Why AWS Cloud Pricing is Expensive?

Harga AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud Pricing – Today’s modern world is developing something called cloud computing. In fact, this technology is relatively new, so many people don’t know its benefits. Cloud computing itself is the process of processing computing power using an internet network that has the function of being able to run computer programs that are already connected at the same time.

So that using cloud computing can provide many advantages, for example, you can reduce the cost of physical computer equipment, and the efficiency of computing resources. For cloud service providers in Indonesia, one of them is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Why choose AWS as your cloud provider? There are several things that might be considered in choosing AWS as below.


AWS cloud pricing first, because this price is very much commensurate with what is being offered to you. For example, security. AWS uses military-grade security that is comparable to global bank-level security, and for organizations with a high level of development.

In addition to high-level security, AWS also provides deep cloud security tools for up to 230 security and governance features and services. AWS also supports 90 security standards and policy certifications, as well as 117 AWS services that store customer data, and offer the capability to encrypt that information.

The fastest rate of innovation

At AWS you can use the latest technology and will continue to innovate fast. AWS has the experience, maturity, reliability, security, and unmatched performance you can count on for your most important applications. How do you still think the price of the AWS cloud is too expensive? Of course not, because AWS is perfect for handling your cloud computing so you can focus more on business development.

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