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Sell Cisco Switch Indonesia – Before explaining further, what is meant by Edge Network and what are its advantages in network terminology? Unfortunately, there are no simple and clear answers. One possible definition of an edge network is a switch located at the intersection of two Layer 3 networks. For example, edge networks usually connect local area networks (LANs) to other types of networks such as Internet service provider networks (ISPs) that act as routers or firewalls.

on the perimeter edge of the internal network. This is the general definition used in corporate networks. The term “edge” is also often used with other areas such as data centers and cloud models. For example, there is a difference between an enterprise data center and edge data center (edge data), usually based on the size of the environment.

The need for edge processing closest to the data source becomes important for processing data and sending content and services with minimal latency. The main demand for edge data centers comes from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but it has become common to see the tip as a “tier” of public infrastructure with the principle of locality. Sell Cisco switch Indonesia can be one solution for good edge processing.

general, we can talk about “edge” needs when there are “three C’s”:

  • Connect: You need to connect devices, people or objects and facilitate data exchange or data collection.
  • Compute: Data collected must be managed and processed as soon as possible, this is due to minimize and optimize data that must be sent to central processing.
  • Control: This computational insight can then be used to take action, control devices and things on the edge, or encourage other types of control actions related to the business or company to which the tip is connected.

Sell Cisco switches Indonesia

Choosing a good switch is very important for these needs. If you are looking for a switch that is very reliable, you need Cisco for fast connections and efficient data processing. Sell Cisco switches Indonesia at an affordable and reliable price only on NetData that you can count on.

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