Panduit RJ45 Distributor in Indonesia

This is the Official Panduit RJ45 Distributor in Indonesia – Panduit is one of the best network equipment manufacturers in the world including in Indonesia.

Panduit also produces a complete range of network cable products such as Networking cables for network devices. There are various types of networking cables that are quite widely known in Indonesia, namely the RJ45 socket.

Well in the following we will discuss about the official Panduit cable distributor in Indonesia starting from what is an RJ45 cable, why to use Panduit products, and where to buy this product.

What is Panduit RJ45

First, we must know what Panduit RJ45 Cable is, which is one of the Panduit Network socket and cable product lines that focuses on providing RJ45 sockets.

RJ itself stands for Registered Jack which is a standard network equipment connector that regulates the installation of the connector head and cable sequence, which is used to connect 2 network devices or telecommunications equipment.

History of RJ45

Back in the 70s, the jack was the first connector introduced to replace the previous connection.

The RJ45 is one of those jacks that provides a much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing connection than the old-fashioned, beige telephone jacks

RJ45 Cable Type

Of the many types of RJ45 cables that can be configured according to your needs, therefore we will discuss several types of RJ45 cables below:

Straight-through Cable

In this type of cable is the type used to connect network devices with different hierarchical levels.

For example, when we connect a computer to a computer network via a switch. So this type of cable is more commonly used and it is easier to arrange the cable when installing an RJ45 connector.

Cross-over Cable

A cross over cable is a cable used to connect two types of network devices together with a hierarchical level, for example a connection on a computer to a computer, or a PC to a radio AP, or it can also be a router to a router.

Roll-over Cable

This type of cable is generally used to access the router along with our PC / laptop. The configuration of this type of cable is quite simple because we just need to reverse the chronology of the cables we use on one side. For example, we use the 568B standard (standard for straight through cables), then we just have to turn the chronology to brown for the first chronology at the other end of the cable.

CAT Cable

Although various electronic devices on the market have switched to utilizing wireless technology, LAN devices are still tied to CAT cables to handle all related matters along with data transmission.

You need to know that all Ethernet cables come in two main varieties, namely the UTP (unshielded twisted pair) or STP (Shielded twisted pair) pair. They all have the same construction layout, but vary widely with respect to the transmission frequency and the associated throughput.

Why Use Panduit RJ45

Of the various products or brands of RJ45 jack connector manufacturers on the market, it is the Panduit brand that may be in high demand. Why use this product more? Here are some of the advantages of cable from this brand as well as some of the drawbacks.

The advantages of the RJ45 Panduit Cable

Panduit as usual provides various types of RJ45 connectors as well as complete wiring accessories such as RJ45 crimping cables, cable strippers and stoppers for keystone jacks, and dust covers for network cable installations.

Panduit RJ45 cable has advantages such as having performance optimization technology using the best quality cables.

Panduit also provides various types of RJ45 connectors such as categories 4, 5, 5e, to 6. The higher the category, the faster the data transfer process that the connector can perform.

The price is quite cheap, easier to use, flexible, has a small diameter measuring about 0.43 cm.

Lack of RJ45 Panduit Cable

The disadvantages of this RJ45 cable product from Panduir may be almost the same as other RJ45 connectors such as:

The high level of sensitivity makes it easy to be exposed to electromagnetic interference from other devices, this is due to the aluminum foil layer that is not attached.

Has a range that is not too far, so this rj45 can only reach a maximum distance of 100 meters.

Where to Get the RJ45 Panduit?

In buying products from Panduit, you don’t have to bother looking for them because in fact there are so many shops or e-commerce that sell them:

Electrical Shop

Yes electrical shop, not only selling electric cables only. Usually a complete electrical shop will also provide an RJ45 connector along with a separate ethernet cable.

Online store

If you don’t want to bother, you can buy it online through an online shop that sells RJ45 completely and also with the famous Panduit brand.

How Does RJ45 Work?

RJ45 usually refers to the connector used for Ethernet connections or LAN networks.

Ethernet itself is a network of communication cables and how computers can communicate with each other.

There are several different types of cables that can fit into an RJ 45 connector in a significant way. For the former is the CAT 4 connection which allows four cable connections and cat 6 which allows six cable connections.

Panduit RJ45 distributor in Indonesia

NETDATA provides a variety of IT services and IT equipment such as selling this product which is the most comprehensive in Indonesia.

Choosing an RJ45 cable product from Panduit at NETDATA is the right choice for you. Which provides a complete range of RJ45 connector products ranging from CAT 4, 5, 5e, 6.

The RJ45 Panduit design is rugged and durable. If you want to use RJ45 for the long term, it is perfect for those of you who want to make servers more efficient and maintenance cost effective.

What are you waiting for, immediately buy Panduit RJ45 on NETDATA which is guaranteed to be original and affordable.


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