Cabling System from NetData is the Best Solution

Cabling System

Cabling System is Good and Right

Cabling in an office is very important to arrange so that installation or maintenance will be easy. In addition, the cabling system needs to be considered so that connectivity between devices becomes easier and also has a fast transfer speed. A good cabling system will make the communication that occurs between workers in the office more organized and also the communication equipment used can be well connected with the client.

Cabling is a long-term investment, make sure it is designed properly to avoid future problems. If the company or business that you manage is very dependent on the telephone and internet connectivity, the correct cable system is very important. If you need a cable system service that is very reliable and has proven to be very satisfying results, then you just entrust it to NetData!

NetData is the perfect solution if you want a fast internet connection and also a good telephone or fax connection. By relying on NetData, you will get a lot of advantages that you can get for cabling system services in your company.

Cabling System Installation

In general, there are several cables used for cabling and data and voice wiring known as “CaT” (Cable and Telephone). There are 3 types of standard cables to choose from:

  • CaT5e


Cable solutions are very commonly used by many companies that rely on communication systems. This type of cable is recommended for data and voice applications

  • Cat6


This type of cable is more functional than Cat5e, but the problem that might be a bit burdensome for choosing this type of cable is the price issue. The price tends to be more expensive than CaT5e. With a more expensive price, it certainly has advantages, namely easy to develop and highly recommended for data and voice

  • CaT3


This is a type of cable that is specific to voice. Usually this type of cable application is used on the telephone

In addition to these 3 cables, there are COAX cables for Video and Fiber Optic for data that are commonly used for internet connections.

The cables must of course be installed carefully and also regularly, NetData can help you in cabling system that exist in your business company. All of these network cables are available at NetData and can also be paired with a workforce that is already an expert in that field.

NetData The Most Appropriate Cabling System Solution

NetData is a very good solution if you want a good cabling system and also properly integrated. You can also consult NetData for telecommunications cable problems that exist in your business company. This is perfect for those of you who are professionals in your business.

Cabling System

The installation provided by NetData includes various things, including: cable, jack, termination, testing and labeling, and complete new documentation so that the management of data and voice network infrastructure can be easy. Very easy for you if not entrusting your problem to NetData?

A perfect solution if you want a cabling system that is good and right with professional workmanship, you can rely on NetData. Certainly at a cost that is cheaper than other services and also certainly has a warranty that can make you not need to doubt if there are errors that occur again on various communication devices at your company.


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