Fortinet SD-WAN Network Security Solution For You!

Fortinet SD-WAN Network Security Solution For You!
For a large organization, of course, the network owned must have assistance from SD-WAN. With the SD-WAN, besides being used to connect the head office with branch offices, there are also various other advantages. This time, we will introduce Fortinet SD-WAN which can be a recommendation for those of you who are looking for quality SD-WAN at an affordable price.
Of course, this time we will discuss an explanation of Fortinet SD-WAN along with the various advantages that you can get if you install this quality SD-WAN on your network.

Complete Explanation About Fortinet SD-WAN

Before explaining the product details, of course you should know a detailed explanation about SD-WAN.
SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) is a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), where it is a network abstracted from the hardware, creating a virtual network overlay.
Operators can manage and scale these overlays remotely, spanning wide geographic distances. It is a software-defined networking (SDN) networking application.
SD-WAN can connect multiple branch locations to a central hub office or span multiple locations on a large campus such as a university campus. Because it is abstracted from hardware, it is more flexible and available than standard WANs. It relies on four main components:
  • Edge connectivity abstraction
  • WAN virtualization
  • Centralized management
  • Elastic traffic management
SD-WAN uses an abstract architecture for its network. In the abstract architecture, the network is divided into two parts: the control plane and the forwarding field. The SD-WAN architecture moves the plane of control to a centralized location such as an organization’s headquarters. That way, the network can be managed remotely without the need for local IT staff.
Fortinet FortiGate delivers a fast, scalable and flexible Secure SD-WAN for cloud-first, security-sensitive, global enterprises. Security-Driven Networking from Fortinet combines SD-WAN, Next Gen Firewall (NGFW), and advanced routing to:
  • Delivering a superior quality of experience at any scale
  • Accelerate network and security convergence, and simplify WAN architecture
  • Set consistent network and security policies
  • Achieve operational efficiency through automation, deep analysis and self-recovery

Advantages of Fortinet SD-WAN

In addition to the Next Gen Firewall technology which is certainly better than firewalls in general, there are various advantages of Fortinet SD-WAN that you should know, including:

Multiple Link Resilience (Multiple Link Resilience)

Typically, in a traditional WAN network environment there is only one incoming network destination to each location. However, by using SD-WAN from Fortinet, you can use many links from various ISPs, each of which is different, and can eliminate problems that occur at one point that can cause network errors.

Higher Agility

Setting up a network quickly and securely is a must if you build another branch office. With Fortinet SD-WAN, you can manage your network easily, quickly, and securely with any ISP that is suitable for each location.

Optimized Use of Resources

SD-WAN allows you to intelligently assign key applications to multiple links, including internal tracks and Internet connections, providing a different Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee for each. This allows you to apply the right energy source in every condition to improve performance and productivity while minimizing costs.

Higher Performance for Cloud

Nowadays, using cloud technology is a must for every company. This is what makes SD-WAN the best choice, especially when choosing the Fortinet brand. New network traffic can be added quickly and easily to websites that require more capacity. By instantly linking websites to the internet, SD-WAN reduces the bottlenecks and delays common to traditional WANs.

Lower Connectivity Costs

Another advantage of SD-WAN is that it can reduce ongoing operational costs by switching to expensive MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) lines to commodity broadband such as fiber, cable, DSL, or even cellular technology.

Know the 4 Important Elements of Fortinet SD-WAN

There is no doubt why today many vendors are actually skipping the step of producing SD-WAN because the challenges are so formidable. There are various important elements that must be passed and it is not easy.
Fortinet understands these elements, and certainly applies them to Fortinet SD-WAN so that it can become the best and best quality SD-WAN ready for you to use for your business needs.
What are these important elements?

Keamanan yang Terintegrasi Sepenuhnya

Because SD-WAN dynamically adjusts the connection to break the fixed performance, applying the protection of applying traditional static security tools, especially when applied as an overlay solution, is problematic.
SD-WAN requires more than traditional threat protection, including NGFW, anti-virus/anti-malware, and intrusion prevention (IPS). Although Fortinet has indeed applied all of these, of course there are various security elements that are used as well.
Fortinet adds high performance control over SSL and IPSec VPN overlays, deep inspection of encrypted traffic at network speeds, website filtering, and advanced threat protection (ATP) such as sandboxing. In addition, these security tools must be able to be integrated seamlessly and fully into the rest of the distributed network, from the edge to the cloud.

Centralized Management

Organizations are no longer capable of having their networks function as a collection of isolated segments, which means that all network and security functions must reside in the same glass panel management solution. Selecting an SD-WAN solution that drives centralized management, configuration, and monitoring tools for the WAN and security solution increases management efficiency and effectiveness.
While significantly reducing placement and management rates. And that management strategy needs to be extended to all distributed networks.
The computerized transformation of business needs to happen without a disproportionate expansion of the global cybersecurity attack surface. This can only happen if we view our network and security methods as a single, holistic solution.
SD-WAN solutions for WAN edge expansion, such as solutions deployed in any of the other emerging network edge environments, need to not only provide broad flexibility and high-performance functionality and services, but also operate as components of a collective whole. And as organizations seek to optimize comprehensive computerized transformations, correlated networks and security intelligence should be a top priority, as cybercriminals are as determined to profit from these network environments as the organizations that build them.

Dynamically Adaptable Policies

Each SD-WAN solution considered will also need to be able to modify WAN policies according to such things as application criticality and performance requirements, including security policies, which automatically adapt as network configurations and power sources change. Therefore, automated multipath intelligence is an important service to be provided by SD-WAN solutions for both business and security applications.
This enables the ability to track granular WAN path issues (such as latency, jitter, and packet loss) to select the most efficient route for business critical traffic. And if such a WAN path should drop below a policy-based threshold, it should be able to automatically and seamlessly switch to the next best available link without impacting application performance.

Support for Business Critical Applications

The most critical function provided by SD-WAN is the breadth of its connectivity solutions. SD-WAN needs to dynamically recognize and support business applications, map business functions to WAN power sources, and then select the most efficient WAN connection to route those applications, while simultaneously providing adequate performance and bandwidth. This includes prioritizing applications according to business criticality, including the ability to define separate policies for sub-applications.

Why Need SD-WAN Security?

SD-WAN is indeed very well known for its high level of security. Compared to traditional WAN, SD-WAN is certainly better in many points, one of which is security. SD-WAN security will be very important because traffic for large networks of course requires a large level of security as well.
One of them is Fortinet SD-WAN. Fortinet adapts NGFW technology to further enhance security for network traffic

Where Can I Get Fortinet SD-WAN?

Looking for the right place to sell a trusted Fortinet SD-WAN and also with various other advantages that are very reliable? Of course the answer is only in NETDATA.
NETDATA is the official partner of Fortinet Indonesia, which markets various products from Fortigate Fortinet with original guarantees and also with guaranteed prices that are cheaper than you buy elsewhere.
For that, if you want to buy any series Fortinet SD-WAN at a low price, make sure NETDATA is the answer!


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