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Cisco Anyconnect

Cisco Anyconnect – These days, of course, networking-related things are no stranger to today’s work. Internet network is very necessary for a job or other activities. However, did you know that this kind of infrastructure needs a network security thing to prevent various things related to theft from 3rd parties?

Yes, the network has indeed become a very valuable asset and is also very vulnerable to network security disturbances. So, this network can also be vulnerable to interference caused by other people who are not responsible.

Introducing the Cisco Anyconnect service, which is a Cisco security system that helps you prevent network disruptions.

Network Security

First of all, before discussing Cisco Anyconnect, first learn about network security. Network security is a broad term that encompasses many technologies, devices, and processes. In the simplest terms, it is a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of computer networks and data using software and hardware technologies.

Every organization, regardless of size, industry or infrastructure, needs a level of network security solution to protect it from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape in today’s wild.

Types of Network Security Intrusion

Today’s network architecture is very complex and is faced with an ever-changing threat environment and attackers are always trying to find and exploit vulnerabilities. This vulnerability can occur in many areas, including devices, data, applications, users, and locations.

The various types of network security breaches that you often encounter in the networking world are as follows:


The disturbance that you hear most often is of course hacking or hacking. A commonly used definition of hacking is the act of harming digital devices and networks through unauthorized access to computer accounts or systems. Hacking is not always a malicious act, but is most often associated with illegal activities and data theft by cybercriminals.


Ever heard of the term carding? This is a crime that was rampant several years ago or even today some are still doing it. So, carding is a type of fraud wherein a thief steals a credit card number, makes sure it works, and then uses it to buy a prepaid gift card. Fraudsters can sell prepaid cards or use them to buy other items which, in turn, can be resold for cash.


Which is very detrimental and maybe this is one of the very detrimental actions. Deface means to destroy. Breaking a website means changing its appearance without any authentication to do so. In website vandalism attacks, hackers insert inappropriate copies, or images on legitimate websites or shut down websites completely, rendering them non-functional.


This crime is indeed one of the cleanest crimes and targets targets who are not very knowledgeable about IT and are thorough. Phishing is an attempt by cybercriminals to masquerade as legitimate institutions, usually via email, to obtain sensitive information from targeted individuals.

Examples of phishing that are often found are as follows:

  • Fake Invoice Scam
  • Email Account Upgrade Scam
  • Advance payment scam
  • Google Docs Scam
  • PayPal Scam
  • Message From HR Scams
  • Dropbox Scam

Various Network Security Systems

When even a few minutes of downtime can cause widespread disruption and major damage to an organization’s profits and reputation, these protective measures must be taken. Several network security systems are often used to avoid unwanted things that will be experienced by the network.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The first network security system is a VPN. What is the purpose of a VPN? The main purpose of a VPN is to hide your online activities. VPNs are often used to protect against hackers and snoopers on public networks, but they are also useful for hiding your IP address, browsing activity, and private data on any Wi-Fi network. Even at home.


Have you ever logged into your Facebook? of course there’s auth which is handy to confirm if it’s your account. In the world of network security it is like that. Authentication is another important element, and authentication can be defined as the process of confirming and confirming that the user’s identity is genuine and legitimate.

DMZ (De-Military Zone)

What may be unfamiliar is the DMZ network security system. In fact, this is a network that itself is not secure. This allows hosts and systems stored on them to be accessed from untrusted external networks, such as the internet, while keeping other hosts and systems on the private network isolated.


Encryption is the process of converting data into an incomprehensible form to prevent unauthorized use of the data. To read encrypted files, you must have access to the secret decryption key or password. Unencrypted data is called plain text; encrypted data is called ciphertext.

Network Security Tips

As a way to protect your network from unwanted things, it would be better if you follow various tips related to network security on the network you have.

These tips are as follows:

Install AntiVirus

Antivirus is something you really need to install on your network. Most provide real-time protection, which can protect your device from incoming threats; scans your entire computer regularly for known threats and provides automatic updates; and identify, block, and remove malicious code and software.

Update Computer Regularly

Is updating the computer regularly and also its various software is also very important? Of course yes!

Old and outdated software is vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals because updates keep you safe from exploitable holes into your organization. Having reliable security is critical because release log software updates often reveal exploitable entry points that are patched to the public.

Don’t Carelessly Open Unclear Websites

Remember phishing? You can experience this when you carelessly open a website that is not clear. If you open the website, the link may contain phishing that will steal various kinds of your privacy data.

Be careful when you want to download files from the internet

Just as you would take precautions for safe online shopping, you should also be careful when downloading files to your device. Viruses, malware and Trojans (misleading malware) are more rampant than ever, which is why you should be careful before downloading anything on a given website or link.

Work At Home Using Services from Cisco

It is certain that at the beginning of the pandemic many companies made policies where their employees had to be able to work from home or WFH. WFH indeed makes various kinds of work hindered. There were many problems at the beginning of WFH such as work that could not be done in real time, interrupted meetings, and many other problems.

However, Cisco provides WFH workers with services that can make work from home easier, more convenient, and more secure with services such as Cisco Webex and a wide range of services for Cisco Security.

Cisco Webex

The first is the Cisco Webex service. WebEx is a multi-functional desktop Video/Audio Conference calling application. It allows you to meet anyone, anywhere, in real time from your office or home, as long as you have Internet access on your computer or have the WebEx mobile app installed for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry.

Penjelasan Singkat

Jadi, WebEx adalah aplikasi panggilan Konferensi Video/Audio desktop multi-fungsi. Ini memungkinkan Anda untuk bertemu dengan siapa saja, di mana saja, secara real time dari kantor atau rumah Anda, selama Anda memiliki akses Internet di komputer Anda atau menginstal aplikasi seluler WebEx untuk iPhone, iPad, Android, atau Blackberry Anda.

Fitur dari Cisco Webex

Jadi, pada dasarnya Cisco Webex Meetings memiliki penawaran rapat web yang kuat untuk semua orang, mulai dari SMB (usaha kecil hingga menengah) hingga perusahaan besar. Dengan semua paket, Anda mendapatkan video HD, berbagi layar, berbagi aplikasi, perekaman dan penyimpanan cloud, dan banyak fitur lainnya. Sangat mudah untuk membeli dan bangun dan berjalan dengan cepat.

Cisco Security

Selanjutnya, pasti pekerjaan kantor butuh yang namanya keamanan. Maka dari itu, Cisco Security adalah pilihan yang sangat tepat. Aktifkan keamanan di mana saja sehingga Anda dapat memberdayakan pekerjaan di mana saja. Solusi Secure Hybrid Work bekerja sama untuk memverifikasi identitas pengguna dan perangkat serta melawan ancaman.

Cisco Umbrella

Umbrella is Cisco’s cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway (GIS) platform that provides you with multiple levels of defense against internet-based threats. Umbrella integrates a secure web gateway, firewall, DNS layer security, and cloud access security broker (CASB) to protect your system from threats.

A brief description

Cisco Umbrella protects you from internet threats by using Cisco worldwide analytics to notify your computer when the internet connection it establishes is not secure, and to block or cancel connections. Think of it like Google Safe Browsing, but for your entire computer.

Cisco Umbrella Advantages

Cisco Umbrella can be said to be a firewall. The Cisco Umbrella Cloud-Delivered Firewall provides visibility and control for outgoing internet traffic across all ports and protocols (Layer 3/4).

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

Next up is Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints is a cloud-managed endpoint security solution that provides advanced protection against viruses, malware, and other cyber threats by detecting, preventing, and responding to threats.

A brief description

Cisco AMP can be regarded as an antivirus. These Anti-virus products are often referred to as ‘Point of time detection’ technology. In addition to cloud-based dynamic file analysis, AMP for endpoints includes a Point-in-time offline protection engine for Anti-virus scanning.

Cisco AnyConnect

Then the last one is Cisco Annyconnect. So, the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client empowers remote workers with frictionless and highly secure access to corporate networks from any device.

A brief description

Is Cisco Annyconnect free? Cisco AnyConnect is a free, easy to use and useful VPN client for Microsoft Windows computers. It is safe and does not require much maintenance.

Cisco AnyConnect

Now we will focus on the main discussion that will be discussed, namely Cisco Annyconnect. Cisco AnyConnect is a unified agent that provides multiple security services to help enable and protect enterprises. This provides the visibility and control you need to identify who and what accesses an extended enterprise before, during, and after an attack.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution offers a comprehensive endpoint security platform with remote access functionality, posture enforcement, and web security features.

Why Choose Cisco AnyConnect Service

There are several reasons why you should choose Cisco Annyconnect services, including:

Creating Efficiency

So, the efficiency that an admin can get is higher productivity, lower total cost of ownership through a single client. As for the user, the benefits are smart, reliable, and always-on connectivity.

Increase Visibility

Cisco Annyconnect can increase visibility. So, in this service Cisco added Cisco Cloud Access Security (CAS), which provides data security and security for cloud-based applications; Enhanced Identity Services Engine (ISE), visibility and control controls for network and device endpoints with new location access control; and the Threat Awareness Service, which provides organizations with visibility of threats over the network.

Run Automatically

Cisco Annyconnect runs automatically. If the service has an update, it will be updated immediately, and there is a VPN tunnel management that allows clients to automatically connect to the VPN when the computer is turned on.

Cisco AnyConnect deployment

Accessing the internet safely at home is the desire of many people, especially those who are currently working from home, of course they want to be able to access the internet comfortably and send work files safely too.

Cisco Anyconnect can help you create a safe and comfortable work-from-home experience.

This service from Cisco has implementations that include:

Authorized User Verification

So the user must verify the user which can prevent unauthorized people from logging in.

Prevent Threats at Entry Points

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client can easily detect any viruses that will try to enter and harm your network.

Protect Users from VPN

As you know, Cisco AnyConnect is a VPN that can enable secure access to corporate networks with true and secure mobility from your VPN client to users.

Optimize Security with Visibility, Analytics

You can get visibility into network users, their devices and apps. Armed with rich analytics, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing end-user experience and network security.

Unlock Deep Endpoint Visibility

The Cisco AnyConnect ISE Agent provides unified endpoint posture and fixes for Cisco ISE over wired, wireless, and VPN environments.

Benefits of Using Cisco AnyConnect Service

When you use Cisco Anyconnect services, there are several benefits that you can get that you will not get in various services based on security and convenience for this remote work.

Cisco Anyconnect has benefits including:

Access From Anywhere

Empower your employees to work from anywhere, on company laptops and personal mobile devices regardless of their physical location. And provide the security needed to help ensure that your organization’s data is safe and secure.

Greater Visibility

Cisco AnyConnect, provides significant improvements and new features for better endpoint visibility and control.

Comprehensive Protection

The new Cisco AnyConnect extends security deeper into endpoints and networks with new capabilities that provide greater visibility to protect what is most important to a company’s digital assets.

Simplified Management and Usability

Configured connection management is easier. Allows you to separate the administrator’s network from the user’s network if you wish and allows users who have multiple roles within a company (or who frequently visit the same area) to customize networks within groups to make the list of networks to choose from more manageable.

Cisco License

Each application or software may have a license. This also applies to various services from Cisco. Why should you use a license? Of course, so that you can use the application with complete features and also get regular updates.

Why is it called the Cisco IOS license or Internetwork Operating System? This is because the software you will find is used in most Cisco switch and router products.

Previously Cisco used the CatOS system, but for now IOS has been widely used in the latest Cisco devices.

Types of Cisco License

You need to know, for each license from Cisco has various differences, both based on the price, based on the duration of the license, and also based on the type of license itself.

And, Cisco has two kinds of licenses, namely temporary licenses and permanent licenses. What’s the difference?

Permanent License

As the name implies, this permanent license is forever, aka the license will continue to be active as long as you use Cisco’s services.

When this permanent license is installed, all permissions to use the feature will be opened according to the available features. Then you just need to update with the latest license series.

Temporary License

This type of license is given a certain period of time. For example, you buy a license for 1 year, then the license will be active for up to one year.

Until now there are three types of temporary licenses provided by Cisco, namely:

  1. Built-in Licenses for Emergencies
  2. Evaluation Licenses
  3. Extension Licenses


That was how the explanation about Cisco Anyconnect. It is very useful to use various services from Cisco for those of you who are still working from home or WFH so that even though work is done online, it will feel more comfortable and also safer.

If you are interested in purchasing the Cisco Anyconnect service, you can purchase a license at NetData. For license support and Cisco license renewal, you can also use NetData, which is guaranteed in an easy way and at an affordable cost.


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