Begini Cara Setting Cisco DPC3828S

Here's How to Setup Cisco DPC3828S
In an internet network at home, of course there are several hardware connected to form a complex network, especially for office networks. In an office network in general, there are modems, routers, and access points. Of course, some of these hardware must be connected simultaneously so that they get a good internet network. Therefore, introduce, Cisco DPC3828s.
Gateway is indeed a solution where the internet network can be well connected. Sending data between one device with another device can certainly be relied upon. Of course, when you choose a product from Cisco, you can no longer doubt the quality. Wireless gateway with high performance and easy and fast setup method will make you very satisfied with this Cisco DPC3828s.
In this article, we will discuss how to set this Cisco DPC3828s easily and also in a fast way.

What is Cisco DPC3828s

Now, we will first discuss what the Cisco DPC3828s is which is the most compatible wireless gateway for small network use such as home or small office and what it does, its specifications, and a brief description.

Cisco DPC3828s

The Cisco® Residential Wireless Gateway Model DPC3828 is a high-performance home gateway that combines a cable modem, router, and wireless access point in one device, providing a cost-effective networking solution for homes and small offices.
Cisco provides a faster connection to the Internet by combining eight bound downstream channels together with four bound upstream channels. This bonded channel can provide downstream data rates of more than 400 Mbps and upstream data rates of more than 120 Mbps. Downloads are up to eight times faster than conventional single-channel DOCSIS® 2.0 cable modems.

Functions of Wifi DPC3828s

The Cisco DPC3828 integrated router has Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Network Address Translation (NAT) and Network Address and Port Translation (NAPT) servers, and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI). These features allow users to share a single high-speed public Internet connection and share files and folders between devices on a home network by attaching multiple wired and wireless devices to an active home or office to a wireless residential gateway.
Consumer-friendly features such as Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) and user-configured Parental Control can protect a home network from unwanted intruders and family members from accessing unwanted websites.


The specifications for the Cisco DPC3828s are as follows:
  • Standard
  • IEEE 802.11n
  • Wireless Data Rates
  • 400 Mbps
  • Size
  • Height: 2.1″
  • Width: 5.7″
  • Depth: 7.7″
Cisco DPC3828s Features:
  • Product Type: Wireless Modem/Router
  • Broadband Transmission Technology: Cable
  • ISM Band: Yes
  • UNII Band: No
  • Ethernet Technology: Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB: Yes
  • Number of Network Ports (RJ-45): 4
  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • PoE Port: No
  • Weight (Approx.):15.17 ounces


Cisco DPC3828s can be used for providers that use coax transmission. In Indonesia, there are already many providers that use the transition system. The description of the Cisco DPC3828s is as follows:
  • Cisco DPC3828S (Wifi) 4 ethernet ports
  • Cisco DPC3828S Wifi (Cable Modem)

Cisco DPC3828S Login Guide

Now, before you buy a Cisco DPC3828s, it’s a good idea to know how to log in to settings according to your needs.
The method is as follows:
  • Open your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or any other browser)
  • Type (default IP to access the admin interface) in the address bar of your internet browser to access the router’s web-based user interface.
  • You will see 2 text fields where you can enter your username and password.
  • Check the bottom of your router. There you will find your login credentials. If not, refer to your router’s manual.
  • Enter username & password, press “Enter” and you will now see your router control panel. For those who have not changed, the user and password are “admin”.

Default login IP for Cisco routers

You tried different router IPs but nothing works? Have you tried the following IPs? In the list below we list all known router IPs for Cisco manufacturers. Maybe this will work for you.
IP Router Defaults:
  • acquired via DHCP

Security checklist for Cisco routers

Next is to discuss the Cisco security checklist. Of course, the first thing you have to do is login to the system as described above. If so, continue the steps below:

Change Cisco Default Login and Password

Since network security is so important, the first and foremost task is to change the Cisco router’s Default Login and Password to something more private and secure.
Router Password Tips:
  1. Choose a complex, hard-to-guess password for your Cisco that only you can remember
    It should be something private, like &ilosmyvirginity@30, so you never forget it. Once
  2. Protect it
    The amount of protection directly depends on the complexity of the password, and the effort made to password protect your Cisco router
  3. Main uses
    Provide a Password for your Cisco router that you can remember (usability first). Of course, you can create strong hashed passwords with special characters, numbers, greek and latin. But in the end you will write it on sticky and put it on the router which defeats its purpose. This is an example of Asdqawsed123!@#

Change Cisco DPC3828S Default WiFi Name (SSID) and WiFi Password and enable Network Encryption

Another small suggestion (since it has no impact on security), is to change the Default WiFi name (SSID) as it will make it clearer for others to know which network they are connecting to.
Look for Network Name (SSID), this is the name of your Cisco WiFi Router. Do not use your name, home address or other personal information in the SSID name.
After you enter a name for your network, you must enable WPA2-PSK encryption on your Cisco router. It is the strongest encryption standard available for home networks.
Enter a new WPA Pre-Shared Key / WiFi Password – this is the password you will use to connect to your home WiFi. Save 16-20 characters and remember! don’t use the same password you use to login Cisco routers!

Update router firmware on Cisco DPC3828S and enable Automatic Updates

Router software often contains critical bugs and security vulnerabilities; so it is important that you enable Automatic Firmware update and keep your Cisco DPC3828S router up to date. To enable Automatic updates, Log in to your Cisco DPC3828S router and look for the section containing Automatic updates and turn it “ON”
And even if the router has automatic updates, check every now and then to make sure it’s actually working, and the router’s firmware is up-to-date.

Security Is An Ongoing Process

Remember to change passwords frequently or at least once in 6 months! on your Cisco DPC3828S You don’t want your hard-earned safety to fail just because of ignorance, negligence, or plain laziness!

Cisco DPC3828S Router Reset instructions

How to reset for this Cisco DPC3828s router? here’s how:

How to Reset Cisco DPC3828S Router To Factory Default

  1. Turn on the Cisco DPC3828S router
  2. Look for a reset button, Some routers have a pinhole and some have a reset button
  3. Press the Factory Reset button with a straightened paperclip pin or something through the pinhole, and hold it for about 15 seconds! (until you see all the lights flashing)
  4. The Cisco DPC3828S router will reboot automatically. the unit has been reset and is ready to use. You can start from Step 1 in this guide to set it up

To Get Cisco DPC3828s visit NDS

How? Very easy and very reliable isn’t it Cisco DPC3828s? if you want to get it, you can rely on NDS to be able to get a gateway and router that is multi-functional and also with this easy setup method. You will be able to get a cheap and reliable price because NDS is the official partner of Cisco Indonesia that many people have relied on!



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