Here are the Positive and Negative Impacts of the Internet Development

Internet Development

Internet Development – The Internet has opened up various kinds of knowledge. Internet has helped various things related to our daily life. All things are created because there is a need. However, all the things that are created have unwanted effects. Like the internet, there are positive and negative effects of the internet which of course you should know.

Of course you have to know it. Because after all, the internet has indeed become a daily need and even a primary need for most people in Indonesia and even throughout the world. Exchanging news, looking for the most updated news, looking for important information, looking for entertainment, it is now no doubt that the internet provides it widely.

What are the positive and negative impacts of the internet that you need to know?


Before discussing the positive and negative impacts of the internet, let’s find out more about what is meant by the internet and also how the internet has grown so far that you can use it easily and at a low cost.

Let’s discuss!

Understanding of the Internet

The Internet is the world’s largest library, shopping mall, information center and social meeting point, all rolled into one. You can connect with friends and family, search for information, sell and buy goods, pay bills, play games, watch movies, and much more via the internet. Best of all, you don’t need much to get started.

The Internet is a global wide area network that connects computer systems around the world. It includes multiple high-bandwidth data lines that comprise the internet “backbone”. These lines connect to major Internet hubs that distribute data to other locations, such as web servers and ISPs.

Internet Development

The internet has such a long history that you can use it as easily and as cheaply as you can access it.

Credit for the early concept that evolved into the World Wide Web is usually given to Leonard Kleinrock. In 1961, he wrote about the ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet, in a paper entitled “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets.” Kleinrock, along with other innovators such as J.C.R. Licklider, the first director of the Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO), provided the backbone for the ubiquitous stream of email, media, Facebook posts, and tweets that are now shared online every day.

The Internet’s precursor began in the early days of computer history, in 1969 with the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). ARPA-funded researchers developed many of the protocols used for Internet communications today.

Difference Internet, Ethernet, Intranet

In addition to the internet, maybe you’ve also heard of ethernet and intranet. They both look the same don’t they? But broadly speaking, this understanding is not always correct, there are differences between the three explanations.

What sets it apart?

1. Internet

The Internet is a collection of networks that use the Internet Protocol (IP), and that collection of networks, both public and private, spans the globe.

2. Ethernet

Ethernet is something completely different from the internet as well as intranets. It is used to encapsulate or carry internet protocol traffic, among other network layer protocols.

Ethernet is used to form a local area network (LAN), the scope of which can be a room, home, data center, office, building, campus, etc. Ethernet can be extended to a metropolitan area by renting an Ethernet connection from a metro Ethernet or metropolitan area network (MAN) provider.

3. Intranet

In contrast to the internet, an intranet is a private or corporate network that uses IP, and the term can refer to a web-based portal on a private network or a VPN used within an organization and its partners and/or customers. Usually cannot be accessed from the Internet without an additional encrypted tunnel or proxy.

Positive Impact of the Internet

The internet is probably one of the greatest inventions so far. Accessibility The development of the Internet has opened the world to people by removing geographic barriers and sharing information instantly.

There are several positive impacts of the internet that you can get for now, including:

1. Increase the insight and knowledge

One of the positive effects of the internet from the internet is the abundance of information. With the internet, you are one step away from getting almost any type of information you could possibly need for your business or personal use. Whether you want to know more about a particular medical condition or know the political situation in a particular country, they have it all available.

2. Become a Communication Media

If asked the main benefit of the internet is communication of course. Internet technology has made it possible for people and businesses to communicate with their friends and clients more conveniently.

It only takes seconds to send a message so it’s more convenient. For example, if a business has adopted email marketing, it will be able to send monthly newsletters and discount ads to possible/subscribed clients. While an individual can communicate via email, chat rooms and even video conferencing as well.

3. Easy to Find Job Vacancies

Have you ever imagined how you would find a job without using the internet? Of course it’s very difficult. Just imagine, before the internet was booming in Indonesia, finding a job was very difficult, looking for information about companies was limited to those around you, looking for job vacancies was usually in the newspapers. Now? You can work for companies that are overseas though.

Getting information about job vacancies is indeed one of the most obvious positive effects of the internet today.

4. Easy to Make Transactions and Do Business

The internet has a positive impact, namely being able to make transactions easily. One of them is easy in conducting transactions and also doing business.

Almost all companies or government agencies have shifted their services online, thanks to internet technology that continues to develop. Unlike ten years ago, now you can file your taxes online, book flights or medical appointments online or even shop online. You can also order an online consultation for almost anything.

Negative Impact of the Internet

People’s love for the Development of the Internet can bring a lot of harm to their lives. The negative impact of the internet cannot be ignored anymore because so many teenagers suffer from Internet Addiction Disorder, and so many women become addicted to online shopping.

1. Pornography

In our digital age, there is an almost unlimited amount of content on the Internet. While there are excellent resources, such as Wikipedia, less desirable content exists as well. As a result, users may accidentally come across violent or pornographic images that they may not want to see. However, pornography is a serious problem because it can be addictive.

2. The Spread of False Information

Misinformation is sometimes a side effect of unintentional bias. Misguided opinions can lead to the unintentional spread of misinformation, where individuals do not intend to spread false propaganda, but the false information they share is not vetted and referenced.

3. Showing Cruelty

The internet can indeed display anything they want, and not everyone uses the internet wisely. Sometimes, the internet also provides various things that smell like cruelty.

Whether it’s cruelty to humans, animals, or plants, everything can be on the internet.

4. Fraud

Cybercriminals can be very creative when it comes to tricking people for money. They will use a variety of methods to target their victims, from impersonating government officials to creating fake online marketplaces. Time and again they prove to be highly adaptable, adapting their deception to a variety of hot topics.

How to Anticipate the Negative Impacts of the Internet

Although the internet has a positive impact and the negative impact of the internet also overshadows it, this negative impact cannot always be eliminated. However, at least the negative impact of the internet can be anticipated either from yourself or from other parties.

1. Early Education

The best way in which you can prevent the negative effects of the internet is to educate early on. You can apply this when you already have children. This can also be applied by teaching staff to guide their students to know the negative impact of the very dangerous internet.

2. Parental Control

The role of parents in anticipating the negative impacts of the internet is very important. Parents are at the forefront to supervise their children in accessing the internet. Young children cannot fully understand the internet, they just use it without knowing its negative impact. So, parental supervision is very important.

3. Filtering All Information Received

Not all the information you get on the internet is 100% valid, let alone just the opinions of other people who are not credible. Make sure when you get information from the internet, look for the source, is it true that the information conveyed is true.

4. Don’t easily trust strangers

Just like the reasons above, don’t easily trust people you don’t know. It’s a good idea to be more careful when you discuss with other people who you have never met.

5. Limit Internet Use

To avoid addiction to the internet, it’s good to limit the use of the internet. This is self-awareness as you grow into an adult. And if it’s children let alone your child, limit the use of the internet. It’s okay, for example, when you have finished doing your homework and studying or giving your child time to play on the internet at certain hours.

Internet Benefits

The internet has many benefits. The development of the Internet can help various things related to work or everyday life.

The internet is one of the best innovations in the world. It is a great tool that we can use to connect with the world and have access to all kinds of information.

Benefits of the Internet for Daily Life

If you are still confused about what are the benefits of the internet for everyday life, here are some of the benefits of the internet for some fields that are commonly around you and you may also feel it.

1. Benefits in Education

One of the biggest advantages is that it gives teachers and students the ability to access all kinds of different information from resources from around the world. No longer limited by outdated encyclopedias, anything you want to learn is just a click away.

Teachers also have more resources at their fingertips, which can greatly improve their lesson planning process.

2. Benefits in the Health Sector

Many health-related processes will be reshaped by the Internet. In clinical settings, the Internet allows service providers to gain instant access to information that can assist in the diagnosis of a health condition or the development of an appropriate treatment plan. It can make patient records, test results, and practice guidelines accessible from the examination room.

It can also allow service providers to consult with each other electronically to discuss treatment plans or surgical procedures.

3. Benefits in Business

One of the great advantages of doing business through a website is that the Internet never sleeps. If an insomniac wakes up at 2 a.m., they can pass the time shopping on your site. You don’t even have to arrange a night shift to close a sale. The internet reaches through space as well as time. Someone 2,000 miles away can buy from you as easily as your next door neighbor.

4. Benefits in the Field of Information Communication

Of course this is the benefit of the Internet Development that you do every day. Is to communicate and share information. With the internet, it’s easier for you to talk to your friends who are at the end of the world, even if it’s as easy as talking to them directly.

5. Benefits in the Field of Social and Entertainment

As for the social and entertainment fields, the development of the Internet plays a very important role to provide various kinds of entertainment and communication forums where you can make friends from the internet.


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