privacy. Many users integrate the cloud in their company. Which is a priority to secure every data and information stored. In cloud storage, data will always be available and can be accessed via devices connected to the internet.

Data Security

Data security is the essence of cloud computing security which has several functions and advantages. Among them is easy accessibility to various cloud platforms via the internet network. So it will be easier to do various activities at once at one time.

Not a few companies have the right to be able to consult about cloud security with the customer service provider of the chosen service. When the maintenance and management of the system will be handled properly in order to improve data security and carry out the company’s strategic business plan.

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