Confused to Determine the MSP for your Business?

MSP Untuk Bisnis

Still confused about choosing the right MSP for you? That’s just right! Mimin wants to give some tips for those of you who are still confused about choosing the MSP that is right for your needs. So, that’s why Mimin wants to give you some sample questions that you can ask your prospective provider so that you don’t choose the wrong provider, let’s go!

Does the provider have experience in the same business industry as you? This is very important, guys, considering that each business has different characteristics according to their respective business segments. Then the provider must have experience in accordance with the business segment you are in, so that there are not many obstacles during the collaboration process.

Is the provider customer oriented? Try to imagine, you are working slowly, suddenly your internet connection is cut, you complain to the provider and you are cheated on, only a day after that. Inviting to be really noisy, right? So, so that this doesn’t happen to you, let’s confirm whether your potential provider is customer-oriented or not.

Does the provider have sufficient resources to run the service effectively? Resources here mean that they cover everything from human resources, infrastructure, as well as the availability and capability of the device to run the service you request. You have to make sure whether your prospective provider has qualified resources so that the services they deliver can run well.

Does the provider have technicians who are certified and experienced? This is related to Mimin’s explanation on the previous slide. Before you choose a provider, you must determine whether the engineers or technicians of your prospective providers have sufficient skills and experience to deliver the service. So that the service requests that you submit can be delivered properly.

Is the Provider always available when there are problems? So guys, not all customer service providers are ready to support 24 hours in the event of a disturbance, you must make sure to your prospective provider whether they have 24×7 customer service so that when a problem occurs you can be compliant free at any time.

Is the price offered according to your needs? The last and most important thing, you have to make sure the price offered by the prospective provider is in accordance with the budget you allocated and according to the services you need, so that the service can be delivered properly without any burdensome fees.

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