Let’s Get to Know More About Data Center Indonesia

Data Center Indonesia

The development of Data Center Indonesia is currently experiencing an increase accompanied by the need to face competition this year. Corporate data centers and government organizations are used to collect data in making decisions with qualified and uninterrupted data center specifications.

In this data center knowledge is not only dominated by IT professionals but also used by business and government companies, at least they know the basic knowledge. So, here is an article where we can understand the data center more deeply.

Know What Data Is

In getting to know the Data Center Indonesia, we also know in advance what data is. This data is often used as a description and even in Indonesia itself it is known that data is in the form of computer files, but this is actually not wrong but not right. Therefore we need to know the meaning of data in general.

Definition of Data

Data is a collection of information or facts that are made in the form of sentences, words, numbers, symbols, and others. This data can be searched and also observed precisely based on certain sources. There is also another understanding of data, namely a collection of information or basic descriptions derived from objects or events.

Which in this collection of information can be obtained from research results which can then be transformed into other, more complex forms in the form of information, databases, and others. In terms of language, the word data comes from Latin, which means “datum” which means given.

From this term we can interpret data from the measurement or observation of a particular variable in the form of words, numbers, colors, symbols, and other information.

Data Benefits

The following are some of the benefits and functions of data in general:

As An Activity Reference

The benefit of the first data function is as one of the activity references. As a reference or benchmark that can be used to make a certain activity that we want.

As a basis for planning

Sebaueh data that can be used as a plan. Because in making a plan requires accurate parameters. While the data can be used as a parameter as well as a reference in making plans.

Basis For Making Decisions

Data can also be used as a reference in making a decision. With the data we can make the right decision on an existing problem. That way one can more easily make decisions based on accountable data.

As Material For Evaluation

The function of the data besides being a reference can be used as evaluation material. In this case data can act as material for evaluating the results of work or activities that can be carried out by an institution or organization.

In addition to the various benefits and functions mentioned above, data can also be used as an evaluation material. For example, in a certain institution or organization, it will definitely need evaluation in order to improve its quality.

Types of Data and Examples

The following are some of the types of data we need to understand:

Data Based on How to Get It

The first type of data is data based on how to get it, there are two ways to get data, namely primary and secondary data along with explanations.

Primary data

This primary data is data that can be obtained and collected directly from various objects that have previously been examined by a person or organization. For example, namely:

  • Data from survey results
  • Data from interview results
  • Data from the results of the questionnaire
Secondary Data

Secondary data is data that has already been obtained from other pre-existing sources.

With secondary data, people do not need to find and collect data directly from the object under study. Usually this type of data can be obtained from pre-finished research either in the form of tables, graphs or diagrams. Examples are:
  • Specific disease data
  • Data on population censuses and so on

Data by Source

There are two types of data based on sources, namely:

External Data

This external data is data obtained from outside the organization or place where the research is carried out. Usually this type of data can be used as a comparison of one place with another. For example, namely population data, data on sales of other company products, data on other schools, and so on.

Internal Data

Internal data is data obtained directly from the company or organization where the research takes place. For example, company employee data, customer data, and others.

Data Based on Nature

Types of data by nature are divided into two, namely:

Quantitative Data

Quantitative data is data that can be used by conducting a survey. So that the answers can be obtained in the form of numbers. This data is objective so you can see the data or read this data so you cannot interpret it in a different way. For example:

  • Ally is 25 years old.
  • Aldi’s height is 210 cm.
  • Andi’s body temperature is 36 degrees Celsius and many other data.
Qualitative Data

This qualitative data is usually in the form of descriptive which is different from qualitative data in the form of numbers. This qualitative data generally uses symbols, images, or other verbal.

Types of qualitative data can be collected using questionnaires, literature, observations, interviews, and so on. For example:
  • Hospital service quality
  • Questionnaires regarding customer satisfaction and so on.

Data Based on Time of Collection

Cross-sectional data is data that can be collected which at any given time can be used to find out the current situation. For example, questionnaire data, periodic data is data that is collected periodically from time to time which can determine the progress of an event within a certain period of time, for example, is food price data.

Get to know Data Centers

Data center is a term used for IT needs, especially in the digital industry. This data center is used for large-scale and periodic data storage.

The term data center or data center is familiar to people who work in the IT field. In accordance with our discussion this time we will discuss the data center and understand it more deeply.

Definition of Data Center

The definition of a data center can be interpreted as a facility that is utilized or managed for the needs of computer systems and components both as data storage or databases, as well as as a provider of telecommunication facilities.

An important function of the data center is the placement of servers for websites and databases. The Data Center Indonesia itself can consist of hundreds to thousands of servers that can be neatly arranged in a rack.

There are several things that need to be considered so that the Data Center Indonesia continues to run stably, namely the cooling system, power supply, and security system.

Function Using Data Center

The function of the data center is to advance the business. Business people or those with difficulties need to reconsider the use of the Indonesian data center, which was only used as external storage before. But now data centers can be used to support the progress of a company or business.

Another function of the data center is as a place to store, process data, and disseminate data on a large scale. This Data Center Indonesia can be used as a large amount of data storage or as a data backup.

In addition, data centers can also function as principal repositories, which means covering all needs. These requirements mean infrastructure requirements such as firewalls, storage subsystems, servers, routers, networking switches, and cabling and racking to manage the necessary IT equipment.

Things to Note from the Data Center

There are several things that need to be considered in the use of data centers, both technically and non-technically, including:

power supply

Yes, the power source is the most crucial component of an Indonesian data center where the data center requires a stable and continuously available power supply.

The data center requires a backup power supply from various sources, such as spare batteries, to diesel generators, which we usually call generators.

Processing and storage systems

Data centers have high computer specifications to be able to process and store data faster. So most data centers use processors that can support multi-cores in order to process data faster.

With a multi-core processor, data processing and storage will be more stable and fast. In addition to speed, the required storage space must also have a large capacity to be able to support the company’s data storage allocation needs.

Security system

In terms of data center security, it can be supported in a physical form that can be fully controlled. Be it identity confirmation through biometrics, and video login to be able to monitor activities in a business.

In addition to internal disturbances, data centers can also experience external disturbances such as hacking or data theft. We should indeed use cyber security services to assist in the management of security systems.


Bandwidth is something that needs to be considered because the higher the network requirements, the required bandwidth will increase. In this data center the need for bandwidth can be determined by needs such as marketing, product uploads, advertising, and so on.

IP provider

High-speed internet in the era of digitalization is really needed. Moreover, data centers also need reliable internet speed to carry out activities such as sending data or storing data.

Data Center Criteria

The data center has several criteria that need to be known, there are three data center criteria, including:


The location of the Indonesian data center is the first criterion needed in the development of an Indonesian data center. This location must meet geographical or non-geographical aspects.

From a geographical perspective, the next location can be placed in a place that is safe from floods, earthquakes, landslides, or from other dangerous places. A safe location can protect the storage of important data that you store in the data center.

From a non-geographical perspective, the location of the data center must be connected or connected to a stable internet network and not experience interruptions. The next thing is really needed so that there are no obstacles in accessing data online.


The second criterion is reliability in accessing data. A data center must have advantages in the reliability of accessing data quickly and efficiently using fiber optic connections.

Network efficiency can also affect the performance and reliability of the data center itself. This reliability can be had and can help your organization or business needs.

Flexibility and Scalability

In providing the best service for you, the flexibility of the data center is needed because it makes a special attraction. For example, the flexibility in scaling server usage.

Data Center Users

After what criteria are needed for the data center, then you can pay attention to users from the Indonesian data center and who is entitled to use the data center.

But in Indonesia currently using Indonesian data centers which are still very limited in the scope of government and large companies and multinational companies.

The next thing will really have an impact on your business in the future. By using a data center, you can save expenses and can be allocated for other needs. In addition, knowledge storage and data processing can be monitored properly. Access to knowledge will be much easier and more effective if you use a knowledge center.

Development of Data Center Indonesia

If you look at the development of Indonesia’s own data center, there are still not many who implement it. Indonesia’s data centers are still very limited in distribution, only in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, and other big cities.

With the increasing demand for data, Indonesia has created its own association consisting of data centers located throughout Indonesia. This association is named IDPRO or an abbreviation of Indonesia Data Center Provider Organization which was founded on June 22 2016.

IDPRO is a forum or association of all the nation’s potential related to the Indonesian data center. Some of IDPRO’s founders include Lintasarta, GTN Data Center, DCI Data Center, Telkomsigma, and of course many more.

History of the Data Center

The history of this data center began in 1946 under the name ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). This data center is based at The United States Army which is used only for military purposes such as defense codes and calculating artillery firing tables.

Along with the development of data center technology, it has evolved very rapidly, one of which is developing into a cloud-based data center.

Things to Look For To Build Data Center Indonesia

It is your obligation to provide data center facilities or data centers that are capable of providing the ability to create or use a lot of data.

This data center is needed as a supporting facility that is used as a center for placing data, components, information, and other matters related to company IT that are closely related to assisting operational activities.

When it comes to building a data center, there are many things to consider. Here are some things that need to be considered before building a data center.

Why Need a Data Center

There are several things that need to be considered to build a data center in Indonesia. As a consumer, you definitely have data that must be stored, and this data will continue to grow as the company grows.

This data center will allow users to store data at any time in increasing amounts. This data center allows users who are security certified to be more efficient in operational costs so that expenses will be more efficient. The data center also has data recovery in case of data loss.

Good Data Center Design Requirements

The more Indonesian data center criteria are needed, the higher the data center specifications that will be obtained. Some of the criteria needed is the electrical system. The data center will need a backup power source if at any time even during a power outage.

Besides electricity, there are also several criteria such as cooling, anti-fire. This cooling system functions to prevent server devices from overheating which can be fatal to your devices and data.

Important Facilities To Own Data Center

Indonesian data centers require several important facilities that differ from one company to another. However, there are 3 main facilities that must exist in a data center, such as storage media, firewall security systems, and also application optimization that can facilitate use.

Human Resources that Need to Be Prepared

Keeping data center operations running is critical. When you build a data center, your job is to maintain performance so that it runs well and efficiently.

To ensure that your data center operates efficiently and in a standardized manner, make sure you use the services of people who can manage your Indonesian data center.

Indonesian Data Center Components

Each data center usually consists of various components, both infrastructure and facilities that can support the work process of the data center itself. The components that can affect this type of data center are:

Computing equipment

Components consisting of various computer components, servers, and server racks.

Network infrastructure

It consists of various network components such as routers, modems, switches, cables and other components that can connect data centers with servers, storage areas, and users.

Storage infrastructure

Consisting of storage areas such as hard disks, solid-state drives, tape drives, and backup storage that is used to store all data.

Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS)

By covering the power source, battery backup, to the generator, you can ensure that the flow of electricity cannot be stopped.

climate control system

This server cooling system such as air conditioning and heating, ventilation, to stabilize room temperature.


This security can include physical security such as CCTV, security officers, biometrics, and mantraps. As well as digital security including a firewall.

Types of Indonesian Data Center Types

As for the various types of Indonesian data centers that can be identified, among others:

Enterprise Data Centers

Enterprise data centers or onsite data centers are types of data centers that are built, managed, and deployed within the enterprise environment itself.

The advantage is the type that can be developed or expanded according to the needs of the company and can provide full control and access to the owner.

Colocation Data Centers

Colocation data centers are companies that provide server colocation services. So this company can offer space rental in its data center.

This room is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and facilities. Such as buildings, security, bandwidth, and other resources.

This company will only provide room, so it needs to provide several components such as storage, physical servers, and firewalls.

Hyperscale Data Centers

hyperscale data centers are a type of data center that offers convenience in scaling up.

So if at any time consumers need system power and racks and equipment can easily add them. The type of data center that can accommodate up to millions of servers and virtual machines.

The following are well-known companies that own and operate hyperscale data centers, namely Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Apple and Alibaba.

The fact is that this type of data center is gaining popularity and it is predicted that it will be able to earn up to $108 billion in revenue by 2025.

Managed Services Data Centers

Managed data centers have a lot in common with colocation data centers. For example, you can rent equipment and infrastructure provided by data center service providers.

The difference is that the data center company will be fully responsible for your server. This includes backups, checking drivers, software, and many others.


That is our discussion this time about the Data Center Indonesia, which is how important the need for data centers in Indonesia is to be used as a large data storage, data processing, and modern business development.

Furthermore, for those of you who want to use a trusted data center service, you can consult it for free at NetData, which provides a trusted Data Center Indonesia. And if you are interested in our data center services, please contact us directly at this link and you can also use the contact form here.


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