The Rapid Evolution of Cisco SD-WAN Jakarta is a Revolution for Companies with a Cloud-First Strategy

SD-WAN Jakarta

A few years ago, a wide area network determined by software especially SD-WAN Jakarta was a “new” technology that had just penetrated the IT market in Indonesia. SD-WAN arrived when the company changed from moving applications and data to “cloud platforms”, which aimed to expand to multiple clouds.

SaaS application providers for CRM, HR, finance and supply chains are well defined as important business resources that must be accessible from anywhere via a direct internet connection.

Cisco SD-WAN Jakarta Becomes a Pioneer in Indonesia

SD-WAN Jakarta is a positive change, but not without pain. In particular, traditional WANs must inevitably replace a new architecture. The WAN architecture works best when all connections from the branches and distributed workforce flow back to the central data center via the MPLS path, where security policies are also implemented. But the hub and WAN architecture speak is broken because a more direct internet connection is needed to access multi-cloud resources and SaaS applications.

Then revamping data traffic to the center before channeling data to an internet cloud application results in increased MPLS costs, bandwidth inefficiencies, increased latency, and poor quality application experience. In addition, WAN often consists of components from several vendors, limiting visibility and control over performance and problem solving.

Cisco SD-WAN Jakarta Has the Latest Technology

SD-WAN is designed to answer this challenge. This technology provides a method for prioritizing critical business traffic and utilizing broadband internet connections that were previously used for backup and redundancy to be connected directly to multicloud resources.

SD-WAN Jakarta simplifies management of wide area network fabric with a controller-first overlay that does not depend on MPLS transport layers, Ethernet, internet, leased lines, DSL, LTE networks, and soon 5G. The SD-WAN controller intelligently chooses among the available transportation media to provide the best application performance as defined by the IT service level agreement (SLA).

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