The Importance of Removing Digital Traces To Keep Privacy Safe

Digital Traces

Digital Traces in today’s modern era can be used as information such as important topics, company information, to information related to a person.

These traces are recorded virtually on the internet which we can search using the help of search engines such as Google and social media. This Digital Traces can also be a dangerous thing, so we as internet users must maintain privacy to keep it safe.

So, in this article, we will discuss various tips for keeping your Digital Traces safe.

What Is a Digital Traces?

Is any track record of data from individuals and companies originating from the use of the internet.

This data can be recorded on visited websites, e-mail messages, or various information that is accidentally searched on the internet.

There are several other examples that can record your Digital Traces, such as when you upload posts on social media, provide comments, shop online, create digital literacy such as e-books along with your personal information, and so on. All of this will be permanently recorded on the internet.

Why is Digital Traces Important?

Why is this so important? Of course, the thing that makes it important is the security aspect.

It is undeniable that every activity that we can do in the digital world will definitely be recorded digitally and this is what everyone can see besides us.

Therefore, if there are things that are private and important, then you should not upload them to the internet, such as birthdays, home addresses, and passwords that are the same on sites that are not trusted.

Digital Traces Types

There are several types which are divided into two, namely active digital traces and passive digital traces, as follows:

Active Digital Traces

Is information shared intentionally through social media or websites. For example, you upload content on social media by filling out online forms and commenting on forum platforms.

With information about your identity such as a registered name or profile that can be linked to uploads, it will be easy for others to find out.

Passive Digital Traces

Is data or information collected without the knowledge of the owner or user. Passive Digital Traces usually include the user’s domicile, IP address, to the type of device used.

For example, in online marketing, digital passives are used to find out customer profiles, target advertisements, study caches from customers and others.

What Are the Dangers of Leaving a Digital Traces?

What makes this Digital Traces dangerous, let’s look at the following explanation.


This digital exposure is free access that was successfully obtained by someone who really has malicious intent on your data. Of course this will be very dangerous and can cause material losses for you, perpetrators can steal identities or commit other criminal acts.


If you are not careful about the cache then you can get phishing.

Phishing is a manipulative attack that can harm users by stealing important data.

This important data can be in the form of bank accounts, banking passwords, digital account accounts, and so on that can be used by cybercriminals.

Professional Reputation Bad

Some companies, especially modern startups, usually use social media accounts belonging to prospective workers as an assessment.

Yes, the company will pay attention to and assess the candidate’s lifestyle and personality based on their social media activity. It would be very bad if internet users upload something that is not true because it can give a bad impression to the company and damage the reputation of the job applicant.

How to Remove Digital Traces

So, we already know that Digital Traces can harm you if not done correctly. But if it’s already done, you can use the following method to delete Digital Traces.

Check on Search Engines

There are many cases of data leakage related to user information on various services such as Yahoo to Adobe.

Use the have I been Pwned? To find out whether your data has been leaked or not.

After entering the website, fill in the e-mail address used. Next it will be seen whether your data has ever experienced a leak or not.

Delete Cookies & Browsing History

Delete all cookies, and browsing history in the browser so that no more sites can track you, this browser can be Chrome or Firefox.

Cookies can be deleted one by one or deleted all by configuration in the browser or using a third party such as Advanced System Optimizer.

There are many applications that store user data locally or in the cloud and will connect to other devices so deleting the search log from the computer will also be deleted on your cellphone account.

Google account can save search history in android phone to be able to delete, access Google from web and go to activity history page then delete.

Use Removal Service

Spokeo Data Collecting Websites, People Finder, are a number of platforms known for collecting user information and selling it to third parties. Deletion services such as Deleteme or Desseatme can help clear caches in cyberspace.

Tips for Maintaining a Digital Traces on the Internet

Finally, this article discusses tips on keeping cache on the internet to keep it safe, let’s look at the following explanation.

  1. Never share personal data such as addresses, bank accounts, digital bank accounts, telephone numbers, and family names on social media.
  2. Do not share personal information on social media excessively. Therefore you should think again before posting anything.
  3. Check usernames on Google regularly and remove sensitive information immediately.
  4. Use different passwords for each social media account.

The following is a review of the importance of erasing Digital Traces to keep privacy safe and avoid unwanted things. And if you need services or other digital world needs, you can contact us via this link or you can also use our contact form here.


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