Definition and Benefits of ITSM

Manfaat ITSM untuk Perusahaan

Information Technology Service Management or abbreviated as ITSM is a series of policies, processes, and IT system management procedures that are philosophically centered on the perspective of IT service consumers towards the company and the benefits of ITSM. In simple terms, ITSM is the ability to provide value to customers in the form of services. This is in contrast to other IT management practices which are usually more focused on technology, such as hardware, networks, or systems.

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What are the benefits of ITSM for the company?

ITSM offers a variety of frameworks for companies to create management standards around IT service and customer service practices. These include quality management, software engineering, change management, information security management, as well as long-standing standard management frameworks, such as ISO 9000, ITIL, and ISO / IEC.

In practice in the field, the real question is not what the benefits of ITSM are to the company, but rather what the company can do when using a working framework that has been inserted by the ITSM discipline.

ITSM is designed to align IT goals in order to stay in line with the needs and main goals of the company. Moreover, ITSM can also be used as a company guide in order to align IT goals and company goals. The effect of the use of ITSM discipline will be felt, especially for companies whose focal point is on customer service. If your company has used change management, then you are on the right track in building an ITSM-based work environment.


Although sometimes used interchangeably, ITSM and ITIL are not the same thing – ITIL is a framework that tells you how to implement ITSM in the best possible way. Unlike ITIL, ITSM focuses more on the non-technical service delivery experience. Even so, ITSM can be supported by the ITIL methodology, which is designed to guide organizations through ITSM implementation.

ITSM Service Desk

One of the main disciplines under ITSM is the service desk. ITIL views the service desk as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) which can simplify communication within an organization or company unit. Service desk acts as a center for users and customers to connect with each other, as the main line for trained engineers to be able to manage problems in an organized and coordinated manner.

Service desk is seen as the main IT function on the benefits of ITSM, as a SPOC provider to accommodate and manage users, IT staff, customers, and IT purposes. An IT service desk, call center, or helpdesk is the center of a gathering of problem tickets, service requests, inquiries, internal problems, and client and customer service. Therefore, the existence of a service desk is very important to emphasize in the ITSM discipline and framework.


Process Process in IT is closely related to technology only. Therefore, as a way to integrate IT goals with company goals in general, ITSM shifted the language used to describe this IT process to be more friendly for use by the public. The reason is, in order to help reinforce the idea that IT-services are at the core of the company.

Traditional IT becomes ITSM Process
Technology focus Process focus
Fire-fighting Preventative
Reactive Proactive
Users Customers
Centralized, done in-house Distributed, sourced
Isolated Integrated, enterprise-wide
ad hoc Repeatable, accountable
Informal processes Formal best practices
internal IT perspective Business perspective
Operational specific Service orientation

ITSM Tools

To support the entire ITSM process, there are lots of application or software options that can be used, from handling tickets, services, incidents, upgrades, changes, or any issues. Typically, this application or software is marketed as an ITSM solution whose focus is to support IT workflow management. This ITSM software application contains everything companies need to work within the framework of their choice, while offering the flexibility for companies to be able to implement all the features they need.

Popular ITSM applications include:

  1.     Atlassian Jira
  2.     Freshworks
  3.     Ivanti
  4.     SolarWinds
  5.     ServiceNow
  6.     Spiceworks
  7.     TOPdesk
  8.     Zendesk


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