Why is Fortigate 60E in high demand?

Why is Fortigate 60E in high demand? – Most colleges and universities today have more than a few buildings, if not multiple locations. The campus might contain facilities that are well known throughout the city, while a rural system might serve students at locations throughout the county or state. No matter where they are located, all of these assets require sophisticated security protection for networks and students.

The Fortinet FortiGate 60E security tool offers that protection. This sub-1U small appliance is designed to be installed at the gateway to smaller or distant facilities. It can protect anything from a single-building network to medium-sized departmental infrastructure and users. It offers anti-virus analysis, application filtering, application-specific integrated VPN, firewall protection, intrusion prevention system, URL filtering, VPN support, and web threat protection.

Unlike most next-generation security equipment, which can be difficult to manage, the FortiGate 60E is designed to be practically plug-and-play – a boon for remote facilities without onsite specific information technology support. Fortinet has simplified security functions using a unified operating system called FortiOS 5, which powers every component, paired with a graphical user interface that is easy to control. Also, it works as soon as you connect it to the wired gateway.

What is Fortigate?

Fortigate is a security product from Fortinet that combines the best security features such as ASIC-accelerated protection, integrated multi-threat response, and continuous updating of security databases.

By providing an integrated security system it can analyze network, security and content.

Fortigate also features Firewall prevention, antivirus, VPN, intrusion or IPS, remote application, web filtering, anti-spam, WAN Accelerator, and wireless controller.

All of these features make Fortigate a complete network security solution as well as a more comprehensive threat management.

In addition, companies can also use Fortigate for array management, analysis, e-mail, database and end-point security.

Fortigate type

Fortigate has several types and types that are marked with numbers and also the letters behind them.

This time we will discuss about Fortigate 60E which is the latest series of Firewall products as well as the best network security from Fortinet.

Fortigate 60E

The Fortigate 60E or FortiWifi 60E series is a network security device suitable for use as an SD-WAN network.

Fortigate 60E provides a solution for SD-WAN by presenting a myriad of complete security features.

With a compact form, this Fortigate 60E product can be placed anywhere without the need to be afraid to take up space.

Fortigate 60E is suitable for small to medium sized companies that need a reliable hardware network security system but still easy to use.

Why Fortigate 60E?

The need for an SD-WAN network system is indeed very high, especially for companies that have more than one branch to connect the center and branches.

This is also useful for aligning work between centers and branches in order to remain in one integration in providing safer and faster data delivery services.

For those of you who may still be confused about choosing the right SD-WAN hardware security system with various helpful features, then this product is the answer.

Why is this product the right choice of SD-WAN security system for you? what are the advantages and disadvantages? Here is the full explanation.

Kelebihan Fortigate 60Es

Every network security system product has its advantages and disadvantages, here are the advantages of Fortigate 60Es

Complete Security

This Fortigate device is not only a firewall but also acts as a gateway, router, VPN hub, antivirus, antispam, anti spyware, traffic shapping, and proxy.

UTM Fortinet

UTM (Unified Threat Management) is a feature specifically designed to deal with network security issues comprehensively.

This feature offers convenience in network services such as switching and routing. Network security services include Firewall, intrusion detection, secure VPN, and the best endpoint security.

The presence of the VDOMs feature

Virtual domain is a feature of Fortinet that offers access to multiple companies with different administrators but using the same hardware.

This is so that you can configure the network system to be more specific without giving excessive impact to one another.

High resilience and High Availability

Fortigate 60E has a high level of resistance making it suitable for long-term use.

Lack of Fortigate 60E

The shortcomings of this product are almost non-existent, maybe for those of you who are not used to using the Fortigate device it will take time to get used to it.

Because the user interface of Fortigate is quite confusing if you don’t know which features you should use.

However you don’t have to worry because every feature and menu is organized so you get it fast.

Buy Fortigate 60E

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Fortigate 60E Distributor

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