What is SOHO Network?

SOHO Network

SOHO Network stands for Small Office / Home Office Network is the name for small scale network infrastructure. Small Office means a network for small-scale offices, such as offices for startup companies or MSMEs. Home Office means a home network that aims to accommodate connection needs at home, for example for Work From Home which is currently a trend.

Just like infrastructure in general, SOHO Network consists of 3 components, namely: Router, Switch, and Access Point. However, for the sake of efficiency, usually using a single device, namely the Wireless Router, which accommodates the functions of the three components into 1. What’s interesting is that Ruijie has a solution for this, namely Reyee. The solution provided by Reyee as the newest sub-product from Ruijie is their Wireless Router product, namely, RG-EW105GW. RG-EW105GW has functions, including: Routing, Wireless, VPN, VLAN and Flow Control. So that routers, switches, and APs are no longer needed. You can read best network solution in more detail here.

That was a brief discussion about SOHO Network and Reyee, which are solutions for Ruijie’s SOHO Network … Share with your friends if this content is useful and don’t forget to invite them to follow our IG to always update about the current world of IT … That’s all and thank you. Interested in the product SOHO from Netdata? You can call directly here.


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