Here AIre Some Ways to Save Internet Quota on Your Smartphone

Internet Quota

Internet Quota – Nowadays, smartphones are not only a secondary need, many people even think that smartphones are a primary need. I don’t know for what reason, but the use of smartphones is mostly dominated by using the internet, using the internet means using internet quota which is a service from an ISP.

An ISP provides various internet packages, of course internet quota even though some are up to unlimited, there is still a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) that limits internet usage on your smartphone.

It becomes a big problem when you want to notify your friends for emergency needs but the quota suddenly runs out, therefore, it is necessary to know how to save internet quota for smartphones that you need to know!

1. Update Your Smartphone System Using WiFi

Updating the system on a smartphone is indeed very necessary, but if you use a regular internet quota, it will certainly make the quota run out quickly because the system on a smartphone when updating has a large size that can be up to 8 Gb.

Therefore, if you want to update the smartphone system, make sure to use only WiFi.

2. Set Data Usage Limit on Your Smartphone

There is a powerful way for you to be able to manage data usage on your smartphone, is to set a limit on your data quota usage whether it’s every day, week, or month.

The way to set a data usage limit on an Android smartphone is as follows:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap Network & internet then Internet.
  • Next to the operator, tap Settings Settings.
  • Tap Warnings & data usage limits. If necessary, enable Set data usage warning first.
  • Tap Data usage warning.
  • Enter numbers. To switch between megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB), tap Down arrow Down arrow.
  • Tap Set.

If the data usage reaches the selected level, you will get a notification.

3. Be Careful In Setting Up Search Engine Applications

Did you know that some search engine applications such as Google Chrome and Opera Mini have a feature called a data saver that can be used to save internet quota usage. For example, Opera Mini, this application can even adjust the quality of downloaded photos so that they don’t drain excess quota.

4. Turn off Internet Quota / Data Packages while Sleeping and Not Needed

If you are sleeping or feel you are not needed right away, then just turn off the internet data plan on your smartphone. Because even if they are not used, some applications will still use internet quota to run notifications, for example Whatsapp and Instagram.

5. Avoid Using Too Often Applications That Eat A Lot Of Quota

Have you ever understood which applications on your smartphone are consuming a lot of quota? If you are aware, applications such as Instagram are one of the main contributors to your quota, and there are also Youtube, Netflix, and some applications that load videos or images that will make your internet quota run out quickly/

Therefore, avoid using applications that consume a lot of quota so that your internet quota remains safe for a long period of time.

6. Use Alternative Similar Applications That Are More ‘Lighter’

Have you ever heard of an application that has the ‘Lite’ frill behind it? Even though it’s not as good as the original app, if you’re looking to save data, the lite version is the best choice. Many apps now have lite versions, which consume less data and load faster.

From Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin, Youtube, even Google Assistant. Likewise with the applications that we often use, namely Instagram and Twitter which also have a lite version.

7. Download Maps of Your Destination

Google Maps has a feature called download maps. So, you can download maps for the area you specify. So, when one day you want to go and still in the map area that you downloaded, you can still use Google Maps without using data.

8. Subscription to Streaming Applications That Can Be Enjoyed Offline

Are you still listening to music or watching movies or videos still streaming? Streaming does make a lot of data, but the advantage is that you don’t need to download so it doesn’t fill up your storage.

However, if you are wise, you can subscribe to streaming applications where you can enjoy the content online, such as Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, and Disney+. You can listen to or watch movies, videos or music that you have downloaded offline.

9. Use WiFi When Possible

This is one very good way to save quota, is to use wifi whenever possible. Do the various things above, such as downloading activities using WiFi.

However, also note that public WiFi is still an internet network facility that is used by many people. Because it is practical, economical, and efficacious, unfortunately public WiFi networks are not always safe.

In fact, there are security risks from implementing public WiFi, including allowing public WiFi users to meet cyber criminals.

When connected to public WiFi, users can face the possibility of data theft. It is inevitable because internet users transfer such a lot of important news. Therefore, it will be very important how you pay attention to the public WiFi connection before you connect to it.

You can use a WiFi connection that if you know, if it’s suspicious, use a VPN for the security of your data.


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