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distributor Ruijie Indonesia

Distributor Ruijie Indonesia – “People move; networks must follow.” That’s right – people’s desire for wireless network connections is no longer limited to indoor buildings but has expanded to outdoor areas. In the modern workplace, we often see employees doing work with their laptops on the lawn or terrace while sipping their coffee; or walk from one building to another while speaking in a web conference. Wi-Fi networks follow them wherever they go.

Outdoor Wi-Fi is now a necessity in most workplaces, tourist attractions or many others to meet the needs of the internet with increasingly broad coverage. This expansion has been helped by the latest wireless technology or Wi-Fi. A very rapid development where people want a stable internet speed even though the room makes Ruijie, a quality outdoor Wi-Fi solution.

Challenge in Outdoor Wi-Fi

Compared to indoor Wi-Fi networks, outdoor Wi-Fi was adopted by the market quite slowly before 2014 due to several challenges:

  • Lack of MIMO capability due to poor signal reflection in the outside environment
  • Immaturity of wireless technology
  • Customers initially focus on completing their indoor deployments
  • High Total Cost Ownership (TCO) for outdoor networks

With the increasing demand for outdoor Wi-Fi users from various companies, customer expectations for outdoor Wi-Fi have exceeded basic network connections. Network capacity, user experience, and deployment costs have exceeded their list of concerns when expanding to outdoor Wi-Fi. Good outdoor Wi-Fi like Rujie must be purchased from a trusted Ruijie Indonesia distributor.

The Best Ruijie Indonesia Distributor

If you’re looking for outdoor Wi-Fi with a variety of advantages over other brands, you just choose the Ruijie brand. Ruijie has been proven to be able to provide a stable and wide-ranging internet access experience.

If you are looking for Ruijie outdoor Wi-Fi, you can only rely on NeData. NetData is a trusted distributor of Ruijie Indonesia that can provide low prices for a variety of devices from Ruijie, one of which is Outdoor Wireless Access Point with a good and stable speed.

If you interested, you can contact us directly here.


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