Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page Not Appearing

Hotspot Mikrotik Tidak Muncul Login Page

When logging in to access Mikrotik as usual, however, the proxy hotspot not to appear on the login page. Obviously, this makes you confused what to do, especially if you want to enter the proxy settings. The hotspot login page itself is a website page that is accessed with a browser when you first connect to a wifi signal. In general, this captive portal displays a username and password form so that the device you are using can access the internet network.

However, when the login page does not appear automatically when you connect to WiFi for the first time, then what should be done? Obviously friends can type the hotspot server IP or DNS name from the hotspot server in the browser. Now in this way, the hotspot login page will appear. Obviously this is quite a hassle and not everyone who usually uses wifi hotspots knows this way. In fact, it is also a hassle if the managed hotspot is a public hotspot or one that uses a voucher.

Not only that, sometimes there are several types of smartphones that experience problems when accessing the login page. Even though it is clear that the login page has been manually typed through the browser. For this reason, it is very important to know how to deal with login pages that do not appear automatically.

Overcoming Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page Not Appearing

There are several ways you can do to overcome the hotspot login page not automatically appearing. First, it is clear that this is due to an error in the DNS Server configuration. To create a hotspot server, you must first create a DHCP Server. This is done so that when a device is connected to the Access Point it can get an IP automatically. The problem with the Mikrotik hotspot not to appear on the login page that it often happens and makes it annoying.

In addition, the NAT sequence error is also one of the factors that the login page does not appear. The function of NAT itself on the proxy is to redirect. A login page that doesn’t appear automatically could be because the default order for hotspots has changed. To overcome the changing NAT sequence for hotspots, you can re-create the hotspot server so that the NAT firewall sequence will change to default and sequence.

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Easy to Overcome Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page Not Appearing

No internet connection is also a trigger for the proxy hotspot not to appear on the login page. Obviously when there is no internet connection, internet access cannot run. Even the login page will not appear automatically. This is because there is no internet connection. For this reason, before making changes, you can check your internet connection.

A bug on the router could also be that the login page doesn’t appear. The party from the Mikrotik itself periodically always makes updates or even adds features. This is what causes bugs to appear on routerOS due to incorrect settings. For that the right solution to overcome this problem is clearly by downgrading to the previous version or even upgrading to the latest version.


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