Get to know Cloud Native Computing


Cloud native computing is an approach in software development that utilizes cloud computing to build and run scalable applications in modern and dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. Technologies such as containers, micro services, serverless functions and irreversible infrastructure, which are used through declarative codes, are common elements of this architectural style.

These techniques allow loosely coupled systems that are tough, easily managed, and observable. Combined with powerful automation. Often, native cloud applications are built as a set of microser services that run in Docker containers, and can be arranged in Kubernetes and managed and used using the DevOps and Git CI workflows. If you want native computing cloud services, Netdata as a partner of Falco Jakarta could be the solution.

Netdata Partner Falco Jakarta

Falco, the original open-source cloud runtime security project, is the Kdactetes defacto threat detection engine. Falco detects unexpected application behavior and warns about threats at runtime. Falco can protect the cloud system that you have. Falco can create security rules that are driven by context-rich and flexible machines to determine unexpected application behavior.
This is why you are confused about where the trusted and reliable native computing cloud service is. You can count on Netdata which is a trusted partner of Falco Jakarta with its various advantages compared to you choosing the others. There will be various attractive offers that will be given to you if you choose Netdata.

The Cheapest Falco Jakarta Partner

What is certain is that you chose Netdata as Falco Jakarta’s partner with the lowest guaranteed service fee compared to others. This is something that is very promising. Can get the best service with workers who are professionals in their fields but can be obtained at a low cost. Of course this can not be missed.
Maaka from that, if you are confused where the trusted and reliable native cloud computing service, just choose Netdata in collaboration with Falco which has been proven to handle various native computing cloud problems professionally and reliably.

Check now the Netdata website at which is Falco Jakarta’s partner. Include a variety of benefits if you choose Netdata as your solution to the problem of native cloud computing!

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