Don’t Randomly Change the LAN Cable Color Order, Why?

Don't Randomly Change the LAN Cable Color Order, Why
Surely you’ve seen the end of the LAN cable which has a different color. Is there a specific LAN cable color order? Or is there a special function of each color on the LAN cable? therefore in this article we will discuss more clearly about LAN cables.
LAN cable or UTP cable is usually used as a cable that connects the computer to the router in order to use internet facilities.
Back in the early 2000s before wireless technology aka wifi was a trend, usually if people wanted to use the internet they had to connect a LAN cable to a router or modem.
In sorting the color of the LAN cable, don’t be careless because besides being unusable, you can’t repeat the process and have to use a new RJ45. Therefore, here are some things you need to pay attention to when installing a LAN cable.

LAN Cable at a Glance

Talking about the color order of LAN cables, we will briefly discuss the LAN cables below.
LAN cable itself has an important role in building a local network between devices such as computers, routers, switches, access points, and other devices.
LAN cables often use UTP or Unshielded Twisted Pair cables with RJ 45 connectors.
UTP cable was chosen because it is cheaper than STP or Shielded Twisted Pair. LAN networks that use UTP cables are usually used indoors, while for outdoor use STP which has better resistance to weather.

Definition of LAN Cable

UTP or LAN cable is a transmission medium that can connect several devices or computers in a limited area, such as a home, office, or school.
Besides being able to connect network devices to other devices in a network, LAN cables can also be used as a medium for connecting telephone cables that have flexible characteristics and have fairly good data rates.
The types of LAN cable color sequences used are:
  1. Straight Cable (straight)
  2. Cross Cable (cross)
  3. Roll cable

LAN Cable Color Order

In a LAN cable, there are usually 8 colors of cable colors. Each cable has a different color and has a different type of LAN cable color order depending on the type of sequence.
However, the most commonly used is the color sequence of the following straight or straight type LAN cable: White-Orange
  1. Orange
  2. White-Green
  3. Blue
  4. White blue
  5. Green
  6. White-Brown
  7. Chocolate

Function of each LAN cable color

Maybe you don’t know that each sequence of these LAN cables has its own function as below.


Orange color cable serves as a medium for sending data packets.


The White Orange cable has a function as a medium for sending data packets.


The green cable has a function as a medium for sending data packets.

White Green

The white and green cable has a function as a medium for sending data packets.


The blue cable serves as a medium for sending voice packets.


The blue white cable serves as a medium for sending voice packets.


The brown cable is used for sending DC voltage.


The brown white cable is used to send DC voltage.

Necessary tools for LAN cabling

Before sorting the LAN cable, we must need a tool that can make it easier to make a LAN cable, including:
Before carrying out the configuration practice, there are several tools that need to be prepared to facilitate the manufacture of cables, which are as follows:

UTP Cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

UTP cable is a special type of cable to be used as a data conductor with a speed based on the category. For example, UTP category 5 or Cat 5 UTP cables have speeds of up to 100 Mbps.
UTP cable consists of 8 small wires that have different colors. Their respective colors are orange, white orange, blue, blue white, green, green white, brown, and white chocolate.

Jack RJ-45

RJ 45 jack is a type of socket that can be used as a connector for the eight small cables in the UTP cable.

Crimping Tools

To be able to glue the eight small cables on the UTP cable on the RJ 45, which must use a tool called crimping tools. This tool is able to peel and cut the ends of the colored wires so that they can connect to the conductor.

LAN Cable Color Order Type

To be clear about the type of LAN cable sequence, namely straight, cross, and roll the following:


The first type of LAN cable sequence is straight or straight which has the same color between one end and the other. This type of LAN cable is usually used to connect 2 different devices, namely to connect computers, routers, switches, and others.
The sequence of straight LAN cables is as follows:
Ujung 1 Ujung 2
White-Orange White-Orange
Orange Orange
White-Green White-Green
Blue Blue
White-Blue White-Blue
Green Green
White-Brown White-Brown
Brown Brown


For LAN cable cross over has a difference between one end to the other. This type of cable has the same function as a straight cable, namely to connect similar devices in a computer network, for example a switch with a switch, a router with a computer.

The following is an explanation of the color order of the Cross-over LAN cable types:

Ujung 1 Ujung 2
White-Orange White-Green
Orange Green
White-Green White-Orange
Blue Blue
White-Blue White-Blue
Green Orange
White-Brown White-Brown
Brown Brown


This type of roll over LAN cable color order is similar to a cross over which has a different color sequence from one end to the other.
This type of cable is used to connect network devices to external devices, such as connecting a switch to a projector, a switch to a printer, and so on.

The following is an explanation of the roll over LAN cable color order:

Ujung 1 Ujung 2
White-Orange Brown
Orange White-Brown
White-Green Green
Blue White-Blue
White-Blue Blue
Green White-Green
White-Brown Orange
Brown White-Orange

Interesting information on LAN cable color order is on NDS

That’s some information about the color order of straight, cross, and roll LAN cables so that there is no mistake in installing LAN cables in the correct and appropriate order.
For those of you who want to buy a complete and affordable LAN cable or network device, you can buy it at NetData or on the website.
NetData also provides a variety of LAN cabling services as well as being able to consult on network installation that suits your business needs.


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