Cellular Network Security 5G to Wi-Fi 6 with Ruijie Indonesia’s Partner

Membandingkan Jaringan Seluler 5G ke Wi-Fi 6 dari Perspektif Keamanan

Enterprise-level Wi-Fi systems have proven to be safe for thousands of customers who install them in almost all industries, especially by relying on Wi-Fi from NetData which is a partner of Ruijie Indonesia. Massively, internet service providers have recently promoted 5G networks as an alternative to Wi-Fi in companies. So, how the security of the 5G network rests on Wi-Fi security that has been stepped on to the 6th generation.

Cellular security has increased with each generation. The security of first generation analog cellular systems based on the AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) standard, basically there is no security system in the first generation, these calls are unencrypted and can be tapped with a basic scanner. LTE network security that is currently used is much better. LTE uses strengthened encryption and authentication algorithms (“AKA”) that share keys between the client and the station that captures the signal. But while LTE security is still solid, it can still be said to be imperfect.

Ruijie Generation 6 Wi-Fi Solution

To date, Ruijie has highlighted the evolution and current status of authentication, encryption, and main management for cellular and Wi-Fi standards. This is an important security design element. But it is also important to consider the customer’s ability to adjust his network to suit his needs by implementing certain security and compliance tools and policies.

Buyers who rely on average security are large companies that use more than 50 different security devices, and no two organizations have exactly the same needs. Ruiji customers have successfully deployed security tools and policies of their choice to the company’s Wi-Fi network for decades. If you are looking for a trusted and best partner of Ruijie Indonesia, then NetData is the best solution.

Ruijie Indonesia’s Best NetData Partner

NetData from PT. Network Data System is a reliable partner of Ruijie Indonesia because it is indeed a cheaper price than you look for elsewhere. The 6th generation of Wi-Fi from the Ruijie Access Point is indeed reliable.

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