Check out How to Setup Cisco Aironet Access Point

Check out How to Setup Cisco Aironet Access Point

In the development of equipment from Cisco, it is very easy for various lines of business, including access points. In this article, we will discuss How to Setup Cisco Aironet Access Point properly and get to know more about Cisco Aironet.

Get to know Cisco Aironet Access Points

Before discussing How to Setup Cisco Aironet Access Point, we should get to know more closely what Cisco Aironet is and also its various features and advantages in terms of computer networks. Let’s look at the following reviews

What is a Cisco Aironet Access Point?

Cisco aironet access point is one of the access point product series from Cisco which has many modern features in it such as supporting 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac (Wave 2) wifi signals, compact, easy to install on the wall or ceiling. , and supports 2×2:2 SS MU-MIMO applications.

Features And Benefits

In terms of features and benefits Cisco aironet access points are able to increase the needs of mobility, and the Internet of Things on your network, as well as a strengthened security system and excellent data transmission speed.
Cisco aironet access points have the advantage that they can exceed standard Wi-fi 6 signals and can provide radio frequency features in high density environments.


Cisco aironet access points support Wifi 6 networks powered by artificial intelligence that can detect encrypted threats to help stop irresponsible parties from entering the network gateway.

Made for IoT

Cisco aironet access points are designed to meet your Internet of Things needs such as providing Bluetooth low energy features and Wifi tags, signal transmitters, and other IoT sensors that can be configured easily using a cloud dashboard.

Reliability compared to its competitors

With superior connectivity, integrated security, and insightful action, 6 wifi networks you can rely on to do your business.

Collaboration with other well-known brands

Cisco does not innovate on its own, even well-known network device brands like Cisco also collaborate with many other developers in creating wifi 6 network products that can be run more sophisticatedly.

How to Setup Cisco Aironet Access Point

In discussing how to set up a Cisco Aironet access point, please note that this access point is standalone.
The advantage of configuring a Cisco access point is that it can cut operational costs. And can be used to build a wireless network at a lower cost.
The following is how to set up the Cisco aironet AIR-CAP-3502e-C-K9 Access point as an example.

Tools That Need to be Prepared

The tools that must be prepared before configuring a Cisco Aironet Access point include:
  1. UTP cable 2 pieces.
  2. Console cable.
  3. Access points and POE.
  4. TFTP server application.
  5. putty app.
  6. IOS automatic access point file.

The Physical Form of the Access Point Device Consists of:

As for one access point device, it consists of several components, namely:

Port for Console cable

This port is useful for connecting console cables that can connect the access point to a router or switch.

Port ethernet

The ethernet port is useful for connecting an ethernet cable from the access point to a local network, either a metropolitan area (MAN), or a wide area network (WAN).

Radio (2.4 Ghz frequency only)

Radio0 or 2.4 GHz frequency can be connected to port number 0.

Radio (only 5 Ghz Frequency)

Radio0 or 5 GHz frequency can be connected to port number 1.

BV11 (bridge-only virtual interface)

A port for Bridge mode which is used for wireless networking and deploys using the same SSID and password.

Steps for setting up Cisco Access Point Aironet

Here are the steps for setting up a Cisco Aironet Access point:

Turn on the Access Point Device

Cisco aironet access points use conventional adapters and are equipped with POE or Power Over Ethernet.
First we have to turn on the Cisco Aironet Access point does not have a special power button but only connects to power using a UTP cable.
You need to pay attention to the following ports:
The ethernet to AP port is the port to the Access Point.
Then the ethernet port to Switch is a port to be connected to a computer.
Please note that do not enter the wrong port during the installation process, because it can cause a short circuit that can damage the Cisco Aironet Access point device.

Reinstall IOS On Access Point

The next configuration stage is to reinstall the IOS on the Cisco Aironet Access point by connecting the console cable to the console port on the Cisco Aironet Access point.
To find out the number of connected console ports you can open the device manager. If an error occurs, make sure that the serial usb driver is installed on the computer.

Prepare IOS first using TFTP Server

For the next stage download the application and install it on the server computer used for data transmission.
You can download this application on the official TFTP server website then choose the right application, either 32 bit or 64 bit.
Open the TFTPD application, allocate the tftp file storage and can be adjusted to the computer interface connected to the router network.
To set the tftp server, click the settings button.
Select the global tab, then tick the TFTP server, click OK, then go to the TFTP tab.
Browse base folder or folder allocation for tftp. This folder is specially made for tftp storage created. You can put the folder anywhere.
Click OK to complete the configuration, then restart the application.

Use Putty To Enter CLI Pages

PuTTY is an application that is often used to configure Cisco Aironet Access points.
First you open the CLI application and type the following command:

Ap : set Ap : flash_init

Ap : ether_init

Ap : tftp_init

Ap : tar –xtract tftp:// flash:

Ap : set BOOT flash:/ap3g1-k9w7-mx.153-3.JD4/ap3g1-k9w7-mx.153-3.JD4

Ap : boot

When the above steps are complete, make sure that the IOS boot is difficult with the following command:

Ap> sh ver

Make sure IOS has booted successfully using IOS flash:/ap3g1-k9w7-mx.153-3.JD4/ap3g1-k9w7-xx.153-3.JD4

How to Set a Complete Cisco Aironet Access Point Is On NetData

Those are some things about setting up a Cisco aironet Access point that might make it easier for you to How to Setup Cisco Aironet Access Point device.
For those of you who feel confused, you can use managed services at NetData. The managed services provided by NetData are all network-related management services, such as configuring Cisco Aironet Access points to overall network setup.
In addition, NetData provides Cisco Aironet Access point products in various series that are original and have official guarantees.


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