Inspur Server Indonesia Continues to Advance Despite 2019 Global Market Server Q2 Decline

Inspur Server Indonesia Terus Maju Meskipun Penurunan Pasar Server Global 2019 Q2

Last year, IDC released survey data on the global x86 server market for the second quarter of 2019, showing that x86 server sales fell 9.8% YoY at 2.655 million units, with sales down 10.6% to $ 1.84 billion. The global server market has shrunk significantly since the previous quarter. Meanhwile in Indonesia Inspur Server Indonesia start to growing.

There are the top three companies and global sellers of x86 servers in 2019 Q2 namely Dell, HPE / H3C, and Inspur, with the difference not too far between Dell and HPE / H3C. Dell’s product sales decreased 16.8% YoY, while HPE / H3C sales declined 5.8% YoY, and their market share was 18.1% and 16.5% respectively. Inspur in 3rd place is the only server manufacturer brand that is growing, with sales up 26.6% and Sales up 14.1%, and market share up 1.8 points to 8.7%.

The increase in Inspur sales also increased its market share in the Chinese market; In 2019 Q2, sales of Inspur Server in China increased by 14.5%, sales increased by 27.8%, and market share increased by 9.6 points compared to the same period last year.

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