Reasons Why You Need to Use Aruba Wifi Service

Aruba Wifi

Wifi Aruba – in modern life like this, it has become an important requirement, especially for the operational needs of offices and business industries.

That’s why Aruba Network offers an innovative Aruba WiFi solution to the Indonesian market. This applies to all Indonesian people who are in need of a reliable wireless solution for their personal needs as well as for more efficient business needs.

Aruba Indonesia is indeed a new company, but if you have ever heard of a company called Hewlett Packard Enterprise or HPE which is well known throughout Indonesia.

Wireless Network

A wireless network is a network that connects many devices to each other without using wired media as the delivery medium. This wireless network as a substitute for transmission media that delivers electromagnetic waves.

Usually networks that use cable media such as optical cable, fiber, and UTP, this wireless network only uses electromagnetic waves to transmit signals from one device to another.

Indeed, since the first scientists have indeed discovered wireless networks and operate via radio and radar. There are many types of wireless that exist in this world such as wireless LAN, mobile phones, cordless phones, satellite television, computer and laptop devices, remote controls, and GPS which functions as navigation.

Wireless Network Technology Function

Some of the functions of this wireless network technology are being able to connect devices to other devices wirelessly by utilizing electromagnetic waves.

  • Wireless covers a wider area.
  • Minimize installation costs because the network is installed which is without using cables.
  • WAP wireless access point feature that can manage data traffic.
  • As a traffic controller, WAP can also connect local networks with wireless.
  • The wireless network also functions as an access point controller so that the DHCP server’s job can run smoothly.
  • This wireless network is reinforced with some special equipment such as a booster.
  • As a user, you don’t have to worry about limited space when using WiFi with a wider and more flexible range.
  • The installation costs are cheaper, the installation process is also easier.
  • Can be network installed and indoor or outdoor.

Wireless Network Working Principle

The working principle of this wireless network is that it requires a transreceiver in the form of an adapter. Where this adapter will detect wireless networks in digital form 0s and 1s will be converted into radio signals in analog form.

The speed of data transfer in this wireless network is determined by the modulation technique. The radio signal received by the wireless adapter is more than 2.4 GHz.

The wireless router is a wireless network receiving station which will convert the radio data signal in the form of a digital signal along with a demodulating signal. Then, the signal is sent using an ethernet cable connection to the Super Info road, which you usually know as the internet.

After the router receives the digital data from the internet, then the data will be modulated into analog form. An adapter that receives an analog signal that is modulated and re-demodulated into digital form is then transferred to a computer.

Need, Pins, remember that the technology tools needed by wireless networks to operate optimally are routers and wireless adapters. Fortunately, today’s technology is increasingly sophisticated that complements devices such as computers and laptops with wireless features with high signal strength.

Benefits of Wireless Network

It is undeniable that a wireless network does have many uses and benefits for every user, here are the benefits of a wireless network.


Users can access the network anywhere as long as the signal still reaches the wireless network.

And also you don’t have to always be tied to an office that can hold meetings without having to come to the office because you can use video call technology.

Easy Configuration

Users do not have to arrange complex cables to build a network. But with a wireless network, the configuration will be much easier.

Easier Expansion

With a wireless network, it will be easier to expand by adding devices such as access points without the need to use additional cables and also cost-effective.


Wireless networks are experiencing rapid progress, especially in terms of security. Because this network is equipped with a much stronger security protection.

Increase Productivity

With the installation of a wireless network within the company, it will certainly increase productivity and facilitate cooperation between workers in the company area.

Types of Wireless Networks

There are four types of wireless network coverage, which are as follows:


WLAN or wireless local area network allows two or more devices to be connected to exchange data and information.

This WLAN also provides a connection via an access point for a wider internet network. Usually this WLAN is used in small areas such as office areas, cafes, schools, airports, government complexes, and so on.


This wireless metropolitan area network can interconnect networks at several points in the metropolitan area.

For example, office building A with office building B, or it can also cover a network of one city at a time.


Wireless Wide Area Network that can be used by users who are connected to private or public networks remotely.

This network that covers one country or is the widest utilizes a satellite system such as 2G, 3G, 4G networks and so on.


WPAN or Wireless Personal Area Network is a wireless network that has the smallest range and is only temporary or impromptu.

The distance from this WPAN is usually not far about ten meters. For example, the WPAN network is bluetooth embedded in smartphones, laptops, tablets, and also others.

Device For Building Wireless Network

Wireless or wireless connection for sure we will need a device to build this wireless network. As for some hardware hardware needed to build a wireless network.

Wireless Network Adapter

If this device is on the client side which provides at least one wireless Network adapter to be able to connect to the network via WiFi.

Usually laptops with the latest releases have a built-in wireless network adapter. or you can also add a Wireless Network Adapter to your PC by plugging it into two PCI and USB slots.

Wireless Router / Wireless Access Point

Like a wired network, this wireless network has almost the same function as a router or switch which uses wireless or wireless media.

This wireless network is usually placed in a fairly small area, for example in a home office that only covers that area.

Wireless Antenna

Wireless routers usually use an antenna to expand the signal coverage area. This antenna is optional which can be disassembled as needed.

In addition to the router side, this antenna also functions to be able to reach the signal emitted by the wireless router, with the help of an antenna, a wireless adapter can reach it.

Wireless Repeaters

A wireless repeater can be connected to a wireless router or access point. The use of this wireless repeater is as a signal amplifier of the signal range from the router or AP. It can also save costs without the need to buy another wireless router or access point.

Explanation of Aruba

After we discussed a little about wireless before, we will return to discussing the explanation of the Aruba Network.

Aruba Network offers a selection of network solutions such as for example:

  • Access Point
  • Remote Access Point
  • Switch
  • Gateways & Controllers
  • Network Management
  • SD-WAN
  • Analytics & Assurance
  • Security Solution
  • Network Access Control
  • VPN

Aruba Networks Service

There are many products introduced by Aruba Network to provide modern network solutions as well as various innovations that are different from others so that they can help various products from Aruba Network such as:

Aruba Access Point

Access point is one of the devices that is quite popular in the field of networking. Moreover, transmitting a WiFi signal, of course, we must install an access point that can transmit signals that can transmit long-distance signals and also stronger signals.

Sometimes the router does not have a strong enough signal to transmit the signal outdoors. Therefore, the Aruba access point offers a solution for expanding the WiFi signal to outside the room or outdoors with WLAN technology that can be accessed remotely.

And also this Aruba netweork wireless access point can send wireless signals from one router to another, so it is very useful for those of you who need wide signal coverage inside the building and outside.

Network Solution

By choosing Aruba Network, you will get a very profitable network solution and network security.

You can get these various advantages. You can get various advantages than you choose with other products. Many have become partners from Aruba Indonesia and are starting to be very happy with the performance generated from various Aruba products.

Aruba Network can continue to be a reliable network solution and includes being able to consistently deliver various innovations related to networking and including network security. This has been proven over time, Aruba continues to issue a variety of products that are very helpful in everyday life. Of course, along with special features in the form of low prices for quality products.

Aruba Wireless

Currently there are many who use wireless technology or wireless. With this technology, there will be too many advantages. One of the advantages is that you don’t have to arrange cables or cabling that are too annoying if maintenance is going to be held. With Aruba Wireless, all jobs can be done together with ease.

History of Aruba

Talking about the history of Aruba, we need to look at the name of the previous Aruba Network, namely Aruba wireless Network, which is a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise wireless network company based in Santa Clara, California.

To be precise, it was founded in Sunnyvale, California in 2002 by Keerti Melkote and Pankaj Manglik.

Then Hewlett-Packard acquired Aruba Networks on March 2, 2015 for $3 billion.

On May 19, 2015, HP completed the acquisition. As of November 1, 2015, the company operates as a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Aruba Indonesia Products

Aruba Networks is a company engaged in network technology. Aruba has many network products that it produces, especially network products such as routers, switches, access points, and many more. Here are some descriptions of Aruba products.

Today, the network has been developing more and more, the longer the era has progressed, causing many variations of companies engaged in the field of networking to compete to create many variations of new inventions to attract potential customers. There is one network company that has experience in networking and is trusted by many companies and governments, especially if it’s not Aruba Network.

Aruba Network, formerly known as Aruba Wireless Networks, is a wireless networking subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise based in Santa Clara, California. The company was founded in Sunnyvale, California in 2002 by Keerti Melkote and Pankaj Manglik.

There are a lot of products released by Aruba for modern networking and together with a lot of different inventions as well as others, which of course are very helpful. Various products from Aruba Networks against others:

  • Network: Wi-Fi Access Points (indoor & outdoor), Ethernet Switch, Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) & SD-WAN products
  • Network Management: AirWave Management Platform, cloud based hub; Enable for asset inventory management & provision
  • Network Security: ClearPass Policy Manager for Network Path Control; IntroSpect for User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • Analytics & Service Assurance: NetInsight; Service Assurance Censorship (formerly Cape Networks)
  • Location Based Services: Aruba Beacons, Aruba Tags, Meridian Location Services Engine, Meridian App Builder, Analytics Location Engine (ALE)

Why choose Wifi Aruba

There are several Aruba WiFi products that you can use for personal or business needs. Why choose Aruba WiFi, let’s look at the following things.

Aruba’s Best Service

Aruba’s WiFi solutions that provide innovation are repeatedly considered by third-party analysts as leaders in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch, and visionary in Data Center networks.

The world’s largest companies rely on us to provide a secure, AI-powered edge platform that spans campuses, branches, data centers, and remote work environments.

Aruba has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception, and continues to make significant investments to deliver Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), the first platform that goes beyond conventional network management to provide AI-enabled operations, provisioning, orchestration, security, and regional infrastructure. from the cloud.

The advantages and disadvantages of Aruba Wifi

Aruba WiFi also has advantages but also disadvantages that you might use as a reference for choosing Aruba, including:


  • Capable of transmitting a wider and easier signal.
  • Sturdy and redundancy.
  • More stable operation.
  • Better speed and coverage area.
  • Good documentation and online help.
  • It can be adopted by any organization where they need a secure, high-quality wireless coverage with incredible speeds and zero disconnection.
  • It can be easily integrated with the Identity Management portal for users to wirelessly access on board or off board by simply adding or deleting an e-mail address and that’s it.
  • Easy integration with Cisco Identity Management tools for centralized authentication and compliance posture with security policy updates.


  • Does not provide a charger.
  • Sometimes there is no manual book or documentation.
  • Sometimes technical facilities take a while to complete.
  • A few minor issues for a custom configuration change that had to be worked on so it wouldn’t work.
  • Managing from a website UI can be a pain.
  • It is very detailed, which may be difficult to understand.
  • IDS\IPS is weak in more ways than one.
  • The auto-sign capability feature can do a bit of work. It seems even more so when we reject it during the walk, it tries to increase the signal strength.

Aruba License

Each product from Aruba Network must have its own license which has different features and functions.

Aruba’s license is controller based. Where a license key is a unique alphanumeric string that is generated using a controller’s serial number and is valid for only one controller.

Activating a New License on Your Controller

  1. The steps for installing and activating a new license for each Aruba Network product are as follows:
  2. Obtain a valid Aruba software license from your sales account manager or authorized reseller (see Requesting a Software License in Email).
  3. Find the serial number of your process controller (see Finding the System Serial Number).
  4. Use your process serial number to obtain the software license key from the Aruba Software License Management web: (see Obtaining Software License Keys).
  5. Enter the software license key using one of the following procedures:
  • Navigate to the Configuration > Network > Controller > System Settings page of the ArubaOS WebUI and specify the
  • License tab. Enter the software license key and click Apply (see Applying the Software License Key on the WebUI).
  • Launch the License Wizard from the WebUI Configuration tab and click New. Enter the software license key in the area provided (see Applying the Software License Key in the Licensing Wizard).
  • Use the add license command in the CLI.

Activating the New Flexible License on Your Controller

  1. Get a valid Aruba software license with flexible licensing support from your sales account manager or authorized reseller. Note You can view Request Software License in Email. You will be able to request the appropriate number of licenses when ordering your license.
  2. A single license certificate will be issued, which contains the following Info:
  • Member number (e.g. LIC-AP-FLEX)
  • Quantity (eg. 450)
  1. Follow steps 2-4 of Activating a New License on Your Controller to complete the install process.
  2. The new license limit will take effect immediately.


If you already know what Aruba’s WiFi services are above, you will definitely choose Aruba for your company’s WiFi solution.

Aruba WiFi does have many excellent products that you can choose according to your needs both for small businesses and for large businesses.

Of course, an affordable price is also a very important consideration in choosing this Aruba WiFi solution.

Also don’t forget you also need an Aruba license which will make it easier for you to use the full features of Aruba WiFi and get the best usage rights.

You can buy this Aruba license on NetData at an inexpensive price too. May be useful.


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