How to Overcome Unidentified Network on Internet Network

How to Overcome Unidentified Network on Internet Network

Browsing or surfing in cyberspace certainly requires a smooth internet network. But sometimes problems occur when we try to connect to the internet network such as No Internet Access, Unidentified Network. In the following we will discuss How to Overcome Unidentified Network that can help you in solving this problem.

Internet Definition

Before discussing How to Overcome Unidentified Network, we must first understand the meaning of the internet, which is a communication network that functions to connect one device to another correctly and quickly.
This internet network can connect computers and can send information via signal transmission with adjusted frequencies.
To be able to transmit data, the internet has rules or protocols that have been adapted globally, namely TCP/IP or (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).
TCP/IP is a form of data exchange protocol that already meets global standards. After that, he carried out a process to connect a series of internet called internetworking.
The internet has many uses in accessing applications such as websites, email, or voip.

Internet Benefits

The internet has many benefits in everyday life, including:

Business Field

The internet has now become a very important facility in the business world in the modern era as it is today.
This is proven by many companies and industries starting to digitize their business by utilizing the internet such as company profiles, e-commerce, startup businesses, and other creative industries.
An important factor that the internet pays attention to in terms of business benefits is that it allows companies to develop their business more broadly.

Field Of Education

Regarding how to overcome unidentified networks, the internet is really needed in the field of education.
Which by accessing the internet can provide a lot of information related to modules, articles, journals, and general science.
Therefore, smooth and stable internet access is needed according to this article.

Information Field

As mentioned earlier, the internet can also be a facility to access various fields of information.
Can use ways to overcome unidentified network You can use the internet more stably and smoothly.
In accordance with the understanding of the internet itself, in this modern world, there are many digital information media that can be accessed by the internet.
So that information such as news, weather information, sports, and other information can be accessed more easily and more widely


The internet is not only a facility to access information, you can also search for various health needs such as drugs, prescriptions, healthy lifestyle knowledge, and hospital referrals via the internet.

Social and Entertainment Sector

In the social and entertainment fields, millennials are also widely used by utilizing the internet with various sites and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and many more..

How to Overcome Unidentified Network

Unidentified Network problems usually occur due to an error in the network configuration or incorrect network settings.
In how to solve an unidentified network this time I will summarize some solutions that you can try the following.

Disconnect and Reconnect Connection

For the first way on your network is to connect and disconnect repeatedly.
How to overcome this unidentified network may sound very simple but often can fix this problem.
By reconnecting, what actually happens is that your device will request a new IP address from the router or server

Reinstalling the Mobile Partner App

For the second method, it requires an application as an internet connection connector, namely Mobile Partner.
By reinstalling this application, you can usually solve some internet problems such as errors and network configuration errors.
How to overcome an unidentified network also makes the router or modem refresh so it is highly recommended to try it.

Using CMD to Set IP

For the third way is a bit complicated because you need a CMD application to change the IP of your device.
Indeed IP will be set automatically by the Windows Operating system. In this way we will try to update the IP that has been assigned by the OS.
It’s like this:
  • Press Windows key + R on your keyboard, and type CMD then press enter.
  • After the CMD window opens, type the command “ipconfig/release” > then Enter.
  • Then type the command “ipconfig/renew” > Press Enter again.

The above command function:

ipconfig/release To reset the IP configuration that is already running.
ipconfig/renew To assign a new IP and replace the old IP.


  • This method is very effective for those of you who use a LAN or LAN network that is connected to the router.
  • If an error occurred while releasing the wifi interface appears, you can use the following new command in CMD.
No CMD command
1 netsh winsock reset
2 netsh int ip reset
3 ipconfig/release
4 ipconfig/renew
5 ipconfig/flushdns

The last step is to check again whether your internet connection is back or not.

Using Static IP in Internet Configuration

If the previous method has not worked. Then there is a possibility that the dynamic IP provided by the provider has an error.
The solution is we can replace the dynamic IP with a static IP which we have to manually set in the following way:
  • Open the Control Panel window > Select Network and Internet.
  • Select the Network And Sharing Center > then select the Change adapter settings menu on the left of the screen.
  • Then select the connection used, right click > select the Properties menu.
  • Look for the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) setting options > Then click Properties as shown below.
  • After that, the IP address columns appear and you try to fill in the IP address as shown in the example below.

If you are still confused about how many IPs to enter, then you can see the list of IP addresses provided by your provider.


Setting DNS

If you change the static IP address, the other way is to fill in the DNS IP column as shown below.

DNS or Domain Name Service serves to provide a list of domain names and website IPs that can be translated by our computer.
Usually the DNS at the provider has problems so that the computer cannot access the website even though the computer is connected to the internet.
The following are some DNS that you can use:
Preferred DNS
Alternate DNS

Uninstall Driver in Device Manager

Unidentified network can also be caused because the modem driver on your computer has a problem or error.
This driver acts as a device identifier to your computer, if the drive has an error then devices such as wifi receivers, modems, and other network devices are not recognized by the computer so that the internet cannot be connected properly.
The next way is to reinstall the network device driver on your computer in the following way :
  • You can open the Device Manager window by right-clicking on the START Menu at the bottom left of the Desktop for the Windows 10 operating system.
  • When the Device Manager window opens, click Network Adapters > find the internet device you are using.
  • Right click > select Uninstall.

You need to restart your computer so that the drivers can be installed again automatically. Then check if the internet is back

Turn off Firewall

For those of you who use a LAN network, there are rarely problems due to this Unidentified Network.
However, the firewall settings can also affect the connection using a LAN cable for example the firewall accidentally blocks the network connection on your computer.
The way is to disable the following firewall: :

The method:

  • Type Firewall in the Windows Search field.
  • Select Properties on the right menu.
  • On the Profile tab > change the Firewall State to Off.

Reinstall your Windows

If the way to overcome unidentified network above does not work at all. Then the last solution is to reinstall your windows operating system.
It’s troublesome, but this method is effective for resetting all existing systems on your computer or laptop so that the faulty functions can run normally again.

Try Switching Network Device

If it still doesn’t work, then there is a possibility that your network or internet device is damaged.
How to test it, first check whether your internet provider is experiencing interference or not, for example, if there is a signal tower repair in your area.
If so, then wait a while for your internet to return to normal.
If not, the other way to overcome the unidentified network is to replace your network device, be it your modem, router, or wifi receiver.

For a more complete explanation, visit NDS

Those are some explanations about how to overcome unidentified network that you can apply on the Windows 10 operating system.
If you are still confused about the tutorial above, you can see various tutorials related to internet problems on the website


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